Yeh adhuri si zindagi Humari ( epilouge)


After 5 years
5 years passed like a blink, fab 5 become one of famous bands in India, evryone got married, Cabir nd Navya are having 3 year old girl they named her as Kavya , Dhruv nd Alya got married last year, muku nd Abhi also married, Manik nd Nandu married nd their expecting their first child she is in her last month pregnancy, Aki nd aryaman will be getting married, Amms,Vanshika, chacha nd  Chachi, rish also stay with Manan in Mumbai
Muku was running nd hid behind Amms, Abhi halted
Amms: Mukthi
Muku : Amms he is behind I don’t want to eat that plz save
Amms : that is y I asked u before wedding are u sure u want to Abhi but u did not listen to me
Muku : but Amms look everyday he wants me to eat an apple
Manik came out setting his hair
Manik : what yaar muku this ur daily drama y don’t u eat what Abhi is giving u
Abhi : Han right
Muku : I won’t
Nandu : bhabhi plz eat na
Evryone turned around to see Nandu standing holding her baby bump Manik went near her nd brought her down carefully
Muku : ok fine I am eating this only for u not for ur bhai ?
Aki : bhabhi see my mehandi how dark it is ?
Nandu : that means aryaman loves u more than his life ?
Aki blushed a bit , when 3 year old kid came running towards Nandu nd hugged her between her legs Manik picked her up nd kissed her cheeks
Manik : my baby is so early
Kavya : mamu… Mommy woke me up
Manik : bad momma na
Nandu : Manik
Navya : so complained abt me to ur mamu

Kavya : Han u r bad mommy, Manik mamu is the best
Navya : Manik see she is spoiled Coz of u only, Nandu I am telling he will spoil ur kid evn more
Manik : Madhubala relax yaar she is 3 year old if I won’t pamper when will I chalo Kavya we will go sleep again
Cabir : Manik no, I knw if u both sleep u won’t get up nd idiot tnrw is ur sister’s wedding nd want to sleep
Manik : u r there na in my absence ? nd Aki won’t be going anywhere as we all are staying here together.!
Nandu : Manik we need to go to the doctor
Manik : y? U getting pains, u ok na? Any problem
Nandu : Manik relax it is just a regular check up nd the date is still due ☺️
Manik : ok I will fresh up nd then we will leave
Kavya : mamu Kavya will also come with u
Nandu : Kavya no beta, doctor will give big injection to me nd u want to see
Kavya : Nahi mami I won’t come, doctors are yuck chi
Muku : right Kavya doctors are chi they give dirty food to eat ?
Abhi : mein yuk Hun, don’t talk to me
Kavya : Chachu r not yuk, u r sweet nd I love u ?
Abhi : I love u to Kavya but I hate ur Chachi tell her that I am not going to talk nd I am leaving
Saying this he went away muku followed him
Amms : this is their daily rotinue,
Nandu : Han Amms but I am happy
Amms : Anu nd raj must be happiest person seeing their kids grown up,
Vanshika : Han I missed my manu’s Bachpan but I won’t miss my grand child’s Bachpan. ?
Manik : Nandu u ready we will leave
Nandu : Han yes
Both of them left to the clinic, both of them settled down on the chairs nd waiting from them to be called in.!
Nandu : Manik it has been 4 years we got married nd evrything seems like yesterday u proposed me at the beach ?, the day which changed our lives forever
Manik : Han, from the day we met till today evrything seems to be magical, after next 10 years I will still look young like this maybe we will come for check up again for our kid
Nandu : Manik
Manik : na.

Nurse came out nd called both of them in, they went in nd Manik got settled down nd Nandu accompanied by the doctor went in, the doctor did some check up both of came out, Nandu got settled down beside Manik
Manik : dr. she is fine na
Dr: yes Manik she is absolutely fine it is just normal check up.!
Manik : ok dr.
Dr : Nandu take care as ur due date is near I would like to suggest u better join the hospital we will take care of u
Nandu : sure dr. but I will join day after tmrw as it is my sister-in-law’s wedding
Dr : sure,
Manik : we will take a leave then
Dr : bye! Take ur medicines on time
Nandu : yes sure
Both of them leave the clinic, while returning Nandu sees ice cream store nd shouts, Manik stops the car
Manik : what happened?
Nandu : ice cream
Manik : Nandu u gave me a heart attack
Nandu : I want choco chip ice cream plz
Manik : fine
Manan went inside, Manik oredered two ice creams nd placed it in front of Nandu
Manik : now attack them
Nandu : for u?
Manik : u eat I don’t want
Nandu started eating nd Manik watching her, after an hour they reached home nd started preparing for tmrw’s events whole day passed like that only.!
Night time in Manan’s room
Manik : evn Chotti is getting married
Nandu : Han, but life changed in these five years na! Look at me I am nine month old pregnant ? Manik I thought I will loose u forever
Manik : I won’t let u go any where, u are my life
He hugged her, he kissed her it was soulful kiss, he broke the kiss both slept hugging each other
Next day morning it was hustle bustle evryone are going here nd there Manik nd others left for the wedding venue for the decorations, evrything is set for the night.!
Bride’s room
Aki : yaar this nose ring
Nandu (came from back nd put a veil on her head ): the nose ring is looking amazing
Aki : how am I looking ?
Nandu : u r looking superb ?
Muku : aryaman will die after seeing u, Coz u r looking hot babe
Aki : Di

