Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-40


Next day mrng
Nandu got up with a headache nd was going towards the door when Manik entered nd closed the door she slowly opened her eyes nd saw him, he was smiling seeing nd brought lemonade for her
Manik : have this u will feel better
Nandu(she took it without telling anything): Han ok
Manik : u won’t ask me why I am suffering with headache Manik
Nandu : nope
Manik : y
Nandu : if I am not wrong I drank something thinking that it is water
Manik : nd u drank 10 vodkha shots thinking it is water
Nandu (chocked her drink): what ?
Manik : u remember what happened last night
Nandu : no

Manik : that is good.
Nandu : what happened
Manik : get ready marriage preparations started nd u shuld decide from whose side u r coming from the boy’s side or girls side
Nandu : I am coming from the girls side
Manik : ok then see u bye
Before going he kissed Nandu on cheek nd went Nandu blushed nd changed into a suit to help evryone in the decorations,Nandu nd Manik decorated the stage nd was looking beautiful he came near her nd whispered
Manik : we will also tell the decorators to arrange our mandap like this only
Nandu : what
Manik : I am saying that I will also tell the decorators to arrange an awesome mandap for my future wife
Nandu : oh ?
Cabir : arey wah
Dhruv : buddy u shuld join something related to weddings, u decorated this mandap so beautifully
Alya : ha Dhruv is write
Muku : Nandu this is awesome
Abhi : kisi ki behan hein
Nandu : rish Ki ?
Abhi : aur meri Kya hein
Nandu : mein aapiki baby doll Hun na
Abhi : woh to hein ?
Manik : chalo guys we shuld get ready

Nandu : but the wedding time is at 7 in the evng nd now it is still 3:30
Alya : Nandu girls need extra time in getting ready so chalo
Muku : so all the girls are from Akshitha’s side nd boys are from Karan’s side
Abhi : oh yea
Aryaman: Oye don’t forget the theme for girls is red nd for boys is black
Aki : done deal
The girls left for Akshitha’s house nd made her ready then all the girls got ready it was 6:30 in the evng when there was loud music coming nd Nandu rushed to the window nd saw Bharat is coming she came nd informed all the girls nd they rushed down
They stopped Karan from getting all the boys except Karan got mesmerised seeing girls nd so does the girls they were also mesmerised seeing the boys
Karan : Kya hein
Nandu : u can’t go in
Karan : y
Nandu : before going in u shuld pay us
Karan : y
Nandu : until u pay us we won’t let u go in
Karan : this is cheating smally

Nandu : now I won’t let u in
Manik : how much u want
Girls : 50 k
Karan : 50 k ?
Aki : Han
Karan : ok I will give u after my marriage
Nandu : u want Akshitha or ur 50 k
Karan : both
Nandu : choose one
Karan : umm
Muku : ok give us at least 25 k
Karan : ok
He hands them over credit card nd said do what ever u want to do. They let him in, he went nd sat on the mandap nd was repeating mantras whatever pandit says
Pandit : go nd bring the bride
All the girls went nd brought her down. While she was coming Karan was just starting her they made her sit beside him
Nandu : bhai don’t stare her like that
Karan : Nandu
Girls made a round conference
Muku : we shuld hide the shoes but where
Nandu : I knw where
Navya : where

Nandu : under the mandap none will get an idea
Alya : perfect
Aki : I brought the shoes
Nandu went nd hid the shoes under the mandap..
Pandit : Vaar Ki behan agar a ke ghatbandhan kijiye
Karan’s mom : Nandu beta tum karo
Nandu : par aunty mein
Karan : Nandu a na
Akshu : Nandu come na
She went up nd tied the the knot they stood for pheras. The couple doing the pheras nd evryone else are throwing flowers on them but our Manik was busy starring our Nandu
Manik : Nandu
Nandu : Han
Manik : kuch Nahi
The 7 pheras got completed they sat down. Karan put magalasutra over her nd sindoor on her hair
Nandu : Manik
Manik : Han
Nandu : marriage is the purest relation on earth
Manik : no
Nandu : I knw y u r saying this but Manik when two ppl get married they promise to stay together in good nd bad times nd trust them blindly nd u knw they say marriage does not let two ppl come together but let’s two families come together..
Manik : hmm

The wedding got completed
Karan : Nandu
Nandu : Kya
Karan : my shoes
Nandu : what shuld I do with ur shoes
Karan : give them
Nandu : why will I take them
Karan : give them yaar

Muku : what will we get
Karan : I gave u my credit card right
Muku : ok then tell ur friends to find it in 10 mins or else u shuld give us what we want
Abhi : challenge accepted
They started searching for the shoes when joote do paise lo song played in the background
Manik almost found but Nandu came nd took the shoe box from there and passed it to muku, Abhi came near her nd she passed it to Nandu back Manik was running back of her when she diverted him nd passed the shoe box to Navya.. To divert him she started to run he knws that she was diverting but also followed her they entered a room nd stopped she was taking steps backward he was coming she hit the wall nd became a sandwich in between wall nd him
Manik : Nandu u r looking marvellous
Nandu (blushed): thanks

Manik (came more closer) : nd said I Love You
Nandu was shocked by his sudden confession though she knws that he loves her but..
Manik : I was practising
Nandu : what
Manik : I will propose my girl tmrw it will be the best of our lives
Nandu : oh
She left him there nd went

Manik’s PoV
Nandu don’t worry u r my girl nd tmrw will be our spl day…. ? I will love u till my last breathe miss Nandini murthy or soon to be Mrs.Nandini Manik Malhotra…

Vivek to come to mangalore to suprise Manik but in shot he will get surprised

Hey guys ur writer Sindhu is not in a mood to write it seems so she told me to write so i will be writing for one week maybe.. Okay for ur information Sindhu was next to me while writing this update nd the convo on marriage Sindhu said those words nd I wrote it so plz don’t write it in any of ur ff’s

Nd guys for the attire’s plz go nd check Sindhu’s watt pad I posted there nd her id is sindhu_17
Nd I forgot to ask who is Megha di last time I replied to knight_angel nd I did not mention abt Megha di she shouted at me ?

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  1. The update is nice. But sindhu di why u r not in a mood to write??? Anyways I’ve a question for u. The same 1 u asked Praha di. Sweety di n Sindhu di thnx for the update:-):-*;-) Sorry if I asked a personal question but can’t help it bcoz my curiosity ruled over me:-)

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Normally I don’t want to write but then u guys must be waiting for my update so I told sweety to write nd yea I will do arrange marriage it is not that i hate love but I believe that my parents can choose a better life patent for me than myself nd I am still 17 ok I will 18 this year so for marriage time is still there.. It is ok i love to share personal things with my closed nd u ppl are one of them

      1. Glad to know u consider us ur close once. 🙂 I consider u the same.

  2. Congrats dear……for completing 40episodes……..
    Keep going…..

    Nd precap is really interesting……

  3. Nyc update… actually loved it… eagerly waiting fr manik to prapose nandu… nxt episode soon plzz. Loved it…thanks fr the episode..
    Tc.. sindhu di

  4. Loved it… Nyc one… Gr8 job… Hope manik proposes Nandu soon… Thanks for the update… Rc bye

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