Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-41

This update is dedicated to the ppl who commented on the last part
Nandini’s PoV
Ayyappa what is this I thought he loves but he loves some other girl then y does he comes that close to me he has friends in girl but when ever he is with me he behaves different, I blush whenever he sees me or kisses me but he says he loves someone else ?
All this thought process was going on when I bumped into Cabir
Cabir : bhabhi watch ur steps everytime it won’t be ur hero
Ugh this Cabir i feel happy when he calls me that but if I blush he will tease me
Nandu : Han . What
I ignored his words
Cabir : where is Manik
Nandu : he is with his girl ?
He uttered something under his breathe nd went away from there I went near Abhi nd stood beside him
Abhi : Chhoti Kya hua
Nandu : kuch Nahi
Abhi : sach Bol ab
Nandu : Karan Ki Shaadhi hogayi hain aur apki bhi hojaygi jaldi
Abhi : toh
Nandu : kuch Nahi
I don’t knw what to tell so I came from there and sat on the couch i recalled all these 5 days spent with Manik nd blushed nd I decided to tell him abt my feelings tmrw as he will be leaving nd i will stay here for few days. I did not evn realise when Navya nd aryaman came nd sat beside me ..
Arya: Nandu what do u think abt Cabir nd Navya they will make a cute pair na
I did not listen to him as I was thinking something else when both started to tickle me nd I started to laugh like a stupid thank god the place I sat there were no ppl present nd I was continuously laughing nd I said them to stop but they did not nd I fell down while laughing, they suddenly stopped nd they stood up I turned around to see who it was, it was Manik starring at them, I stood up nd was looking at them nd he also joined in tickling me this time I fell on him nd we both landed on the ground, our eyes met again.. Man I can’t tell u how I feel when I see those chocolate brown eyes meet my black eyes I would stay like that forever but i had to break it Coz Cabir cleared his throat nd the best Manik gave him an death glare actually Manik always hated when Cabir disturbed “our moment” but then I got up nd went from I felt like crying Coz he doesn’t not love me he loves some one else I went from there but Karan stopped me he said to click some pictures nd we all clicked pictures bhabhi thanked me for making her d-day a memorable one, I bid-bye to Karan nd her nd I left that place.. I went to my nd changed into my comfy clothes nd drifted to sleep..
End of PoV
Manik PoV
She left me nd went, when Cabir told me that she is sad Coz I said I love some other girl I don’t knw that it would hurt her that much I went out of the room but did not find her when I was searching her I heard someone’s laugh,I followed the sound, I was lost in her she was a beauty,while laughing she fell down I thought she got hurt but no nd I glared at arya nd Navya she stood up nd was looking at us, she did not notice me winking at arya, nd we three started to tickle her, she fell on me nd I landed on the ground, i felt like i was in heaven, her eyes, her long hair but Cabir as usual disturbed our moment nd i gave him death glare, she immediately got up nd did not make an eye contact but I felt like she was hurt with the thing that I love another girl but she don’t knw that I love her ? she was going but Karan stopped her nd we clicked few pics but her smile was lost, she bid bye nd came as fast as she can, i also bid bye nd went back of her by the time I reached her room she slept..
End PoV