Alya : not more than Nandu, look at her though she is pregnant she is looking stunning nd the glow on her face,
Navya : Manik would eat her alive but she is pregnant so he can’t do anything to her
Nandu blushed to Crimson red nd others chuckled, they heard some sounds, Kavya came running
Kavya : bua, my rock star came nd he his looking awesome
Navya : Nandu chal we will go nd join the groom side or else he will kill us
Nandu : Han yes
They both go to the groom’s side
Arya : so my best friends got time for me ?
Nandu : aryaman how would I come I am pregnant na
Navya : stop blaming me ok
Arya : u both stop, tell me how is Aki looking ? Did u click pics
Manik : what is going there, u still have time u can back of after marying don’t complaint that
Cabir : see we are already suffering
Arya : ?
Vanshika : stop talking, nd let me welcome my son in law
She did puja, aryaman was abt to enter but Alya nd muku stopped
Alya : jijaji our Shagun ?
Aryaman : Alya plz yaar
Muku : what plz u have to give or else we won’t let u meet Aki
Aryaman : this is cheating
Navya took wallet from his sherwani pocket nd gave his credit card to muku
Navya : use this card
Aryaman: who will say the pin ?
Nandu : I think u forgot but we knw all ur credit card PIN numbers
Arya : oh yea
They let Aryaman enter in, wedding rituals are taking place Manan remembered their wedding their wedding rituals ? after a while it was time for photos evryone are giving poses, at last it was time for group photo where all the jodi’s are standing ?? that was a memorable one. Few days after Aki nd aryaman’s wedding it was a beautiful morning when Manan are sleeping hugging each other, Nandu suddenly felt pain nd shouted Manik woke up and was tensed by her shout evryone came to her room
Muku : Manik it is a labour pain we need to take
Before she could complete Manik lifted Nandu nd started walking towards the car he sat back , Abhi nd muku in the front, Nandu was shouting as it is in unbearable pain soon they reached hospital both went inside the labour room, Manik was scared but did not leave her hand for second, after few hours Manik heard a cry, tears rolled down his eyes
Dr : congos Manik it is a baby girl
Manik took her into his arms nd showed it towards Nandu, she smiled
Manu : our baby
Nandu : our princess ?
Manik took the baby out nd showed it to evryone soon they nurse took the baby to clean her
Manik kissed Nandu.!
Nandu : Manik shall we name her Vaishnavi ?
Manik : yes ?
They took the baby to their home nd they lived happily ever after ?

Ok guys so finally this is came to an end ? this story is really special to me close to my heart, guys do tell me ur views on my story all the silent readers u also comment today plz ? nd the good news is that I will start a new story which is not related Manan or any other jodi’s it is a general fiction I will tell when the intro is posted ?
Sindhu ?

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  1. i m a silent reader but love your ff lot so pls continue it dont end it pls pls and besides todays update was really grate love u a lot…………..

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Amarya for liking my story nd sorry dear for ending it ? As it is very hard for me to decide ? But do read my new story.! I will post the intro soon ?

  2. very nice and happy ending
    thank u sindhu
    all the best for the new story

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks mini ?
      Nd do read my new story, I will post the intro soon ?

  3. Mahi13

    Mind blowing
    Di tons of thanks for writing this epilogue. Loved it a looooooooot.
    I can’t wait for ur next ff. U r superb. :-*

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Chotti ?
      Thanks for reading my story ? Nd yea I hope u will like my new story, intro will be out soon ?

  4. Amazing superb mindblowing Di you are an amazing writer loved your updates all the best for your new story

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks piya ? Nd do read my new story

  5. Manan_0206

    Di it’s was awesome . Thank u for posting this . The beginning and ending was fab ! Waiting eagerly to read ur next story !

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks tasini ? Nd do read my new story, thanks again for nominating me in fanfiction awards ?

  6. Yar…….u r superb writer……
    ND……plz agar possible hoo too apni new story bhi manan par hi start karna…..

    Means ye sirf ek request h…..plz…..
    Agar possible hoo sake too……

    Waise I know apki story h too super buper hit hi hogi……

    Still all the very best for ur next story……

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Kavya, thank you ?
      Nd I will try to add Manan in it but I can’t tell if I can give importance to them or not nd plz do read my new story ?

  7. Tash

    So the complete end of this story was sooooooooo nyc… Manan’s daughter…oh I love it….
    N waiting for ur next ff…BT no manan??
    Ok no prob

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Tashu thank you ?
      Nd do read my new story ? I will try to add Manan in it but i can’t give them importance ?
      Oops I forgot to tell the name of my new story it is “A GIRL WITH DREAMS”

      1. Tash

        Gr8 name dear!! Upload soon

      2. Sindhu_Varma

        Tashu I will update it by tmrw ?

  8. It was a super story sindhu n u are a very gud writer. I m happy that u take decision of writing a new story but it would be grt if u write it on manan

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Lisa nd how is ur wedding preparations going on ? Nd sry I will try another Manan ff if possible but I did some changes in my story nd added Manan ?

      1. Preparations are going in full swing. Mention the name of ur story by somehow so that i could know

      2. Lisa that is good nd when is ur wedding date ? I forgot u already mentioned ? Nd my new story name is A GIRL WITH DREAMS

  9. sujatha muthukannu

    The end was lovely, I miss ur ff da ma… take care ..

    1. Thanks Sujatha ?

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