Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-4

Recap: Fab4 teases nandu and navya

At washroom navya is cleaning her self and tells nandu abt a guy a in exitation she she says what but he din’t tell me this is cheating when he will join us i will scold him. navya says we’ll see

At the office room

Aki submits some files to person sitting over there and she tuns around to leave she bumps into a tall lady that is none other than nyo..

Aki: i’m sry ma’m.
Nyo: who the hell are you.!
Aki: ma’m i’m….. Akansha Malhotra
Nyo: come again u are.?
Aki: Akansha Malhotra

Nyo: u mean u are vivek malhotra’s daughter.?

Aki: yes ma’m how do u knw my father.
Nyo: who don’t knw him evry1 knws he is a business tycoon
Aki: yes ma’m anyways nice meeting u ma’m i’ll leave now

Nyo: umm. ok bye

Nyo is surprised that aki doesn’t knw anything abt her or maybe she is just acting too smart like manik i should manik only.

Aki is heading outside she sees nandini comming in other way with navya she calls nandini and waves at her but nandu ignores aki goes near her and tries to talk
Aki: Hi nandini going home shuld i drop u

Nandu: No need of ur help
Aki: making a sad face what did i do
Nandu: u din’t do anything but ur brother did
Aki: My brother.?

Nandu: yes ur brother
Aki: did fab4 play a prank on u.?
Nandu: it is not fab4 it is fab5 u forgot including ur brother
Aki: i knw it is fab5 but when it comes to playing pranks my brother doesn’t play prank only cabir bhai and mukti di does my brother will sit and watch.
Nandu: hmm.. whatever i think i should not be angry with because it is not ur fault anyways meet my bestie navya.
Aki: Hi navya..
Navya: umm hi
Nandu: says don’t worry navya she is very sweet not like fab5.
Aki: smiles actually they look hard outside but they are really sweet..
Nandu: they are sweet for u not for us they treat like a baby.!
Aki: yeps.anyways should i drop u guys home.?
Nandu:No aki. we will go actually first i’m going out with navya to buy something for my another bestie..!
Aki: ok if u want anything u guys can ask me.. 😀
Nandini and navya were abt to leave then aki calls them..!
Aki: oy.! u guys din’t give ur number

Nandindi,Aki,Navya all the three exchange their numbers.!
Aki goes towards her car and was abt to drive and she finds her wrist empty..she paaniks it is barcelte given by her brother on her b’day she searches evrywhere but din’t get it then she thinks of the office room and rushes towards the office room she finds it there and was abt to leave she sees manik going to nyo’s room..! why is bhai going towards that room she follows him

At nyo’s cabin
Manik: why did u call me here
Nyo: to ask how are u

Manik: like really u and asking me about my health what do u want from me now
Nyo: when will u tell aki the truth

Manik: which truth and don’t call her aki it is akansha as lost the right to call her aki
Nyo: the truth that i’m her mother..
Manik: i will never tell her she do not need a mother in her life i’m there for her.I will protect her whole life
Aki was listening to everything and she was just shocked and she runs away from there after few minutes of argument manik comes out of the room and he bangs the door..! and leaves frm there and he went home to his surprise aki was not in home he first checked her room then went to his room he checked the whole house but she wasn’t found anywhere he called kaka and asked her where did aki go kaka said that she din’t come from college only manik was shocked and he started to panick by that time he got a call from cabir

On Phne
Cabir: suddenly u disappeared from the college and poen said me that u met nyo why man.
Manik: Arey i will talk to you to later aki is missing she did not reach home yet
Cabir: what she might hanging out with her frnds and forgot to mention call them
Manik: I don’t have nandini’s number
Cabir: Nandini.?
Manik: yeah nandini she is aki’s new frnd in the clg

Cabir: ok wait i will msg u her number in few minutes
Manik: ok bye.
And he cuts the phne and starts his car.. he called aki many time but it is unreachable

he then gets a message frm cabir

he calls to nandini

On phone
Nandini: So u got time to call me now u are coming t mumbai and u dint even inform me katti
Manik: hello this is manik. i don’t knw abt whom u r talking abt

Nandini: manik.? hw did u get my number and u sound tensed is evrything fine.
Manik: do u knw where did aki. imean did she inform u where is she going
Nandini: No did she not come home.. but she said she is going home..
Manik: ummm..ok where did she go (and starts crying inside)
Nandini: stop crying manik. we find her soon
Manik: we.?
Nandini: can i come with u
Manik:umm ok where is house.?
Nandini: ok wait i’ll text u
she texts her address and she come down and stands near the gate within few minutes manik comes there..
they go together in search of aki..!

where did aki go.?
will aki tell her brother that she knw the bitter truth
Who is the guy nandini is exited abt..

Nandini consoles manik. He hears someone’s crying..!
Who is the one crying..?

Hello guys..!next week practical exmass urgghhh i hate exams..! Anyways how was the update give me ur review..!


Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. Great start dr… plz…..
    Thoda slow chalo yar…..1st day in clg or aki ko sach pata chal gya…..
    Matlb tumhara concept acha h… thoda fast h…..isliye…..
    Baki thanx for such a beautiful update….
    All the very best for ur exams….

  2. Aki is crying i think

  3. good going dear…………but how could cabir know the number of nandini…….

  4. I love your ff dear, story is perfect concept is exciting and loved the new twist! Mystery man who’s gonna be nandu’s friend. I think you’re narrating it perfectly regardless of the fact that the story is going fast! Please update your story regularly because I’m looking forward to read it. Thank you for entertaining us!

  5. Get one I luv Ur ff

  6. Great story I like manik as a responsible brother

  7. Hey thanks evryone
    Cabir did some jugaad to get Nancy’s number
    And yes guys I knw It is going bit fast… ☺ but thanks for ur comments that really mean a lot for me..!!

    1. Nandu’s*

  8. Very good episode, awesome, lovely plot…aki missing…manik all panic…ahhh…finally manan going to find aki…I hope they find her n aki tell him what she heard….loved it..wowwww..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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