Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-39


(The party venue looked like this somewhat)
All got settled down respective couches Nandu was just seeing the waves nd was lost in some other world she did not evn notice when Manik came nd sat next to her
Manik : abt what r u thinking
Nandu : nothing Manik
Manik : u can share it with me Nandu I won’t say to anyone Nandu promise.. ?
Nandu:woh I was thinking that I wanted to be a doctor but destiny had music stored for me
Manik: so u r not interested in music ?
Nandu : it is not that but doctor was something I dreamt of since I was a kid but now I don’t knw what is going on Manik…
Manik ( he put an arm around her nd pulled her closer): evrything happenes for a reason and maybe ur ayyipa wants to give u music rather than doctor. U have a beautiful voice Nandu nd u sing with ur heart nd that gives the life to the song.
Nandu : thanks Manik I always had this question..
Manik: can I ask u a question
Nandu : Han
Manik : u live for other happiness when will u be happy with ur own happiness ?
Nandu : I don’t knw Manik I am like this only
Manik was abt to say when Cabir nd Navya came in between
Cabir : Manik the majunu what r u doing here
Manik : we r just talking
Navya : I never u that ppl who say just friends talk like this pointing towards their way of siting
Manik nd Nandu came into normal positions, Nandu was blushing for no reason
Cabir : chal let’s play never have I ever
Navya: Han yes
Nandu : u guys play i will sit here nd see the waves..
Manik : not never have I ever will play something else let’s play pass the pillow
Cabir : Han ok chal
Manik dragged Nandu with them only sat in round like Karan,Nandu,Manik,Cabir,Navya,Muku,Abhi,Dhruv,Alya,Maddy nd Karan
Alya : who will start nd stop the music
Nandu : me
Alya :ok
Nandu got up from her place nd went near the music system nd started a song evryone were passing the pillow when Nandu stopped the song nd pillow was in Karan’s hand
Karan : u shuld tell nd stop na
Nandu : u have to do the task
Abhi : I will give him
Karan : chal de
Abhi : how did aunty agreed for ur marriage
Karan : it is a long story
Nandu : cut it in short nd say
Karan : for me it is a love marriage nd for my parents it is an arranged one
Maddy: bhai this is not arranged one but Thai ma said it is arranged one
Karan: let me explain..
I went to Jaipur for a meeting nd I meet her there it was love at first sight then I got to knw that she will be accompany for the meeting i stayed in Jaipur for a week nd we started to date then I came back my mom brought told that I have to see a girl nd we are going in the evng.I was least interested but for mom we all went nd when I saw the girl we both were so happy seeing each other nd I said yes for me it is a love story nd for mom it is an arranged marriage ?
Nandu : nd u did not tell me
Karan : sry baba
Nandu : I am not talking. Let’s continue the game
Karan : u sure
Nandu : I am starting…
Before she could continue Karan started to tickle her nd abhi also joined him they both started to tickle nd she started to laugh nd told them to stop but they were not in a mood Manik was just smiling seeing their bond ? they stopped tickling her nd continued the game for more than a hour nd all went to dance floor nd danced on the songs Nandu was feeling thirsty nd went near the bar counter nd drank vodka shot she found the taste of water different nd drank 10 shots in one go Manik came near her but she pushed nd went on to the dance floor trembling Manik went behind her
Manik : Nandu what u drank
Nandu : I drank that water (pointing towards vodka bottle)
Manik : who gave u that
Nandu : no one gave it was there and I drank it
Manik : (dragging her outside) come we will go home
Nandu (jerked away from Manik): Nahi I want to dance
Manik : no Nandu the party is over so chalo
Nandu : but I want to dance ?
Manik : ok but now come with me
Nandu : we will dance
Manik : Han yes
They both were walking on the roads Nandu started to ran from there nd Manik ran back of her nd she was doing all crazy things
(Background song Zara sa jhoom lo mein)

Manik was getting tough time handling her she finally got hold of her nd picked her up in the bridal style
Nandu : Monster leave me I will tell to my boyfriend that u r taking me like this..
Manik (jealous mode on): who is ur boyfriend
Nandu : u don’t knw
Manik : no tell
Nandu : my boyfriend is…….
Manik : is
Nandu : the Manik Malhotra he is hot nd handsome nd if he gets to knw he will punch ur face u knw what he is too cute
Manik(controlling his laugh) : before he punches my face I will punch him nd take u with me
Nandu : monster
Manik: ok now be quiet
Nandu : why
Manik : Coz we r in ur home nd ur Amms will wake up
Nandu : ohhhh
They quietly went into Nandu’s room nd he layed her on the bed nd was abt to leave when she was holding her hand nd not leaving him
Nandu : Manik plz stay here
Manik: I am here u sleep
Nandu : Manik u knw what I knw that u read my diary..
Manik : how
Nandu : that day u were reading na I did not sleep I saw u reading
Manik : ok now sleep
He gave peck on her forehead was leaving but was stopped after hearing Nandu’s voice nd was shocked
Nandu : I LOVE YOU MANIK I knw u also love me Manik.. When ever u come close to me I feel like I am in some other world nd u knw what that day when u kissed infront of evryone I did not feel bad but don’t knw how to react that day nd that day u said na I shine for u I felt sp.. Before she could complete she dozed off nd hear our Manik is super happy hearing that from her mouth ? he covered her with the blanket nd went to his room
Next day will be a great morning for Manik ? he will propose her..,

Marriage.. Twist in the tale

Hello evryone this is not sindhu ur writer but her friend sweety I hope u guys remember me I knw u won’t miss me nd yea Sindhu is fine her head band is also removed I asked her that I will write today’s part so she agreed…. I knw this is not up to the mark but sry guys anyways I want to say u guys some thing abt Sindhu..
One day
She called me at night 12 and said I am going to write a story abt Manan nd I was like what u a I started to laugh she was like I am serious nd I said dude I wrote ur half of ur English notes nd all ur written work is done by me that lazy u are u going to write a story what a joke it is not a joke she said but I agreed to her
That day till now she wrote 39 parts of the story I never thought ppl would read this story ?
Thanks for reading ?
Nd knight_angel I am sry from Sindhu’s side actually she is kid from heart nd behaves like that only.. So I am sry

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  1. Hey sweety… r u dear…..

    I just wanna say is….u both r just too good…..

    Ur story is different nd unique form others…..

    Soooo….keep going…..
    Stay happy…..
    Nd take care…..

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Sweety is fine nd thanks for the compliment ??

  2. Amazing……..
    Nandu had finally said it. I hope Manik’ll confess soon.

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks Mahi..
      Oh god I am so happy nd glad that ur from Bangladesh nd u love my story thanks for reading

      1. Thnx to you for writing such a wonderful ff. lots of love for u.; )

  3. Very nice update i love it

  4. No please don’t be sorry… I know she was kidding.. But don’t know but I feel so connected to her.. I am a single child and so treat her like my own sister.. And whatever I told while she met with the accident was also out of concern..
    And ya u did a great job but liked the step taken by manik..

    1. Sindhu_Varma

      Thanks ?? Chalo one more elder sister added to me ??

      1. Other elder sis is medhavi … is it

    2. Sindhu_Varma

      Nahi.. I have 2 elder sisters nd here medhavi di nd u ??

  5. sindhu it was awesome………and thank u sooo much for a wonderful ff……
    keep going………
    keep smiling……..
    take care


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