Yeh Dil Kya Kare…. (EP – 02)


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EP – 01:

EP – 02
ReCap : SwaRagini’s Character revelation
Guy 1
He have seen many girls in his life, But only she, Ragini Gadodia was able to steal his heart. Only she was able to make his heart flutter. Raised in a strict Marwari family, he have been living a disciplined and strict life, unlike twin brother. He always wanted a soft spoken, ‘well-behaved’ ,and wanted Sanskaari girl as his wife , But his destiny made in fall the ever mad, crazy, bubbly and chirpy Ragini. She was also hailing from a Marwari family like him, but she broke all the codes and conducts of so called discipline and made her own set of rules, like his brother. Though he despised his brother’s antics, he always, somewhere in his hart wanted to live his life on his will. And maybe because of this Ragini caught his sight. And when he told about his feelings to her, she too showed a positive nod, No, he believed that she too loved him
He knew that it was difficult for him to introduce her to his family as his prospective bride. Even if she was a Marwari girl, Her sudden burst character was not something which was to be accepted by his family .She always told that she wanted to be his asap. So he decided to bring on the topic. Not everyone was happy with his decision. His mother Sujatha was dead against him marrying Ragini. But his BadePapa, Mr . Durga Prasad Maheshwari silenced all and accepted Ragini, who was his Bade papa’s business partner Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter.
But , when the time came , she moved out. She said that she dint want to marry him. He was shattered. But he wasn’t ready to believe that his Ragini would leave him behind, So he tried ,tried his best. But she ignored him and now, He is left with no choice, but to marry her sister Swara, who is the exact opposite of her and a perfect bahu whom, his family approves
Yes , He dint want to move on, but when Swara’s proposal came up , He gave a sudden nod, Because he wanted to release himself from the pain Ragini has bestowed on him…. He wanted to show her , that he can be happy without her …he wanted to show her that he can another person happy….Basically he wanted to take reneged from Ragini…..And it is going to prick Ragini ,as it is Swara
“I gave you a chance…..But you dint take it…You rejected me…. Now I have moved On for Good, With the Best Person……. I am 100% sure that I will be happier Than Ever….. I will show you What it Means to be Happy ….I will live my life in front of you, Making you regret you decision” He told himself.

He met Swara, while the talk of their proposal was going on. She requested him to say ‘NO’ to the proposal, as she knew that Ragini loves him. She never wanted to hurt her sister, but can’t say no to her parents….But he tried hard and convinced Swara that they were just friends and Ragini rejected him.
Swara then told him about her lover, or maybe ex-lover….How she still loves him but can’t be with him….. being a girl like Swara, she told that she will definitely give their relation a chance…
He knew that his and Swara’s relation wont work as easily as others, because they have two other people in their heart. He opened his cupboard and took out his sherwani,to wear on his engagement with Swara tonight.
The door of his room opened with a bang. And came in Swara’s ex-lover, with a bottle of alcohol and a crazy smile on his face like Devadas….Who also happens to be his twin brother
“So Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari , ready to get engaged to my Swara” Laksh asked , gulping alcohol again
“What is wrong with you Lucky??” Sanskaar shouted. “Bade papa will be angry , if he sees you with alcohol…”
“Oh come on Sanskaar……That old man will not do anything…. He lost that right the day he decided to get you married to Swara, despite of knowing that I love her….” Laksh smirked… “Actually, all of you lost your right over me… especially ,I begged you not to nod for this marriage, but you cheated me
Sanskaar dint have words, “Waise bhi, What should I say to you, when she itself didn’t want me …..” Laksh stumbled “Me and you never shared any bromance, but she, she who claimed to have loved me, left me alone….” Tears rolled down Laksh’s face….he wiped it and smiled evilly… “All my worst wishes Sanskaar…Have a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE” He tried to gulp another sip, but his bottle was empty
“Aaargh……this is empty…..let me buy some drinks….I must celebrate…After all it is my brother’s marriage with my girlfriend….”Laksh laughed like crazy and left the room…
It was hurting Sanskaar to see Laksh like this….He never was close to Laksh, But he could understand his pain, of being rejected by the girl he loved….But he can’t help me…..Sanskaar stood there with tears in his eyes….Slowly breaking down
Screen Freezes on Sanskaar
ReCap: Ragini confronting Swara and Sanskaar

So, Guys …
I hope it is clear now… Guy 1 is Sanskaar, Guy 2 is Laksh, Girl 1 Swara and Girl 2 is Ragini
Sanskaar and Ragini loves each other, while Swara and Laksh are in love, But now Swara and Sanskaar are going to get engaged…..So what is going on Guys……Will this marriage take place??
Stay tuned

