Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-6

Recap: Manik tells the bitter truth to aki..!

At Malhotra Mansion

Manik: kaka make something na i’m hungry

Kaka: ok beta aki kaha hein

Aki: mein yaha hun

Kaka: aki kaha chali gayi thi tum beta
Aki: dosti ki yaha thi

Kaka:tu na kab badi hogi
Aki: jab tak app mera dayan rakengae kaka

Just then she is interrupted by is her dad
On Phne

Aki: hello dad.kaise ho app

Vivek:I’m fyn where were u till now..
Aki: in my friends house

Vivek: don’t lie ur friend called to our landline and asked abt u

Aki: but dad
Manik takes the phne and puts it on speaker

Manik: dad she was with her frnds

Vivek: now u don’t support her manik..

Manik: no dad it is true evn i was with her.

Vivek: then hw come that girl called to our landline and asked abt akansha
Manik:woh… she said to her new frnd that she may go to pune and she will not take her phne and gave that number but she changed her plan and forgot to inform her..
Vivek: tik hain..!

Aki: now u believe me

Vivek: yea. anyways bye i have a meeting tomorrow.i have to sleep now

Aki: bye dad

She cuts phne.making a sad face why does dad talk to me in that pitch and he talks to u very softly..
manik says leave na. lets have dinner..!!
they have dinner then fab5 comes..aki greets evry1

Mukti: u have cancelled ur plan manik.?
Manik: yes mukti..
Alya:but y
Manik: to stay with aki.. and have some bro-sis time
Cabir: ohh bro-sis time but we shuld also be part of it ryt

Aki: says yes come we will have party here..

All togther nod in a yea fab5 and aki party hard till late night till they fall of to sleep.. it 8 in the morning aki gets up and checks the time oh god i have to leave in half n hour manik was sleeping one leg on cabir and leg on dhruv.. aki goes and wakes them up pouring cold water on three of them..! they all get up with sudden jerk..!

Manik: what the hell who did this

Aki: it is me bhai
Manik: why

Aki:because it 8
Manik: so
Aki: getting late to college
Manik:yea u go we will come afterwards

Aki: but bhai

Manik: bye akii and again goes of to sleep..

Aki freshens up and goes to college..!


she meets nandini and navya at the enterence. all the three give a group hug.
Nandu: how are u now
Aki: i’m fine

Navya: what happened to her

Aki: nothing happened to navya
Nandu: enjoyed with ur bhai

AKi: not only with bhai with fab 4.

Nandu & Navya in unsion:ohh :O

Aki says bye see you guys i’m feeling hungry need to rush to canteen saying this she leavess..!
after aki leaves a handsome guy hugs nandu.. nandu is happy to see him
Navya: so we three are back
Nandu: yea

The boy: yea. Nandini,navya and aryaman.!

Nandu: yea.!

Navya lets go before fab 5 sees u
Aryaman: fab5.?
Navya: yea fab 5 they are so rude
Nandu: but aki is so sweet
Aryaman: who aki.?
Navya: fab 5 lead member manik’s small sister akansha malhotra.
Aryaman: oh. nyc name akansha..
Nandu: aki is sweet but her brother is a monster..!1
Aryaman: chill nandu

all the leave from there

In Corridor

poen is mopping the floor. aki din’t knew and went straight and she was abt to slip some frm back catches her. it is no other that aryaman.they share eye-lock for few minutes he makes her stand straight still holding just then manik come and pushs aryaman
Aryaman: bro.! what happened.

Manik: how dare u are to touch my sister

Aryaman: so u are manik and she is ur baby sister aki
Manik: Akansha..!

Aryaman: yeah akansha.. she is so sweet

Aki smiles. but manik warns aryaman to stay away from her.

Aki: bhai leave it na

just then nandu arrives and calls aryaman’s name from back
Nandu: aryaman is evrything ok

Aryaman: yea.
Nandu: aki this is my bestie aryaman
Aki: i met him
Nandu: hw

Aki: he saved me from sliping
Nandu: ok. i hope ur brother din’t create a scene here..
telling this she leaves with aryaman

Manik: what does she mean aki..!
Aki: leave it bhai

Precap: Nyo talks to aki.

Credit to: sindhu varma

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