Yeh adhuri si zindagi Humari-46

Nandu woke up nd was getting up, due the moment Manik also woke up
Manik : yaar Nandu stop moving nd let me sleep
Nandu tilted her head up to see Manik speaking nd was shocked ??
Manik : kyun asi ghoor rahi Ho mein Bhooth Nahi Hun
Still Nandu was starring Manik with shock ?
Manik : Nandu mein zinda Hun Mara Nahi
Nandu : Manik.tum
Manik : mein Kya
She got up nd called doctors to check him, doctors came nd checked him
Doctor : mr.malhotra that was a speedy recovery we thought it would take time for u to get back to ur senses
Manik : when I can go back home
Doctor : sry mr.malhotra u need to stay in hospital for one day at least.
Nandu : ok doctor
Doctor left, Nandu nd Manik were starring each other.
Manik : Nandu u were crying whole night na
Nandu just nodded, as she was not able to speak tears again formed in her eyes as she was feeling guilty for the accident..
Manik : u don’t need to feel guilty it was not ur mistake
Nandu looked up as if he knws what she was thinking she went near him nd peaked his forehead. Just then evryone came.
Cabir : Abey Saale. Accident hogaya aur phir bhi hass rahe Ho
Manik : After accident ppl don’t smile
Navya : Manik u ok na?
Manik : ha Madhubala I am fine. Where is aki ?
Alya : she is out

Manik : I want to meet her
Arya went out nd called her
Arya : aki ur bhai is calling u
Aki : bhai
She rushed in nd hugged him , started to cry
Manik : aki baby, don’t cry ur my strong girl
Aki (between her sobs) : bhai u did not think abt me also. How can I live without u ??
Manik : aki listen to me see I did not leave u knw na, stop crying nd I hate if my barbie cries
She smiled others also smiled looking at them…Abhi entered
Abhi : how r u Manik
Manik : feeling better Abhi
Abhi : don’t stress urself to much
Manik : ok . Where is dad btw
Evryone were standing still, aki stood up with anger in her eyes.
Aki: bhai, mr. Vivek Malhotra is not our dad
Manik : I knw u hate but he is our dad Chotti
Aki : u calling him dad, after knowing his truth I started hate him even more he is such a…
Manik : aki stop he is ur  dad you should not speak about him like that. Nd what truth u r talking abt
Aki : woh

Nandu : nothing Manik, aki he shuld not take to much stress
Manik : what is it aki spit it out now
Aki tells evrything to Manik, he started to cry ?..
Manik : I hate him
Nandu was feeling dizzy nd vision was not clearly seen, nd then she lost her balance nd almost fell down Abhi caught her.
Manik : Nandu
Abhi lifted her took her to the general ward, he checked Nandu, due to weakness she fainted. After few minutes she woke up nd evryone were around her. Muku brought orange juice
Nandu : thanks muku
She drank.
Abhi : Nandu u skipped ur meals nd u were crying whole night u shuld take care of urself na
Nandu : sry bhai
Abhi : Kya sry
Muku : Abhi yaar y u scolding her it is not her.
Cabir : arey wah bhai is scolding his sister nd bhabhi is supporting her sister in law Kya baat hein
Navya : stop ur pj
Cabir : whatever
Alya : stop fighting guys we r in a hospital
Dhruv : yes

Nandu : bhai I want to meet Vanshika aunty
Abhi : not now
Nandu : bhai
Amms : Khanna u fine na
Nandu : Han, Amms I want meet her
Amms : did manu get back his senses
Dhruv : yes
Amms : then u nd Manik come with me I will show u
Nandu got down nd went with Amms, Abhi brought Manik out, Amms took both of them to third floor,302
Amms : go in
Manik : Nahi Amms I  am scared
Nandu : Manik, I am with u
They both slowly entered inside the room, a lady in 40’s is lying on the bed, nd was living life on the machines. Manik tighten his grip on Nandini’s hand nd closed his eyes tears started to roll down, he went near hear nd touched her feet was coming back when her pulse rate was going high, Nandini got scared nd called the doctor..
Nandu : Doctor woh…

