Yeh adhuri si zindagi Humari-48


Cabir’s room
Cabir’s PoV
I shuld be happy na with this alliance but I don’t y I am sad, how will I be happy when I love her, but I did not tell her Coz of her past that jerk tried to harm my Navya ?,
My trance was broken by my phone as it is ringing the caller id was my mom
On phone
Cabir’s mom: hello u got an alliance nd
Cabir : mom I don’t want to marry
Cabir’s mom: Cabir u r going to see her
Cabir : mom I am mangalore how will I meet her
Cabir’s mom : they are also in mangalore nd I am coming tnrw
She hanged up the call. I threw my phone in anger when someone knocked the room door, I went nd saw who it is to my surprise it is Manik who does not evn knock ?
Manik : Saale Kya dekh raha hein
Cabir: thinking since when u started knocking the doors
Nandu : since the time he is with me u see sangat ka aasar
Cabir : oh, btw what r u doing
Nandu : Cabir with us na
They both took me to the terrace evryone are sitting, Manik made me sit beside Navya, she was not at all happy but faking it.. Nd then comes Nandu
Nandu : ok after 2 days u ppl will be leaving
Manik : u r also coming with us
Abhi : no yaar we three are going to USA as we have work nd will be back after a week
Manik : y suddenly
Abhi : some work is left we have to complete it
Arya : i will mom then
Nandu : I already informed her. Nd guys listen as after two days u will go nd tmrw we will be busy with Navya’s alliance ?, so today let us play Antakshari, it won’t be in teams, one will start with the song nd the moment she stops u guys have to sing other song anyone can sing it won’t be related to pervious song words u sing any song which comes to ur mind.. So let’s start with..
Abhi : Manan.!
All except for me nd Navya : who Manan
Abhi : Manik nd Nandini= Manan
Muku : ohh,
Manik started
Tere naina bade qaatil maar hi daalenge
Tere naina bade qaatil maar hi daalenge
Qaatilana.. qaatilana adaa se ek din is dil ko..
Hansayenge, rulayenge maar hi daalenge

Tere naina.. naina, naina!
Tere naina.. naina, naina!
Kaatilana bade naina.. naina!
Tere naina.. naina, naina!
Tere naina.. naina, naina!
Kaatilana bade naina.. naina..

Qaatilana.. kaatilana adaa se ek din is dil ko
Hansayenge, rulayenge maar hi daalenge
Tere naina bade qaatil maar hi daalenge

Ga ma pa sa.. sa
Ga ma pa sa.. pa
Ga ma pa sa.. sa
Ni sa re, re re

Shararat naina karte hain
Tadapna dil ko padta hai
O dheere-dheere haule-haule
Silsila bhi badhta hai
Teri yaadon ki garmi se
Mera lamha pighalta hai
Dard ko teri baahon mein
Bada aaraam milta hai
Bada aaraam milta hai

Qaatilana adaaon se ek din is dil ko…
Hansayenge, rulayenge maar hi daalenge
Tere naina bade kaatil maar hi daalenge

Naina… kaatilana… naina re…

Tere ehsaas ki khushboo
Meri saanson mein behti hai
Tere deedar ki khwaahish
Mujhe din raat rehti hai
Tere aane ki aahat se
Machalte hain, mehakte hain
Bichhadte hain to har lamha
Teri hi raah takte hain
Teri hi raah takte hain

Kaatilana adaaon se ek din is dil ko..
Hansayenge, rulayenge maar hi daalenge
Tere naina bade kaatil, maar hi daalenge

Tere naina.. naina, naina
Tere naina.. naina, naina
Kaatilana bade naina.. naina… (x4)

They ended the song I just love them they are perfect for each other evryone clapped but Navya was somewhere lost… Then suddenly she started to sing

Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho
Evryone loved it nd started to clap but somewhere down in my heart I felt that she sang that song for me..!! I don’t knw y I sang this song
Lost n lonely coz you’re the only
One tht knows me
Tht I can’t be without you
Lost n lonely coz you’re the only
One tht knows me
Tht I can’t be without you

Hai kya yeh jo
Tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni
Koi dastaan hai

Hai kya yeh jo
Tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni
Koi dastaan hai

Lagne lagi
Ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri
Lagne lagi
Har saans bhi khaali
Lost n lonely
Bin tere
Bin tere
Bin tere
Lost n lonely

