Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-44

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Raj nd Vivek came nd were mesmerised seeing anu nd Vanshika performing but I did not like the way Vivek was eyeing Vanshika but i chucked all of my thoughts nd welcomed them in seemed like they had a lot of fun at the end of the mr.iyer came to her nd said
Mr.iyer : Vanshu beta
Vanshika : ji papa
Mr. Iyer : this for u.
He handed her the property papers she was shocked to knw that she was the only heir of 100 crore business, all her property will be going to her husband after she gets married, she was shocked but I noticed Vivek’s face it shows happiness but i did not like it, Vanshika was not happy by seeing the property papers.
Vanshika : papa u take these property papers I don’t want them
Mr. Iyer : sry Vanshu but this is urs
Vanshika: but papa , I don’t want them
Anu : Vanshu, ur dadu gave us nd appa promised it to give u on ur 20th b’day
Vanshika : Han ok
That day was over on Vivek’s evil smile ?, as it was holidays for both of them they thought of spending outside. Raj came to our house and asked mr.iyer for anu’s hand he was happy but he said if Vanshika is ok then we r ok with it, raj understood what he meant, Vivek also proposed Vanshika she was happy but she said she will ask Anu nd tell both of them agreed, Vanshika came near me and spoke to me abt Vivek’s proposal mr.iyer agreed to it, I also agreed to it nd with n month we fixed their marriage both of them were super happy as there wedding is going to happen on same day, Anu nd raj’s wedding took in South Indian style nd Vanshika nd Vivek’s wedding took in punjabi style.after 1 year of their marriage me.iyer passed away I opened a music academy with the help of Vanshika though Vivek did not like it. Evrything was going well Anu nd raj were blessed with Abhi, after abhi’s birth, Anant got married to Sheena, Vanshika was found of Abhi nd used to play with him all time.. Don’t knw how years passed seeing my kids happy with their families but there were some problems between Vanshika nd Vivek but she did not tell, raj being a scientist got an offer on NASA so thought of moving there as Anu was second time pregnant, so raj left her here nd went, Anu got to knw abt Vivek’s biggest secret..
Anu : Amma
Amms : ena kutti
Anu : Amma woh Vivek jiju he married another girl nd they are planning to kidnap my Manu.
Amms : we need to tell this Vanshika
Anu : Han Amma
She went to Vanshika, who was stitching a girl’s sweater.
Vanshika : Anu sun agar u have a baby girl then I want her as my daughter in law
Anu : Han ok, u take my daughter nd I will take ur manu
Vanshika : Han ok
Anu : Vanshu treko kuch batana hein
Vanshika: Kya yeh hi Ki Vivek is has married another girl I knw abt it nd he trying to take my manu away from me
Saying she broke down into tears, Anu was shocked but she knws it nd she hid it from me. ? she kept on crying when we heard Vivek’s voice she composed herself
Vivek : what doing my beautiful ladies
Vanshika : girl talks
Vivek : Ho anyways I am going out of town
Anu : jiju take Vanshika also with u na
Vivek : i am going on work not for any vacation nd let her be here only ?
He left from there Vanshika was sad nd we both consoled her but she was getting out the fact that he married only for her money which transferred on his name, the fact was not able to digest, Anu got labour pains so we had to join her in hospital, after few hours she gave birth to a baby girl nd all of us were happy nd Vanshika was super happy nd as promised she declared everyone in the hospital that she was her future daughter in law ? few days passed like that when Vivek was abt to slap Vanshika but Anu stopped her nd slapped him back in anger he left the house, Vanshika cried nd cried nd don’t when he dozed. It was middle of the night when she heard Manu’s voice nd got up a lady was taking him, she ran back of her but Vivek came from back nd hit her head with a steal rod, she fell down that lady ran away with Manik nd Vivek left her nd went this was all witnessed by Anu nd me. Anu admitted Vanshika in hospital nd the doctors declared that she went in coma it is been since 20 years that she is in coma still did not come out, raj came here nd got to knw abt evrything nd took Anu,Abhi nd Nandu with nd took care of me he left annat nd Sheena..
After few years we got to knw the accident, later we found out that the accident was done by Vivek’s man.
End of flashback
Amms : I kept u three away from Malhotra’s but destiny had planned something else nd brought manu nd Nandu together ??
Evryone were shocked to knw abt it..
Nandu : Amms sry.
Amms : it is not ur fault kanna
Navya : Amms but Manik loves Vivek uncle to core he can do anything to him but Vivek uncle does not deserve Manik’s love
Arya : Amms where is Vanshika aunty now
Chachi : she is in city hospital
Nandu : can we go nd meet her
Amms : we will go tmrw morning
Abhi : Nandu u test ok
Nandu : bhai who will tell this to mail he also needs to knw na
Navya : Han bhaiya
Arya : did u call Cabir or anyone and ask abt Manik’s whereabouts
Navya : I forgot abt it only, I will ask.
Just then abhi’s phone rang
On phone
Abhi : hello
Dr.Agarwal: hello is this dr.abhimanyu murthy speaking
Abhi : yes who r u
Dr.Agarwal : I am dr.Agarwal
Abhi : hello dr. Agarwal why did u call me at this hour
Dr. Agarwal I was going back home when i that an accident took place i took him nd admitted in hospital actually I got a photo in his phone that is ur sister’s so i asked the hospital management they told abt u so I called to inform if u knw him or not can u come nd check
Abhi : what !!!! I am just coming
He hanged up the call nd stood nd was rushing out when Nandu called him
Nandu : Kya hua
Abhi : Nandu woh woh
Amms : Kya hua
Abhi : woh.. Manik Manik
Nandu : what happened to Manik
Abhi : Manik met with an accident
Nandu : what ?
Evryone were shocked all of them rushed to the hospital Nandu ran to OT nd saw him through the small hole her love was between life nd death. Abhi made her sit on then bench, she became numb only words echoing in her ear were “MANIK MET WITH AN ACCIDENT ”

Preacap : I won’t tell ?

Ok eggs nd tomatoes are accepted I knw after reading this part u guys got heart attack but guys I am sry ? I needed to write this, if u felt this is crap I can’t do anything, u guys said u wanted Manan together so I wrote this ?, not only eggs nd tomatoes evn sandals are accepted ??

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