Yeh Dil Kya Kare…. (EP – 01)

Hello Dears …. Here is the first Update of YDKK….. Enjoy


Girl 1
Her room was beautifully decorated, but the gifts , dresses and jewellery in her room overpowered the beauty of her room. Maa, Daadi, Naani(Dida) all were busy with the preparations, occasionally peeping in , to enquire about her ….She would give a fake smile….and will assure them about her wellbeing….From her childhood, she wanted to have an arranged marriage…and now that her parents have arranged her marriage with a good guy, she is not happy…..Because of two people…..Her lover…. No … Her Ex-lover and her Sister…. She was confused to the core… She din’t know whether she was doing it right.
No ….She was doing the right thing… She was respecting her parents’ choice…She was protecting the honour of her Family…and her fiancée…. He is definitely a good person….Yes …she was doing the correct thing… She assured herself….
Even then a drop of tear rolled down her eyes…. Her ex-lover and her fiancée are brothers…. Still she can’t demand for him…..he was comparatively to unacceptable by her Parents…She loved him sincerely…. No she still love him…She broke his heart by accepting his brother…. She rejected him ….and his love …She wanted to cry out loud… want to scream out her pain… wanted to hold him back….cry in his arms….but she can’t…..

Still she is not doing anything wrong
“My Family is My Everything…. Our Culture and Our Tradition really matters…..Yes I made the right decision to reject you….and hold on my Family …. Do whatever you may please, I wont shatter….. And will live my life… Even though I am hurt Hurting You…and still in pain” She said to herself
In Gadodia Mansion, no one knows her properly, except her sister, who was staying in a hostel….. Who know each and every secret of hers…..She said she would reach on her engagement day….At each creak of the door, her heart yearns for her sister…. She wants her to cry on her lap and want to accept any punishment she gives. She was waiting for her

Girl 2
She couldn’t believe that her elder sister was getting married. Her heart sank into the deep depth. She was the only one who understood her, she.. who was a troublemaker, whom no one preferred, whom even the family saw with hateful gaze…She was the only one who approached her with love apart from their mother….She always knew that her sister would get into arranged marriage, being the good girl of the family…She was only relieved when her mom told the guy was Maheshwari ‘s son…. She was Lucky her marriage is arranged with her love…. But the thought of her leaving in two weeks, made her sad….Now she will have one less reason to go to Gadodia Mansion
She was happy that her dear sister was getting married to the guy whom she loved…..and that he is her boyfriend’s brother. After he marriage, they can be together. She wanted to convey her happiness to him, but….. She wanted to call him…. Her love….and talk about her feelings…. about handing over her sister to Maheshwari house …. But she can’t…as they are in a temporary cold war…she sighed
She reached Gadodia mansion …Decorated in extravaganza… Looking like a typical Indian wedding House…. She sighed… She came in and saw , Maa, Dadi and Nani busy instructing workers to do things right as they dint want any thing to go go wrong during her sisters engagement. Her mother’s eyes met hers…..She smiled at her… Her mother gleamed …
“Arrey … My darling is here…” Her Mom came running to her… They had a cute hug
“ I missed you darling…” her mother said with moist in eyes
“ Missed you too Maa” She pinched her Maa’s face….” Where is she??”
“She is there in her room… She is waiting for you since when…. Go to her Beta , She is waiting for you….And Yaa… I kept you Lehenga in your room, please change these clothes and wear it” Her Mim eyed he skirt and sleeveless shirt. She bit her tongue.
“ Oh…. The witch came???” Her Dadi taunted…
“Maa … I am going o meet her…” She said strictly and walked off, intentionally skipping all traditional greeting and blessings session

Girl 1
Someone opened her Door ,with a bang…. A smile appeared on her face….without turning she knew that it was her lovely troublemaker younger sister…. Ragini… She turned back and smiled
“ Swaraa………” Ragini came screaming and hugged her tightly…Swara reciprocated the hug…
“ What is Swara, How can you get married this fast ??? How can you leave me this soon?” Ragini complained with a pout.
“I am sorry dear” Swara said…. Swara was relieved that Ragini is not sad about her marrying him…Swara thought that Ragini will scream on her…
“but No problem …after my marriage , I will also join you Naa…..” Ragini beamed
“ What you mean Ragini??” Swara was confused….
“ Arrey…Your Lover is my boy’s twin brother naa… so eventually we will be in same house.”
Now thing were falling on right track for Swara… It’s not that Ragini forgave for marrying him… But its that Ragini doesn’t know that whom Swara is getting married to. But that guy and Dadi told that things were over between Ragini and him… But through Ragini’s words She felt that Ragini still loves him. Swara’s face went pale…She was out of words to explain this to Ragini
“Arrey Swara….. where are you lost??” Ragini asked…”Dreaming about Jiju??
“ Ragini….” Swara stumbled “ Wo….” Swara was stuck.
“ Is this your wedding Card??”Ragini excitedly pointed at card on Swara’s table…. She ran to pick it. Swara’s heartbeat increased
“ Wow Superb design man…” Ragini opened the Card and started reading it.. She stooped at a point and lifted her head in confusion and shock and stared at Swara with moist and red eyes
Screen freezes on the helpless Swara and Shocked Ragini

PreCap: Swara’s Groom ….

