Yeh Dil Kya Kare…. (EP – 04)

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EP – 03:

ReCap: Ragini confronting Swara and Sanskaar about their marriage

Swara was walking the lengths and breadths of her room, She was worried and confused…..What was happening… She knew that Ragini and Sanskaar were a couple ,But later when Sanskaar’s proposal came she was startled……How can Sanskar??? Her Sister’s lover bring proposal for her…. But she couldn’t ask in front of her parents as if they come to know that Ragini was in a relationship then they would kill her, already she was not at all favoured in their house and out of wedlock relationships were taboo in their house.

But when Swara got Sanskaar in private,She made it a point to ask Sanskaar

Swara : Sanskaar , what is all this?? How can you do this??
Sanskaar(taken aback): What happened Swara??
Swara: How can bring a marriage proposal for me???
Sanskaar: Why ??? Is there a problem
Swara: Yes , There is a problem…. You and Ragini love each other….and Ragini is my sister and I can’t marry my sister’s lover
Sanskaar: Wrong Swara….. Me and ragini never loved each other….. It was just me loving her…But she didn’t .If you have any doubt , you can ask her…When I proposed her for marriage , she rejected me… So what is wrong??
Swara: I don’t believe this…. Ragini loves you and she have told me…
Sanskaar: Swara, Ragini rejected me and it’s been six months that we have been talking…. And still if you feel that you don’t want to marry me , then you can tell your parents that you don’t want to marry me…..
Swara: That’s not the only problem…. I can’t get married to you because…..
Sanskaar: Of Laksh
Swara was stunned
Sanskaar:I know…. Before coming here, laksh warned to kill me if i marry you….you’re his etc etc….As you know we have never been the best of brothers…. So i don’t care about him….and You very well know that your family will never accept Laksh as their Son in law…So now it is your choice.

Swara was worried and she had to say yes for the marriage . But when she told her parents to inform Ragini about the marriage, she was surprised that Ragini congratulated her wholeheartedly and she was fine, little did she know that Ragini mistook Adarsh for Sanskaar and she she has no clue about Laksh or his existence.

Swara was scared of the consequences of Ragini’s confrontation with Sanskaar , How both families will take this matter and all…. But for that moment it seemed very small in front of her sister’s happiness….

Swara was distracted by the ‘Thud’ sound near her window and was surprised to see the person

“ Lucky” Swara whispered… Tear drops trickled down her cheeks

“ Woah….. You are looking hot in your engagement dress Shona…” Laksh said with a crooked smile, drunk and was moving towards her

“Lucky…. You are drunk…..”Swara said in a low voice….maintaining an intense eyelock with him

“Of course I am drunk Shona” Laksh said placing his steps towards her… he leaned to her ears continued… “After all today is my brother’s engagement with my girlfriend….with my girlfriend” Laksh passed a smirk at Swara and had a shot from his bottle.

Swara was speechless…. Energy inside her drained out …. The love her life was weak and hurt and she was the reason for it…….

“ Lucky …. You know that nothing is going to change…. I am marrying Sanskaar, Then why are you doing this??? Please don’t do this???” Swara said with tears in her eyes

“Why are you and Sanskaar doing this to me??” Laksh’s careless expressions turned into intense ones…. “ Shona…we love each other na…. Then why are you getting married to Sanskaar…..I begged Sanskaar to say no to this marriage… But he said he he won’t back out….” Laksh was in tears….He suddenly came and hugged Swara…..tightly

“Shona….. I know that you parents don’t like because of that incident”

Swara’s thoughts skipped to those days…Those days , when she was madly and deeply in love with Laksh…Of course, she couldn’t tell this in her strict household, as love before marriage was a crime… But she couldn’t possibly leave her Laksh…… She had plus points that Laksh was a Marwari guy but his reputation was not good, among her family. Laksh was Swara’s dad’s business partner’s son but her family preferred a guy like Laksh’s twin brother Sanskaar who was a responsible guy, unlike Laksh who was a irresponsible and ‘ill mannered’ ….So she decided to take help of her Dida and Dadi….

Swara: Dadi… Dida… Please Help me….
Dadi: Nahi Chori…. Kabhi nahi…. I never expected this from you…How could you do this?? How could you love that boy??
Dida: haan Shona…..Of all boys in this society, you got only him…. I can’t believe that useless boy is DurgaPrasad’s son
Swara: Dadi , Dida…. Laksh is not like that …. He is a very good guy
Dida: Really Shona??? No Job… No Manners ,…Still good guy…. Ha…. Don’t let your Parents know about this….
Swara: Dida Pleaseee……………..

After her tough pleading Dadi and Dida decided to safely keep this proposal in front of Shekhar in the arranged marriage format…. But things got worse with Shekhar as he had a very bad experience with Laksh

When Shekhar went to meet Laksh , to check on him before proceeding to DurgaPrasad . Laksh was partying with his friends and had no clue of Shekhar’s visit. Laksh never used to drink then. One of his friend jinxed his drink and he was in a bad form…

Shekhar tapped his shoulder…Laksh who was out of his mind pushed Shekhar . Shekhar was offended by this behaviour and and decided to cut this matter then . He removed Laksh from Swara’s prospective groom list

Swara comes back her present with Laksh hugging her

“I was not in my sense….You can’t punish me like this for that …” Laksh was crying, hugging Swara tight …Swara wanted to hug him back…. But she couldn’t… Even if Ragini sorts things with Sanskaar, She can never be with Laksh… after what happened with her father. She released herself from Laksh’s hug

“Lucky…. We are done….. My dad will never accept you and I can’t hurt him….. I am sorry…. Please Leave” Swara said bluntly

“Shona …pleasee……please yaara…. Think about our feelings….and our moments… how can you forget them…” Laksh begged

“ No Lucky…. I can’t forget the feelings and moments I shared with my parents with past 23 years for our feelings…..and my feelings for you disappered when you insulted my father…. So leave…” Swara goes out of the room in a swift, leaving a teary Laksh

Swara goes out her room and cried hard

“ I am sorry Lucky…. I hurt you… But i can’t do anything…. I can’t hurt my parents…. They will never approve you and if I say Yes to you , I know that you will fight till the end ….But i can’t do this to you….Whatever happens in my life, I will always love you and never forget you” Swara shuts her eyes in pain……

“Shona…. Come down Beta…..” Sharmishta called….” They have reached…..”

Swara was in shock…. How can they come?? Didn’t Ragini meet Sansakaar…. Why is he here…. ??? Where is Ragini….this engagement can’t happen…..

Swara dialled Ragini’s number….

Swara: Laadoo…. Where are you???
Ragini: Shona…. I am at traffic…. I will Reach ….
Swara: Hello … Hello Helloo…Ladoo….

As network was bad Swara was not able to talk….

“ What will i do now???”

Screen Freezes on a Tensed Swara

PreCap: Engagement or Not…..

Hello Dears…
I know that u all are concerned with the pairs…. Chill guys…..Please read fro the perspective of Characters rather than Couple….. It s more about Characters ad their links…..
So chill …..
And all JKTH fans…will post the new update tomorrow…

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