Doctor : u ppl go out
Manik nd Nandu came out
Manik : Nandu nothing will happen to maa na
Nandu : don’t worry aunty will be fine
Evryone are waiting for doctor to come out, he comes out
Doctor : Mrs. Iyer
Amms : yes
Doctor : Ms. Vanshika Bhalla is out of coma, we actually lost hope in her but today. She will be back to her senses in few minutes u can go nd check, Amms, chacha nd Chachi went in along with fab 5 NA2 nd Abhi, Manik did not leave Nandu’s hand, his grip tighten evn more as he saw Vanshika opening her eyes, after opening her eyes she saw all over the room, she can only new faces, at last she saw Amms, chacha nd Chachi
Vanshika : ma, annat, Sheena
Amms : Vanshu how r u beta
Vanshika : ma, Anu kaha hein
Nandu : woh
Vanshika : tum kon
Amms : yeh Nandini Anu Ki beti
Vanshika : Meri bahu ? kash I would have saved my Manu that day he would be a year older to Nandini that is it
Manik : ma ?
Amms : Vanshu yeh tumhara Manu hein
Vanshika : Sachi
Amms : Han
Manik went near her nd hugged her, tears rolled down their eyes..
Manik : ma yeh Aki hein Meri behn
Vanshika : tum uski beti Ho na. Door raho
Manik : Nahi maa, I am only her parent Coz she never got love from her mom neither her dad.
Vanshika : what do u mean

Aki : bhai means that the lady who gave me birth left me when I was 6 months old nd mr. Vivek he never treated me as his daughter only so it was only bhai nd his friends who took care of me like a family ? u also hate me na Coz I am her daughter
Vanshika : no I am not like him, u said u r her daughter u r my daughter ?
Aki also hugged Vanshika.
Vanshika : where is Anu nd raj
Abhi : aunty they both died in an accident ?
Vanshika : no this can’t happen my Anu can’t leave me like that
Rish : it is true aunty
Amms : yeh Rishab Anu ka Chota beta aur yeh tumhara Abhi
Vanshika : aur tum log
pointing towards fab 4 Navryan
Nandu : our family
Vanshika : aur vo kaha hein
Amms : he does not knw that u r alive
Manik : ma plz don’t talk abt him plz he does not deserve u ?
Vanshika : manu what happened to u
Amms : Chota sa accident
Vanshika : Kya
Cabir : aunty relax ur son is absolutely fine, our bhabhi took care of him
Vanshika : bhabhi ? Manu u married? How can u get married I promised Anu that u will marry only Nandini
Manu : ma I did not marry anyone, he is talking abt Nandini
Vanshika : ohh ?
Abhi : Nandu u take evryone home I am here na nd Manik u go to ur room nd take rest
Manik : but
Abhi : no but nd ifs, I am ur doctor now nd u need rest
Manik : fine.
Evryone were heading down when Vivek came nd hugged Manik, he pushed Vivek
Manik : stay away from me
Vivek : beta
Manik : I am not ur son
Vivek : Nandini this is all because of u my son is not talking to me, ur like Anu only.
Nandu : enough is enough mr. Vivek Malhotra not a word against my mom nd u blo*dy hypocrite, I have never see someone stoping to low, u killed ur own wife nd kidnapped ur own son, who does that? Are u a man , the business empire u r having this all because of ur wife’s money nd u r saying u did with ur hardwork my foot
Nd u don’t knw anything abt business only ur son does all that he attends meetings on ur behalf, what u knw is killing ur wife,marrying another women nd leaving her after she is pregnant nd talking abt girls characters. Chi chi, I pity Vanshika aunty how the hell did she fell  in love with actually Amms shuld warned her be fore hand only but she got carried away in her daughter’s love nd the biggest thing is U KILLED MY PARENTS because of we became orphans at a very young age. ??
Evryone were shocked seeing this side of Nandu, Abhi slapped Vivek ? after few minutes police came nd arrested him.. Nandu went home to take rest, Everyone stayed with Manik..

Precap : nyo to apology nd become good, all the money to transferred on Manik nd Aki’s name

Guys I may give irregular updated from July as my cousins are coming, most of the time I will be with them but, I will try to update once in a week..
Sry in advance ?

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