Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-8

Recap: aki gets a basket full of chocolates..!

Aki is confused abt who gave her favorite chocolates.! some one from behid says this is me who gave chocolates..! she turns back to see..! and they are nandu,navya and aryaman..!

Aki: hey hw do u knw these my favourite chocolates..

Nandu: we don’t knw aryaman brought them..!!

Aki: thanks aryaman for this chocolates.. πŸ™‚
Aryaman: hey y thanks..! i think u forgot we are friends and frnds don’t say thanks and sry..!

Aki: oh yea..!
aki had tears in her eyes as she never had frnds it is only fab 5 who were her frnds since her childhood..! evryone wanted to be frnds with her coz manik is her brother so she kept distance with them.. she always felt lonely abt not having frnds but today she is happy that she got frnds..!! she got jerk as aryaman hugged her..! she never felt like that it was different

Aryaman: hey y are u crying..!

Aki: nothing jus like that

Aryaman: stop hiding and tell the truth saying this he broke the hug

Aki: actually guys i nevr had frnds like u ppl. it was only fab 5..! so got tears seeing u ppl.!

Nandu: now don’t cry we are ur frnds ryt..! so smile. u knw what u don’t look gud without ur lovely smile.! keep smiling..!

Aki smiles

Navya: that’s like a gud girl..!

Aryaman now lets take a selfie..! with our new frnd..! they take selfie..! they have a grp hug..! aki says them guys sit i’ll something for u ppl..!

Nandu: no problem na it’s ok

Aki: na it is not ok..wait i’ll tell ramu kaka to give u all water afterwards we will go to the pool side and some fun ok na..!
Navya: ok

Aki goes into the kitchen and tells ramu kaka to give evryone water until then i bring chips ok..!
Ramu kaka was gave aryaman and navya water.while kaka was giving water nandu she heard manik’s voice from the back “what are u doing here” with that she got a jerk and the water spilled on her dress..!! she got up..!
Manik: i asked what are u doing here

Aki: bhai. i called them here

Manik: ok. choti listen i wont be there for dinner today,

Aki: y bhai

Manik: i got a meeting to handle as dad is not in mumbai so those clients want to meet me..!

Aki: ok bhai

Manik: don’t wait for me have ur dinner ok na
Aki: ok bhai.

manik goes from there

Aki: nandu ur dress.

Nandu: a yea water spilled on my dress

Aki: ohh u change the top i’ll give u mine..!! come i’ll show u the room she gets a call on her phne. i’m sry nandu i can’t come with u but yea i will tell u the way to my room and she says directions..!
Nandu: no problem u just go pick up the call..!
Aki: nandini then u come to the pool side
Nandu: ok
evryone leave from the hall..! nandu enters into a room and sees some pics which are on the wall and how cute these bro-sis look..!! just then she hears a sound and see manik coming out in shorts and rubing his with towel and busy checking msg he got ..!
Nandini is her thoughts..!

damn he is so hot..! look at his six pack body broad shoulders..! nandini murthy what are u thinking abt this monster..! what evr he is but has perfect gym body.!
Manik sees nandu starring at her without blinking..!
Nandu still in her thoughts.manik goes closer to nadini’s ear and whispers her name. nandini gets gossebumps all over her body..! still din’t move .then manik shruged her shoulders..! nandini came into her senses and saw manik close..! and shouted..!! manik closed her mouth and pinned her towards the wall near the door..!
Manik: what were doing in my room

Nandu: it ur room.? i taught it was aki’s

Manik: how can u think like dat..!

Nandu: i’m sry..!
manik hears foot steps and thinks it might be aki and moves away from..! and stands far from nandu.just then aki enters the room..!

Aki: bhai. where is nandini
Manik: there
Aki goes to nandini and says her sorry it was my fault.. nandu says don’t be sry..! it was not ur fault u told me the directions but i came into the wrong’s k.

both leave the room and go to aki’s room.! aki was to give a top to nandu but nandu stops her and asks her give hair drier so that she dry her top as it just water na..! aki says okk..! after five minutes they go to the pool side..!! they fun over there
Navya: i think it’s time to leave
Aki: but u came now only na

Navya: actually we shifted to a house. so we ahve unpack all the items.!
Aki: ok

Navya: nandu u stay with us today ok. i ‘ll call chachi nd tell her

Nandu: ok

Arayaman: so let’s leave then.!
Aki: bye guys. see u tomorrow

Arayaman: y don’t u come with us

Aki: na i can’t. no will be at home so i shuld be there.!

Nandu: ok then it is ur wish.!

All the three leave in arayaman’s car.they reach a colony and go towards their house. one lady stops them

Navya: namaste aunty

Lady: namaste beta. app log kaun hain

Navya: actually aunty. we are new here.!

Lady: acha beta.toh kitnae log rahegae yaha

Navya: mein aur yeh ladka.!

Lady: tum dono

Navya: haan aunty yeh mera bad bhaiy jaise hein toh soca kyun nahi ek hi ghar mein rahle. issilye hum dono yeh agaye
Lady: accha tik hain

she gets a call and tells them bye beta..! they say bye.!
Nandu: she is so sweet na
Navya: ya

Arayaman: so lets go in.!
they go in and unpack evrything and arrange them in order..!! they all go to bed.!

(i forgot to tell u guys that navya is mordern with typical hindi.! she wears western clothes but she mostly prefers traditional and only nandu and aryman knw abt her western style..!)

At cabir’s house
a lady is shown waking up cabir.! that lady is same.!
Lady: cabir get up

Cabir: 5 minutes mama

Cabir’s mom: beta plz bring milk na.!
Cabir: mom plz

Cabir’s mom: plz cabir. i’m getting headache. that’s y i’m not going plz go na
Cabir: ok mom
cabir goes out to bring milk.. some boys near the park they say look at that girl she is so hot.! nevr saw her in this area who is she. while there were talking cabir heard their convo.! and saw that girl.! it was navya he dint believe his eyes went closer to her she was wearing denim shorts and white crop top with her hair loose cabir tapped her shoulder to see who she was and was surprised to see navya like that

Cabir: madubala tum.?
Navya: haan mein. tum yeh kya kar raha ho

Cabir: this is my colony i stay here. what are u doing. and what is u wear shorts. but in clg u wear chudidar.!
Navya: yea i wear shorts but only few ppl knw abt it now u are also included in that few ppl. i hate ppl seeing me like that morons(showing her hand towards some boys)with their mouth open that’s y i come in chudidars to clg.! sssh plz don’t tell any one abt this

Cabir: ok. πŸ™‚

doodwala calls cabir and tells him to take milk..! navya laughs at it
Cabir: y are u laughing

Navya: coz the prankster of clg takes milk in early mornings..!

Cabir says whatever and leaves from the there..!

No precap.!

guys i will stop this ff on my 25th part! sry could not reach ur expectations..!! πŸ™ :'(

Credit to: sindhu varma

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