Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-45


Nandu was numb abhi’s words were echoing in her ear “MANIK MET WITH AN ACCIDENT” Navya called Cabir nd informed abt Manik’s accident all of them arrived,aki was crying continuously. When Navya told evryone abt the past incident evryone where shattered nd shocked but were tensed what if Manik gets to knw
Cabir : uncle was never like that he always loved Manik a lot
Muku : Han yaar
Alya : how is Nandu
Dhruv : Han where is she?
Navya : woh she is sitting there outside the OT
Aki : no one will inform dad abt this
Muku : but
Aki : no but nd if I said na no one will inform abt this to mr.vivek Malhotra if u guys inform then u can see the dead me
Cabir : Chhoti Kya Bol rahi hein
Aki : toh phir don’t inform him I don’t want to see him
Alya : aki chill no one will inform him.
Abhi : guys arya informed Vivek uncle abt Manik’s accident
Aki : what
Abhi : yes
Aki : where is he ?
While aki was going, Vivek came running to her
Vivek : aki beta where is Manik
Aki : ? it is Akanksha not aki I am not ur daughter aur Han ur son Manik died few minutes nd the Manik inside OT is my brother nd I won’t let u meet him
Vivek : aki r u out of ur mind, I need to meet my son who r u to stop me
Aki : I am Akanksha Malhotra, Manik Malhotra’s sister not ur daughter u r a cheater nd I won’t let u come near my bhai
Vivek : u can’t stop me, I am Vivek Malhotra ur dad
Aki : I can stop u
She shouted for security, they came

Aki : security take him out of the hospital he is creating nonsense nd telling my brother has his son but the fact is my dad died when I was a kid
Vivek : no she is lying i am her dad
Security : come with me sir
He dragged Vivek outside the hospital. Aki went in search of aryaman, he was on the third floor talking to someone, he saw aki coming towards him so he ended up the call
Aki : what do u think of urself
Arya : aki what happened
Aki : y the hell did u call him hear after knowing what ever happened with my mom ?
Arya : aki listen to me once
Aki : no aryaman u listen to me, how can u call him he kidnapped his own son nd his wife is in coma past 20 years after knowing all this u still wanted him to come here nd see bhai.
Aryaman pinned her to wall, she was struggling to get out of his grip she was shocked by his sudden action, yes he was kissing her passionately slowly she also responded, but after few minutes she broke the kiss nd gave him a tight slap ? she pushed nd was going but aryaman pulled her back nd said
Aki : aryaman leave me
Arya : I won’t leave u
Aki : u don’t abt Cabir bhai he will kill if I say that u kissed me
Arya : I am ready to die
Aki : leave me
She shrugged nd was going when arya shouted
Arya : I LOVE YOU MS.AKANSHA MALHOTRA, truly nd madly will u be with me till my last breath

She was shocked , confused nd happy but she did not respond nd went away from there, he also went away from there nd went where evryone where standing aki was standing with Cabir, he kept his arm around her nd was consoling her
Cabir : Chotti nothing will happen to Manik
Navya : aki ur bhai is a monster so chill he will be fine by tmrw
She said to lighten the mood, but only Cabir can see that she is more worried abt Manik, Nandu was sitting nd seeing the OT door now nd then, when Abhi nd other doctor came out Nandu stood nd went near him..
Abhi : guys Manik had lost a lot blood, do u guys knw his blood group?
Aki: bhai’s blood group is A+
Doctor : nurse go nd check in the blood bank if A+ is available or not
Nurse went nd came back
Nurse : sry doctor there is no A+ available in the blood bank
Nandu : bhai we can give O+ blood group as it is universal donor
Abhi : Han but who has O+

Nandu : bhai mein mine is O+
Doctor : no Nandini u seem to be weak we can’t take
Cabir : sir mine is O+
Doctor : nurse take him
Nurse took Cabir, Abhi nd doctor went inside the OT, after few minutes nurse came nd went into the OT ,after few hours the operation got completed, Manik was shifted into the ICU
Abhi : guys Manik is out of danger but he will be under 24 hours observation then we can tell abt his recovery.
Nandu : bhai he will ok na
Abhi : yes Nandu..guys u ppl go home nd take rest I am there na with Manik
Nandu : Nahi bhai I will be with Manik
Abhi : but u need rest
Nandu : I said na I will be Manik nd that is it
Abhi : ok

Evryone left to home except for Nandu she went into the ICU nd sat on the stool beside Manik’s bed nd entwined her hand with his.
Nandu : Manik plz come open ur eyes see I am sitting in front of u nd I promise I will ever leave u, I will be with u only humesha.
She pecked his forehead nd layed her head on Manik’s chest nd drifted to sleep..
Manik’s PoV
I slowly opened my eyes nd was abt to move but felt weight on my body nd saw Nandu sleeping on my chest.. I remembered my fight with her i was hurt to the core I took out the car nd went somewhere in full speed then when I was returning back I could not see the truck infront of me because of tears but when I clearly saw, I took a turn and applied sudden break nd hit a tree nd felt unconsciousness don’t how I reached hospital but my head was paining, it was all gone when I saw my lady so close to me, I put an arm around her nd again drifted into sleep.

Precap : Vanshika out of coma, Manik get to knw the truth, Nandu shouts on Vivek nd Vivek gets arrested

Thadaaa done with the update,
I completed 45 chapters it is all because of u ppl only still 5 more chapters to hit half century I never thought I would write this story till here thanks evryone ?

Nd guys I have a friend not only a friend by virtual twin ?? Mandy plz do read her story The bond of..? It is an amazing story u will love it ?

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