Yeh adhuri si zindagi Humari-47


Nandini reached nd went to her room, her baby followed her but she was not in mood to play with her.. Her baby ( guys I forgot the dog’s name nd I can’t ask Sindhu ?) went out she locked the room nd fell on her bed thinking abt yesterday’s incidents tears were rolling down her cheeks ?
Just then her phone rang
On phone
Nandu : Kya Manik u disturbed my sleep
Manik : stop lying Nandini I knw u better than urself u might be thinking abt yesterday’s incidents nd crying
Nandu: how do u knw
Manik : I am monster so he knws evrything
Nandu : I thought u were my Manik but I was wrong can u plz tell where did Manik go
Manik : he is resting
Nandu : nd what are u doing with his phone
Manik : standing out side ur room
She got up nd checked the door but no one was there
Manik : Oye stop checking me at the door I am standing near ur balcony door
She turned nd saw, ran to him hugged him , he lifted her nd rotated her after few minutes of their hug she spoke with out breaking the hug
Nandu : Manik u just met with an accident nd y did u come through the balcony u can come through the main door na

Manik : arey yaar I just want to knw how it feels sneaking it into ur wife’s room
Nandu : wife ? Y did u do this stunt huh I am not talking to u ?
Manik : y u don’t want to marry me aur Han my mom nd ur mom made this decision before ur birth only so I am ur husband since then it is just time gap nd that is it u won’t talk to me I knw my ways
He leaned towards her lips nd kissed her she was not responding, though she was falling weak infront of him but she did not respond, he stopped kissing her but he did not take his lips from her, she started kissing him nd this turned into a passionate one, until they heard the door flung open, the broke the kiss nd saw the ppl who did Manik was giving death glare nd Nandini hid her face in Manik’s chest due to shyness
Cabir & Navya : arey sry sry ??

Manik : u guys don’t have manners that u shuld knock the door before coming inside some one’s room idiots, I knw that Cabir does not have any shame but Navya u shuld have some shame on u na
Navya : actually I have but I never knock nd come into Nandu’s room I got habituated like that nd btw this my bestie room nd I can come when ever I want nd who r u to tell nd while doing all this u shuld lock the doors Han bolo bolo aur yeh choro Ki Taraha Nandu ke room mein Kya kar rahe Ho,
Manik : woh woh
Cabir : Bol na
Navya : tum chup raho
Manik : woh na
Lala : Navya beta
Navya : Han kaka
Lala : Anil babu is calling aur Nandu beta tum bhi
Nandu : Han
Navya : chalo aur plz leave her at least for few mins
Manik: what ever
All of them went down, Navya’s mom was also there both Nandu nd Navya hugged her
Navya : dad u called us
Anil : Han Navya
Navya’s mom : first listen to us carefully then u talk until keep ur mouth shut like this ?
Anil : Navya u got an alliance, nd I want u to marry him, I want u to get out of ur past so plz
Navya : dad
Rajana (Navya’s mom name) : beta they belong to a good family they will take care of u
Anil : u just say yes, u can marry after ur studies get completed
Navya : I will marry but I need time to say yes so plz give me that time at least
Rajana : Han sure beta
Navya went in, Cabir was showing happiness but went inside his room nd locked it.. Mixed emotions were going inside their heart.!
Nandu: best friend
Anil : u dont talk to me
Nandu : kyun
Anil : u tell evrything to ur best friend but u hid this from me ?
Nandu : bestie

Anil : u did not tell me ur feelings towards Manik, Katti ?
Nandu :arey bestie when I wanted to tell u, u went away nd now u blaming me
Anil : acha
Nandu : plz say no to this alliance nd I don’t want Navya to get married at this age plz
Anil : but
Nandu : plz plz ??
Anil : I will see
In hospital
A women is going towards 302 hiding her face in scarf. She was hiding behind the pillar after Amms went out she went in..
Vanshika : tum kohn Ho!
She removed her scarf.! ( u guys knw me well ok fine Sindhu wrote in last chaps precap now u knw na )
Nyo : mein, I am ur husband’s second wife
Vanshika : what r u doing here just leave my room
Nyo : please listen to me, he married only on my dad’s force Coz he has taken debit from my dad nd if he did not pay he had to marry nd hence it happened I was never happy with it nd I loved some one else, he left me in the middle after I became pregnant of his child, Vivek got to knw this nd he started to black mail me, so I said I will kidnap ur son, he threaten me but still I kidnapped Manik nd kept him safe he thought it was me nd hit later he got to knw nd was guilty of his act but Manik nd Nandu did the write in arresting him, Coz he selled me for his gambling, hence I left aki when she was 6 months old nd left her this made Manik evn more hate me, to keep distance from them I started to become mean to them nd i succeed in it. I knw how I miss my daughter ?
Vanshika : that was mean of him u don’t worry I will talk to Manik
Nyo : no plz don’t do that, anyways I transferred all the property on Manik nd Aki’s name ?
Vanshika : but
Nyo : now I need to go bye! Nd take care of ur health.
She wore her scarf nd left from there.