Koi khalish hai
Hawaon mein bin tere
Lost n lonely

Bin tere
Bin tere
Bin tere …
Navya left, evryone clapped
Muku : wah what a song
Cabir : guys mom is coming nd I got an alliance..!
Don’t y they shouted like seriously I shuld not get married or what
Fab4 : what but kyun
I did not want to answer them so I left, I went nd dozzed ?
End of PoV
Next day morning it was hustle bustle going on evryone are going here and there, Cabir’s mom came in,she was seeing evryone work, Manik came down nd was happy to see her
Manik : aunty u here
Cabir’s mom : Han nd what r u doing here
Rajana: Namastey ji
Manik : how do u knw her aunty
Cabir’s mom : she is Ranjana her daughter is my future daughter in law
Cabir : mom how u knw Nandu’s address
Rajana : mom?
Navya : momma this saree how is it
Evryone turned around to see her, she was wearing nd black nd red saree nd she left her hair
Cabir’s mom : Navya is my future bahu ?
Nandu : that means
Manik : Cabir got Navya’s alliance nd Navya got Cabir’s alliance.
Cabir nd Navya are looking at each other in shock ?
Cabir’s mom : Navya I am so happy I always wanted u as my daughter in law nd I think God has granted me with this
Anil : beta now u knw Cabir personally so u agree for this ?
Navya : dad…
Vanshika : surprise
Evryone turned around to Manik went nd hugged and brought her near the sofa nd made her sit..
Anil : Vanshu
Vanshika : Anil bhaiya
Manik & Navya : bhaiya ?
Anil : she is chacha’s daughter mein, but Vanshu someone said me that u died in an accident..
Vanshu : Nahi bhaiya I was in coma
Manik : can u plz tell us clearly…!!
Anil : chacha aur Chachi got transferred nd came here after that they used to come for holidays but after chacha nd Chachi’s accident she did not come nd we shuld talk on phone daily nd every month she used to send her pics, I could not come for her wedding as I had a some work, after few years she sent me her son manu’s pic.. After that I heard that Vanshika died in an accident.. Aur Manu bhi ?
Manik : Nahi I am alive mamu
Anil : what do u mean
Vanshika : bhaiya yeh mera Manu hein
Navya : Manik that means we are cousins
Manik : yes.. Mom u came on right time Navya got alliance nd he is non other than Cabir..
Vanshu : Navya u agree with this na
Cabir : Saale tu toh sach mein mera Saale ban Gaya ?
Navya : wait a min guys, I have to say yes na
Cabir : that means u won’t say
Manik : Abey talk to her properly
Navya : Manik wait!
Nandu : Manik u shut up, Navya u come with me
She took Navya with her..
Nandu : u love Cabir na then y u r getting worried
Navya was abt say when aryaman entered.!
Navya : yes I love him but..
Aryaman : but ur past his haunting u
Navya : yes
Nandu : Navya listen
Aryaman : Cabir knws abt ur past nd still he does not judge u just give another try! He loves the way u are, stop thinking abt ur past..
Cabir : ur past is still haunting u nd u don’t want to marry me Navya Coz of that jerk
Fab 5 nd Aki were listening to their convo but Cabir could not take it more so he entered.!
Navya : it is not like
Manik : Navya listen u need to forget abt ur past nd move on
Navya : it is not that easy, my dad is suffering because of me I am unlucky ?
Cabir went nd slapped Navya ?, Navya put her hand on her cheek to cover
Manik : what the hell y did u slap her
Cabir : u shut up, nd Navya u r not unlucky, nd i love u,
Navya : but
Cabir : no but u just come with me
He dragged her to the living area nd said bent on his knees
Cabir : ms.navya Naveli will u be Mrs. Cabir Dhawan Coz we both can be great couple nd u r not at all unlucky, if u are then ur dad would not reached that heights now where he is standing , after u came into my life, I started to take care of u other than fab 5 nd my mom u are the first one who made a special place in my heart nd when I was abt to confess u told abt ur past, I thought u need time but then today when I heard ur convo i am super upset u Coz ur stupid past is still haunting Coz it was not ur fault it just happened nd I don’t give a damn abt ur past nd i want u now nd forever will u be with me.
Navya almost had tears ?
Navya : yes i will stay with u forever ?
He got up from his knees nd hugged her nd lifted her
Anil : so u guys ready
Cavya: yes
Evryone is happy Manik lifted Cabir nd Abhi lifted Navya.. Nandu had tears by now ? Manik left Cabir nd went to Nandu
Manik: Kya hua
Nandu : i am seeing Navya being happy after a long time so happy tears u see
Manik : but I hate ur tears
Nandu side hugged Manik..

Precap : engagement nd drama

Thank you guys for describing me like that ? Nd Tanushree nd Priya u guys are first who told me I was mature

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