Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-5

Recap: Aki goes missing. nandu and manik are searching for aki..!

Nandu gets into the car.there was lot of silence then to break the silence nandu spoke
Nandu: manik don’t worry we will find aki.. i mean akansha

Manik: u can call her aki. she like ppl calling her aki….
Nandu: finally u spoke i was just getting bored. i’m not used for this much of silence and aki she is such a sweetheart and u are a monster..!

Manik: Just repeat ur last sentence i am a what.?
Nandu realized what she is said and said nothing in a low tone..
Manik: don’t knw where did aki go. what if she went to pune near dad but she never went like that without informing if i call dad he will surely be angry hw can i leave aki like that what shuld i do
Nandu: u can call to ur landline. and ask some if she came there or not na..

Manik: i can’t ask like that.will u call and ask
Nandu: (stammers) me…me but with whm shuld i speak
Manik: i’ll give our kakka’s number ok na
Nandu: ok

Manik gives nandini a number she calls to that number

On Phne:
Nandu: hello

Kaka: Hello kaun
Nandu: kya aki waha ayi hein
Kaka: nahi app kon bol rahi hein

Nandu: mein nandini aki ka dost usne kaha ki woh pune chalijaye gi or usne mujhe yeh number diya hein mero ko lagete hein woh mumbai mein hi hain. mein usne call kar lete hun bye
Kaka: tik hein beta bye

She cuts the call

Nandu: manik she is not there in pune
Manik: ok..(controlling his emotions)
Nandu: does aki have any place.
Manik: what do u mean
Nandu: let me complete the sentence. i meant that if is angry she likes to visit that place or the place u both had a lot of memories..
Manik: i knw where she will be.pass in ur seat belt

Manik drives fast and goes to place which is far from mumbai. he searches whole place but he couldn’t find aki he sits sown and cries out loud saying aki where did u go hw can u leave.nandini tries to console him but he huggs nandini and cries even harder saying how can aki leave me and go.nandini consoles him saying that she will be here only. just manik heres some one crying he follows the sound and sees a girl crying he thinks it maybe aki and calls she turns and huggs manik..!!!

Aki: bhai y u din’t tell me abt it
Manik: abt what aki

Aki: abt my mother bhai
Manik: what but how do u knw who told u
Aki: i heard ur convo with mom in the clg

Manik: she is not ur mom aki

Aki: y
Manik: aki listen i nevr wanted to tell u this but now it is high time that u get to abt the truth and he tells the whole truth..
Aki: but bhai y dint tell me

Manik: she left when u need her the most..that’s y i never told u

Aki: bhai i love you. u are always there for me..
Manik: oy actor stop your drama and let’s go home i am feeling hungry

Aki: smiled okk now let’s go she is finds nandini and asks her what are u doing her

Nandu: actually i came here with ur brother to find u
Aki: u forgave my bhai that is so sweet of u

Nandu: what i said i came to find u

Aki: ok what ever so ur best friend is here u said he will be coming did he come when will i meet him
Nandu: ya i tought but he will by tomorrow morning. and sure u can meet him

nandu gets a call frm chachi
On Phne
Chachi: beta kaha ho tum
Nandu: mein apne dosto ke sath hun bas a raha hu

Chachi: chaal jaldi aja
Nandu: haan chachi bye

she cuts the phne. and tells aki bye i have to leave but aki stops her saying that hw can u go alone u came with my brother now we will drop u home safely. hein na bhai. manik agrees to her.. they reach nandini’s house she was abt to go aki asks will u not invite inside ur house.but manik say aki it late hw will her parents if we go to our home now.. nandini say i don’t have parents and i live with chacha and chachi with a brother and they no problem with my friends if u want u guys can come. manik and aki enters nandu’s house chachi opens the door and hugs nandu

Chachi: where did u go nandu
Nandu: mein apne dosto ke saath thi
Chachi chal andar.

She finds manik and aki standing outside with nandu and asks her who are they aki says we are her friends..chachi oh it’s glad u made new frnds.. she shows the way to come in..

Aki: ur house it is so lovely..where is ur room btw

Manik: aki what are u asking her.
Aki: what bhai she is my frnd i can ask her na

Nandu: it is ok manik.. my room is on top floor..

just then rishab comes down and huggs nadu
Nandu: Aki this rishab my chotu brother. and rish this akansha my new frnd

they greet each other.!rishab asks who is he and aki introduces him he is my brother manik. Nandu gets a call from unkwn she was smilimg while talking to him on phne and manik gets annyoed she cuts the call and tells he is comming tomorrow and he will staying with us until he finds a new house here..! chachi says ok..! so now u three idiots are together she says yeaa..!! manik tells aki that it is time to leave.

Aki: bhai we will stay here for some more time na i feel lonely at home u will go out for party wid ur frnds and i have stay alone plz i will stay here bhai
Manik: aki today i cancelled all my plans i tought to stay with u but ok if u want to stay u stay can if nandini has no problem i will leave..

Aki: no bahi i will come with u only..!!

Manik: that’s like my choti..!
Aki: i’m no more choti..!

She says to nandu that they are leaving.. she comes out to drop them..!! aki goes straight and sits in manik comes back as he left is phne. he calls out nandini’s name but she din’t respond he rings the door bell nandu opens the door

Nandu: u din’t leave.?

Manik: i forgot my phne

Nandu: ok wait i’l get it

she gets the phne and gives it to manik she is was abt to leave her leg gets twisted and was abt to fall manik holds her they share eyelock for few minutes. manik phones buzzes and they get into reality and he checks the phne it is cabir’s msg

Cabir: Abey choti mili kya kaha hein woh.

Manik replies saying that yes she is with me only we are going home once i reach home i will call u

Recap: Some one helps aki from falling down.. he catches aki before she could fall they they share a eyelock. manik is fumed with anger hw can someone touch my sister and he beats him up..!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. Kya oh nandhu ko touch kar sakthi hein par koi uss behen ko nahi youch kar sakrhi hein how mean

  2. Nice epi

  3. Awesome episode, loved it very much, manan so cute…manik n aki very sweeeeeet bonding. …love you loads

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