Yeh Adhuri Si Zindagi Humari-Promo time…!!!

Manik : amms i wanna marry nandini

all chocked their drinks and stood up nandu was shocked,karan started to beat manik,he was bleeding akshita came in between and stopped karan from beating

Manik : amms speak up na u only said u will be the happiest person if i say i want to marry nandu now speak up amms

Amms : manik ur father wont agree for this wedding he is against this

Manik : how u knw my dad amms,how can u be sure that he will not agree this wedding
Manik : dad how u knw nandu’s parents they died when she was a kid so how u knw them nd who is vanshika .?

Vivek : u promised na that no will get to knw abt vanshika specially manik y did u tell him iyer aunty

Aki : dad u knw u knw amms before us nd who is vanshika
Vivek : it is non of ur business aki nd manik let’s go from here if i knw ur coming here i would nevr send u here only nd getting married to nandini it is highly impossible
Manik : y dad i love her so what’s wrong in marrying her nd who is vanshika dad nd amms did not tell me anything i heard her convo with some photo i thought to ask her but i went back to my room nd slept why nyo kidnap me dad y did she wanted to kill me dad answer these questions
Vivek : manik i dont need to answer ur questions nd u cant love anu’s daughter..!
he went near nandu nd was abt to slap her when abhi came in middle
Abhi : see uncle i don’t knw what problems who ppl had i dont evn want to knw it but u dont dare to touch my sister

Vivek : u are anu’s kids i hate u ppl to the core because of u ppl..
Chacha : stop it vivek u dont have any right to tell abt my bhabhi i am warning u..!

Amms : vivek leave my house nd manik i said na ur dad wont allow..!!

So how is promo amazing..! if it so plz give me ur views will manik nd nadu be separated nah they wont but what will happen for that u need to wait nd watch.. 😀 😀

Credit to: sindhu varma


  1. Kavya

    Sindhu dear…..this is not fair……
    It is like…..delhi ki garmi me samne koi ice cream rekh ke chhin le……
    Plz plz plz update fast…..
    I m waiting for next part eagerly…..plz plz plz….

  2. Jasi

    Wow yaar its amazing i can’t wait for the episode i think manan will not get separated and they together will find the truth

  3. Lisa

    Family problem… Its okay. Bt plz manan shouldnt misunderstand each other. They should trust n support each other. N why karan beat manik that too for a marriage proposal?

  4. Sindhu

    Because of u guys my baby sister met with an accident she was telling abt u guys while crossing the road I turned towards the other side nd that is it now she is in hospital Coz of u guys she is admitted there If anything happens to her I swear I will not leave u ppl

  5. bindu

    sorry sindhu. how is she now. very sorry whe u get time only u update it.
    first look after her . I am very sry sindhu

  6. Sindhu

    This is not Sindhu I am her brother u guys still want an update like seriously she met with an accident nd she needs to rest I will make sure that she won’t update again actually I told her to stop this ff nd she was mentally prepared also but don’t knw what happened she continued

  7. knight_angel

    hey we understand ur concern for your sister and we are sorry too. but i really would like to talk to her once if u dont mind after she gets gets well or take my message for and convey it to her. will wait for ur response here..

  8. Kavya

    Hey……i can understand ur concern for sindhu….
    But don’t u think u r overreacting…..
    I mean too say….woo ff ke bar me hi bat kar rehi thi jb accident hoya….its means use ye itna pasand h ki use kuch or dhayan nhi raha…..aise me agar woo ise trah se ff band kar degi too kya use acha lgega….
    Plz ap khud socho…..
    Baat sirf ff continue karne ya na karne ki nhi h….baat uski khushi ki h….agar use ab acha nhi lgta update kar na too na kar….but woo decision bhi use hi lene doo yar…..
    Ap as a brother uska dhayan rekho….use ye samjho ki woo apna bhi dhayan rekhe…..
    Ise trah road pe carelessness na dikhaye….
    Nd sindhu plz yar…..apna dhayan rekho…..tumhara joo bhi decision hoga ki ye ff continue karna h ki nhi….i will always support u…..

    • knight_angel

      hey kavya i dont think he is over reacting… all that is just his care for sindhu his sister, and i think any other brother in his place would react in the same manner as he did… but u r right too… she is attached to this ff and to the people here and she feels happy being here.. but that doesnt give her the right to take her life for granted…

      • Kavya

        Hey knight_angel, u r right dear……nd that why i say sry too him…..
        Bcoz i know he is a brother nd have care for his sister…..
        But me ye bolna chahti thi ki sindhu ko thoda careful rehna chahiye…..or as a brother use ye smjhna chahiye sindhu ko……
        Mera intention kisi ki feeling ko hurt karna nhi tha…..
        Still i once again sry….
        ”dil se sry”….
        Nd sindhu…..GET WELL SOON DEAR…..

      • knight_angel

        But I hope atleast once his brothers allows her to come to a nd give us all an explanation for her carelessness as she takes her health for granted again and again… Even I feel like scolding her but either her brother or she herself should come around..

  9. Kavya

    Nd i m really sry….agar meri kisi bhi bat ka apko bura lga hoo too…..
    Nd sindhu plz next update tb hi dena jb tum bilkul fit or fine hoo…..
    Bcoz i still have one hope ki tum ek sath apne itne sare fans ka dil nhi thurna chahogi…
    Soo i m waiting for ur next update….

  10. Sindhu

    Guys finally I got my phone back nd upset with u guys ok I was joking I met with a small accident not a small a big one only by bappa’s grace I am alive or else nd guys I did not take my life for granted yaar we live only once I love my life what is this yaar it was not my fault it was car driver’s fault that stupid fellow did not see me he hit me nd went.i donot knw that my bhai commented here I am sry from his side now I can’t write Coz I broke my hand nd leg nd hurt on head I did not get any stitches the one who is treating me is my uncle so he did not give any stiches nd coming to the story i will continue not that u guys asked to continue I am writing Coz I am having holidays nd I am feeling bored when my clg starts I won’t get time to write nd I don’t listen to anybody for now I have to take rest completely if not my family will take my phone nd won’t give it to me anyways I hope ur misunderstanding are clear knight_angel nd Kavya
    I am fine but I need rest nd I have an exam also I am a leftie nd I got fracture over there i hope I will be able to move it before my exams ?? keep loving me nd plz pray for my speedy recovery ?

    • kavya

      and plz……next update tabhi Dena when u r completely FIT ND FINE…..
      I can understand yar… galti driver ki hogi…..but roads pe hum bhi thoda jada careful rehna chahiye dear……
      Bcoz apni life ki responsibility too humari hi h na……
      Isliye next time se be extra careful….
      Plz plz…..
      Love u loads……
      STAY HAPPY……
      GOD BLESS U…..

    • knight_angel

      U stupid u scared us… And u need not apologize on behalf of ur brother he just was concerned for u nothing else.. And ya take lots of rest… And ya prepare for exams well.. And how dare u say it is just a small accident. I guess u r actual nandini always getting herself in to some or the other problem… Hope to see u fit again..

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..