Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-9

Recap: aki got new frnds..! cabir is shocked to see navya in shorts..!

navya enters to her house..! she gets ready and comes out in a chudidar and was going towards the kitchen she heard a door bell.! she went and opened the doorbell it was cabir’s mom

Navya: namstae aunty
Cabir’s mom: namastae beta

Navya: aunty app yaha.?

Cabir’s mom: beta i brought breakfast for u guys. as u guys shifted yesterday only na so i taught to help u out.!
Navya: it is so nice nice of aunty.! come inside na.!

cabir’s mom: no beta i should leave my son must be waiting for me.!

Navya: okay aunty bye. thanks for the breakfast.!
Cabir’s mom: it’s ok beta.!

just cabir comes and calls his mom.

Cabir’s mom: beta mein yaha hun

Cabir: what are u doing there mama

Cabir’s mom: actually she shifted here yesterday so i taught to prepare breakfast for them also.!

Cabir: who mamma.?

Cabir’s mom shows navya and they says they are our new neighbors.

Cabir: she is our new neighbor.?

Cabir’s mom: yes beta u knw her
Cabir: yes mom she is from my clg

Cabir’s mom: ohh that’s great.!

Cabir: anyways mom i’m leaving

Cabir’s mom: have breakfast atleast.!

Cabir: ok mamma fast.!

Cabir’s mom: u wait here i’ll bring ur breakfast ok

Cabir: ok

cabir’s mom leaves from there. navya was standing there hearing their convo

Navya: ur mom is so sweet

Cabir: i knw

Nandini comes down and sees cabir at her door
Nandu: what are u doing here.?

Navya: he is our neighbor
Nandu: oh.! where is that sleepy head still sleeping. and ya what is this in ur hand

Navya: he is sleeping. these aloo parathas made by aunty i mean cabir’s mom

Nandu: wow aloo parathas.! u r fav breakfast with extra butter.!

Navya: ya
Nandu: ok give me i’ll keep it on the table.

Cabir: how many ppl stay here

Navya: two

Cabir: then who is sleepy head.?

Navya: it is aryaman our bestie..!

Cabir: u stay with a guy.? live-in relation ship

Navya: chi.. no is just like brother.! don’t u dare think like that

Cabir: ohhhh :O
Just then aryaman shouts navya come fast or your fav aloo paratha with extra butter u will not get. she says bye to cabir. and shouts dont u dare eat them.!!!

At breakfast table
Aryaman: dint go for jogging

Navya: completed

Aryaman: so went in ur shorts came and changed ur dress. if u like western then y dont u wear them

Navya: i dont knw. i feel wearing these only to clg

Nandu: leave na. anyways i’m going home and i’ll meet u guys at the clg
saying this nandu leaves from there. she comes out and sees manik even fab 4 where present.! manik sees nandini and thinks what is she doing here..! just aryaman comes and gives nandini car keys.!

Nandu: y keys

Aryaman: u take my car today

Nandu: no it’s ok
Aryaman: it’s not ok i’ll drop u home

Navya: we will come to ur house.from there we will leave.

Nandu: no guys it is ok
Navya: it is not ok.! aryaman start the car.!
Aryaman: wait i have to frshen up.!
Nandu: ok then come fast. we will wait here.!

fab 4 was hearing their convo.! when aryaman went inside mukti came there and said oh u loosers stay here.!
Nandu :says that first of all talk with respect with someone.! and we are not loosers and dont u say that again.

Mukti: oh miss angry bird take a chill pill.!

nandu: u have to take chill pill

Mukti gets irked and leaves from there aryaman comes and is evrything ok. let’s us leave it been a while i met chachi..! they all leave in aryaman’s car..!

Mukti: she is arrogant.!
Manik: i don’t think so.?

Mukti: u are supporting her ‘coz she is ur sister’s frnd.?

Manik: it is not lyk dat.!

Cabir: what is not like dat.

Mukti: that nandini

Cabir: so u saw them. navya she is my new neighbor.! and u knw what she
Mukti: she what

cabir: nothing. let’s go

they all leave.!

At college

Aki sees a rush near the notice board and goes there to find out what is it.! when she was heading towards the notice some one saw her and told evryone to make a way.! first she dint understand then she understood it is coz of manik.! she sees the notice board and she is exited abt the musicana.! but her excitement turns to sadness as it only for bands and she leaves from there and bumps into aryaman.!
Aki: hey did u see the notice board musicana is comming

Aryman: wow that’s great. then y are usad
Aki: we shuld take part in it as band

Aryaman: ok so

Aki: i dont have band

Aryaman: we will form a band. see u play veena well and i play tabala. nandu and navya are good singes so we make a band.!

Aki: ok.i’ll ask my bhai and tell u
Aryaman: ok ur wish!

guys i wont be stop my ff.!
but guys i’m really disappointed with evryone when i said i will stop this ff u guys commented.! i have boards approching and hence i can t update regularly..!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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