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  1. Ragsan !! Omg perfect

    1. SHR963

      Lets stay low abt couples……I think story matters more than that

    1. SHR963

      Thank you

  2. vry nyc dear… POV:
    1.U can swap pairs temporarly but at the end pl make swalak and ragsan
    2.Bczz there are vry few ff on these pairs
    3. Also as they ,love each other swapping pairs and making swasan and raglak fall in love…….will not b nyc as there are many tracks like soo……..
    4.I think u can use the current track well to show LOVE JEALOUSY PAIN between ragsan and swalak…(i m kk upto engagement bt pl dont make swasan marry)

    I KNW AS A WRITER U WILL B HAVING UR TRACK AND STORY I M JST GIVING MY POV all d best !!!!!!!!!! and yaa i will b glad to knw the pairs(final wala)

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Anu….for your Suggestions…. Lets see whats in store

  3. Dharani


    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear

  4. Good going but keep swasan n raglak as pairs please

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear…Lets see

  5. Its superb but plzzzzz dear make it raglak plzzzzz plzzz

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Aleena…. Keep Patience Dear

  6. Sindhura

    I just wantvto say nice but still dont make swasan

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear….. Lets see

  7. Make it ragsan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. SHR963

      Hmmmm,…. Lets see

  8. Fouzarshi16

    I know its bit selfish. U can pair up raglak or ragsan. Don’t plz make it swalak. I felt that swalak bit weired. I know pairs depend on authors choice. I just give my suggestion

    1. SHR963

      Thank you …..

    2. Raglaksan123

      Same here i love raglak and ragsan but i.dont like swa_______lak

  9. Asw

    I will be waiting for 4 characters emotions it will be hard for them face their partners keep going yaar

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear…. Yes it is going to be Difficult

    1. SHR963

      Thank you

  10. Ragsan…plzzzzz

    1. SHR963

      Lets Seee……Keep Patience

  11. Jazzy

    Hmmm actually I’m somewhat confused about pairs but its always said opposite attracts so it can’t be raglak
    I m hoping for ragsan

    1. SHR963

      Lets see Jazzy Dear

  12. plz dnt seperate swalak n ragsan plz

    1. SHR963

      Story has just began Pooja… lets see

  13. Ragz_teju

    wow it’s too interesting… I am eagerly waiting for ragini reaction.. you always amaze me dear

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      Thank you dear

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    amazing dear…plz make it ragsan…

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  17. Silent_writer


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      Hop for ragsan dear

  18. Wow dr. I thought Ragu’s lover to be lucky. but it’s Sanky. But Ragu rejected Sanky. It’s just a small fight which led to lot of changes in three other lives. Want to know the final pair. I want Raglak nd swasan… But I accept ur decision because I feel whoever may be the pair, the story would be awesome.. Take care…

    1. SHR963

      Yes ragu’s Lover is Sanky……Sanky thinks that Ragu rejected him….. e shud hear Ragus part too

  19. Jayanti

    it was an unexpected chapter….. I had expected that guy 1 would be laksh. but anyway the chapter is nice….any pairing would be awesome…. I love all the pairs…

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear……

  20. Alia

    Awesome….totally different concept but pls try to keep it swasan n raglak only

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Alia…. Lets see what happens

  21. Sreevijayan

    Enikku mathram vattayathano..atho naatukarku motham vattayathaano..dis was my reaction whn i read d previous parts..nw its clear… poor my lil always brilliant my sis

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Sreekutty….. I know that there are stll scope for confusion in this chapter, yet happy that some parts are clear

  22. Awesome

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear;………

  23. Fairy

    M feeeelnggg sooo sad for ragzzzz!!! All 4 r hurted …letss seee wt happens nxt….Superb plot dr…eagerly waitng for nxt update…keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉 😉 😉 thnku so much for dis interestng story dr 😉

    1. SHR963

      You are Welcome Dear….

  24. Akshata

    awesome update. all are suffering,all have their own reasons also. but laksh is not at fault, still he is suffering. ragsan’s reason is not clear. interesting and intense story, update soon.

    1. SHR963

      Yea dear All are Suffering, they have their reasons and all are equally at Fault….. Laksh too has his reason and he is also at Fault
      Will make RagSan’s reason Clear

  25. Super interesting

  26. Oh god amazing… Lovely…. N I hope at the end it’ll be ragsan n swalak coz I love gthem…. Please dear…

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