Precap : surprise ??

I am sweety, only two people knw that I will be writing today’s part that is Tashu nd Praha.! Sindhu called me nd told to update fast so here it goes, sry guys here I had network problem so could not upload it sry sry…
I want to ask u guys something
Describe SINDHU in one word
for me she is perfect friend any one could have ??

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  1. Manan_0206

    The update was awesome . Well … Sindhu is a really creative writer . And yes a very kind and loyal girl

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks tasni ?
      Nd thank u for describing me like that ?

  2. This was superb… n fr sindhu i think the way she presents her story n views, she is very loyal n matured girl

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Tanushree ?
      Nd u sure that I am mature ?

  3. Mahi13

    Amazing update. Manan scene was superb, fabulous . How r u Sweety di? U asked to describe Sindhu di in 1 word. There’s a lot of things I wanna say about her. She’s loving, caring, cheerful, friendly. For me she’s my elder sister. I can’t say it in 1 word. So I’m using 3 words. She’s a PERFECT ELDER SISTER. I’ve always dreamt to have n elder sis. With whom I can share my everything. N Sindhu di is that person. So for me she’s my elder sister. I’ve said a lot. But for me 1 word is never enough to say about Sindhu di. Love u a lot Sindhu di n Sweety di thanks for this lovely update.

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thank you nd yes I always wanted to have a younger sister, nd God gave me u…

  4. For me…..SINDHU is amazing writer……..
    nd very kind hearted……sweet person…..
    Or jitna Maine notice kiya h SINDHU ko in comments box or ise story ke through…….

    Woo bhut cheerful person h….khush rehna or logo ko khush rekhna….use pasand h….

    Baki woo apki frd h too apko jada hi pata hoga mujhse…..

    Baki….update too as usual awesome tha…..
    Keep going…..
    Love u loads…..

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Kavya..
      Or plz don’t refer sweety as app she is will surely get a heart attack ? She is younger to u I guess, she is 99 born ?

      1. Ohh…..haa…..tb too main hi badhi hoo….
        Bcoz I m 94 born……

        Well…..u both r prefect frds…..

        ND sweety…..u too good in writing….
        Love u loads both of u…..

      2. Sindhu_Varma

        Thanks Kavya ?
        I am 98 born ?… Love u too,aur I will tell sweety abt it

      3. Okk……tb too me apse bhi badhi hoo…..

        koi nhi….ap mujhe dii bol sakte hoo….;);)

      4. Sindhu_Varma

        Ok di but listen don’t refer me as app

  5. The story is gud n u r a perfect friend of sindhu

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Lisa,
      Yes sweety is my perfect friend ?

  6. ur creative writer…ur are awesome….

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Pranavi ?
      Nd I shuld thank sweety because a silent reader commented

  7. caring and creative is the word for u… sindhu… ad sweety is sweet just like her name,,,,

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks ?
      Nd yea sweety is too sweet ?

  8. Nice keep going

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks piya ?

  9. Tash

    It was super good… Yaar.. N m sooo happy nyo confessed everything n became good… It was a happy happy episode.. Thx sweety n sindhu… N sindhu in one word i would say is me… Sindhu is totally like me… Chilled out, energetic…. Chatter box.. N i love that part.. Full of life… Love u sindhu dear… ?? n sorry cannot define her in one word… ?

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Tashu today I understood defining me in word is difficult ??
      Hi5 ✋?

      1. Tash


  10. Sowy for late reply…manan scene was amazing…nyonika becoming good is really nice ….in fact it means she was good from beginning….to describe sindhu in word…. amazing and creative writer…lovely and chirpy girl….omg u r 98 born …I never thought u r such younger to me as ur writings are soo mature….and sweety u r such a lovely Frnd.. keep updating…love u both …

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Priya it is ok nd yes I am 98 born, plz don’t call me mature which I am not, we also love u ?

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