Next day, a new start for evryone but who thought the love birds who decided to confess their love to each other would be separated due to rivalry between their parents they did not evn knw that evn existed. Let’s see what destiny has in stored for them.
Until there is no separation, no one say if their love is true or not ?
Nandu got up first nd went to Karan’s house while she going to his room Karan’s mom stopped her
KM: Nandu Karan got married so u can’t go to his room like that wait for a while or else u tell me..
Nandu : aunty, Amms told to call Karan nd bhabhi for lunch today so I came nd totally forgot abt it
KM: okay I will tell but i won’t be joining as I have work in my NGO nd u knw ur uncle na he is again busy with his meetings
Nandu : okay aunty I will inform Amms , nd tell that sleepy head to get up early ?
KM: Han okay uss monkey Ko bolti Hun ??
Nandu went nd helped her Amms in cooking she made punjabi dishes for evryone nd some South Indian dishes for Amms, after cooking she set the table for evryone nd called out for lunch evryone came nd were amazed to see the dining table nd Manik’s mouth was fully watered after seeing all the punjabi food nd South Indian food he was the first one to jump to eat nd others joined him nd ate nandini avoided Manik as she was nervous he completed his lunch nd got a call, he got to knw that his father was coming to surprise him, evryone settled down in the hall
Akshitha: Nandu this is cheating yaar
Nandu : Kya hua
Akshitha : u made an amazing lunch. After few days u will go to Mumbai nd if he asks me to make lunch like u made then it is impossible
Nandu : chill out, u will make better than me
Cabir : Nandu, who ever is going to marry u na he is damn lucky,
Nandu : thanks Cabir
Navya : guys drinks for u all
Cabir : drinks ?
Navya : not those drinks u drink at night time.
She served evryone, Nandu stood nd was abt to go but was stopped when
Manik : amms i wanna marry nandini
all chocked their drinks and stood up nandu was shocked,karan started to beat manik,he was bleeding akshita came in between and stopped karan from beating
Manik : amms speak up na u only said u will be the happiest person if i say i want to marry nandu now speak up amms
Amms : manik ur father wont agree for this wedding he is against this
Manik : how u knw my dad amms,how can u be sure that he will not agree this wedding, tell na Amms
Aki: bhai, dad is not here
Manik : he is here go nd pick him up Cabir will accompany u
Aki: ok bhai
Aki nd Cabir went nd picked Vivek he was questioning but no was answering, the drive was silent nd they reached Nandu’s house..he entered nd saw evryone, was shocked to see Nandu’s family over there

Manik : dad how u knw nandu’s parents they died when she was a kid so how u knw them nd who is vanshika .?
Vivek : u promised na that no will get to knw abt vanshika specially manik y did u tell him iyer aunty
Aki : dad u knw u knw amms before us nd who is vanshika
Vivek : it is non of ur business aki nd manik let’s go from here if i knw ur coming here i would nevr send u here only nd getting married to nandini it is highly impossible
Manik : y dad i love her so what’s wrong in marrying her nd who is vanshika dad nd amms did not tell me anything i heard her convo with some photo i thought to ask her but i went back to my room nd slept why nyo kidnap me dad y did she wanted to kill me dad answer these questions
Vivek : manik i dont need to answer ur questions nd u cant love anu’s daughter..!
he went near nandu nd was abt to slap her when abhi came in middle
Abhi : see uncle i don’t knw what problems who ppl had i dont evn want to knw it but u dont dare to touch my sister
Vivek : u are anu’s kids i hate u ppl to the core because of u ppl..
Chacha : stop it vivek u dont have any right to tell abt my bhabhi i am warning u..!
Amms : vivek leave my house nd manik i said na ur dad wont allow..!!
Manik : Nandu I need to talk to u
Nandu : I don’t want to talk to u
Manik came near nd was abt take her when Abhi stopped
Abhi : u don’t have any right
Manik : sry Abhi
Nd he dragged Nandu to her room nd locked the door nd closed all the windows. Nandu was standing there in shock, her love was going away from her, she has to sacrifice her love for her family ??

Precap: Han Manik. Han I love u, I love u more than my life..

Sry evryone for the late update but had to gone to doctor for checkup nd yesterday was Father’s Day, anyways tmrw I will tell u something, maybe a good or bad news don’t knw,belated happy Father’s Day to all the lovely father’s out there ?

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  1. Oh my god! What an episode… I was just listening to a sad song while reading it n it matched the situation soooooooooo well…. Love u for writing this ff… I seriously love it… I m obsessed with some of the ffs which includes ur ff…. Love it

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Tash thanks a lot..
      I never thought ppl will love my story like u do ?

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    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Mahi, take a chill pill evrything will be ok between Manan, I will update it by evng or Han I am fine it is just normal health check up…I won’t separate Manan ?

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    1. Sindhu_Varma

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