Guys…… Girl 1 is Swara and Girl 2 is Ragini…. Any Guesses about the boys….
First of all …. Guys please don’t Judge the characters … Both are main characters and will have equal space….So please wait for the story to unfold….and tell me whether you like the story
And Ya…. In the promo…. I gave the perspective of the characters from different time line of the story…. To match that timeline , I will put in that dialogue at that particular situation, like how I did for Swara….in this EP….
Stay blessed guys…

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  1. Manasvi

    I loved it dii.. But plz make it a swasan-raglak ff…

  2. Ragz_teju

    awesome.. loved it

  3. Jazzy

    Where were u missing I missed u a lot
    And I feel it will be ragsan and swalak heheeheh now update fadt this time

  4. Fairy

    Dear i wanna ask u somethng,if u dnt mind??!!!i mean do u know dat how amazngly u write…believe mdear u r a superstarrrr??very unique very creative writer…..d word wonderful is for u nly!!!!!now coming to d chapppy…m feelngo so sooooo sad for ragini…???? n m eagerly waitng to know y his bf had done dat wid her????post nxt part sooon plzzz..m very impatiently waitng for it…. N update ws fantastic…..u potrayed d feelng of bth d grls suprblyyy???..keep rockng n sta blessed dear??????lots of love?????????

  5. Asw

    Good dr keep going swara married sanskar

  6. It’s amazing. …

  7. Sindhura

    Oh ni swara is marrying ragini love interest but how that boy accepted swara by being ragini boyfriend

  8. Nice episode hoping for ragsan

  9. Please make it Raglak and Swasan. Plssss

  10. Awesome episode. I hope it’s Raglak and swasan ff

  11. Awesome

  12. Osmmmm

  13. Superb…..feeling bad for rags…..hope this time pairs are ragsan

  14. Crystal089

    amazing dear it was awesome loved it when i started reading i wanted swara as the first girl and ragini as naughty and trouble maker ha ha ha ………just joking its intersting update soon……..

  15. awesome

  16. Dharani

    awesome as always

  17. Deesh

    Superb!! Eagerly waiting for the next epi!!

  18. Pls pair ragsan

  19. Plz make it raglak

  20. IQRA222

    Please make it a raglak and swasan ff

  21. Wow. Character sketch for swaragini is far different from ur other ff… Really u’r great writer.. Waiting for the guys to be revealed.. update soon nd take care…

  22. Silent_writer

    Swara is going to marry laksh just a guess hoping for ragsan this tym but but but seripuslyyyu what a amazing chappy it is really diffr from ur other one loved it to the core ur skills is mindblowing yrrr keep rockingggg dear n stay blessed b happy??? n yeah last but not least update soon plzz

  23. Sreevijayan

    OMG…very interesting start dear..loved it sooo much…….

  24. Asra

    awesome dear…interesting…eagerly waiting to know who’s ragini love interest….loved it core ….plz update soon…tkcr

  25. Raglaksan123

    I LOV IT … RAGlak

  26. Raglaksan123

    Or else u select the couple dear

  27. A.xx

    how is this possible???
    swara is marrying boy 1 who loves rags and who rags loves
    but swara loves boy 2 and boy 2 loves swara,,,,
    feeling so bad for Ragini right now she only has her mother and sister but now her sister has broke her heart ….
    will this marriage happen like this or will the groom or bride switch??
    ( imagine if they both switch without knowing it’ll be funny haha),,
    anyways waiting for boy1 and 2 revelation,,,
    loved it and waiting eagerly for next epi.xx

  28. I’m already addicted your previous ff, make ragsan as a couple in this ff

  29. Super interesting

  30. Akshata

    awesome update…. feeling bad for ragini, she loves that boy but he accepted swara? why did he do this to her? somewhere i felt that swara is going to marry laksh… i dont know but you have used one line in rags pov, ie, she was lucky to marry her love. the word “lucky” scared me. last time also u gave us hint in jkth to find out the pair. its my guess only.
    update soon

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