Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-38


Abhi took Anil to his room.
Outside the room
Manik : Nandu what was that u did
Abhi : that is the treatment which is given due to blockage of air pressure near the chest
Aki: can u explain it plz
Abhi : sure come with me I will show u guys the presentation on it
All went to abhi’s room


Like any other muscle in the body, the heart (coronary) muscle needs a good blood supply. The coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle.

Angina is a pain that comes from the heart. It is usually caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries. This narrowing causes a reduced blood supply to part, or parts, of the heart muscle. The narrowing is caused by fatty patches or plaques (atheroma) which develop within the inside lining of arteries. Plaques of atheroma can form gradually over years. They may be in one or more places in the coronary arteries.

The reduced blood supply to the heart muscle due to atheroma may be good enough when you are resting. However, when your heart works harder (for example, when you are walking fast or climbing the stairs), your heart muscle needs more blood and oxygen. If the extra blood cannot get past the narrowed coronary arteries, your heart responds with pain.

The chest pain caused by angina may feel like an ache, discomfort or tightness across the front of your chest when you exert yourself. Pain may also (or sometimes just) be felt in your arms, neck, jaw or stomach. Angina pain usually eases within 10 minutes when you rest. .
With that he ended the presentation nd evryone made their mouth in the shape of ‘O’ nd Navya was sad ?
Manik : Nandu how did u knw abt this
Navya : she wanted to be a doctor but opted music for me
Nandu : oh shut up ok I love music that is y I opted music nd u don’t be sad
Cabir : Madhubala y u always go on this sad mode
Navya : ? what do u mean nd..
Karan (? coming in with red face): smally ?
Nandu : Karan what happened is evrything fine
Karan: Akshitha
Nandu : bhabhi ?
Karan : she is having hen’s party nd I can’t evn have bachelor’s party ??
Evryone started to laugh nd Karan gave them a glare nd stopped their laugh but Nandu laughed out loud
Nandu : (between her laugh ?) like seriously u were angry abt that nd u chill out we will have the bachelor’s party
Nd she laughed again this Karan also joined her evryone laughed ? after few minutes they composed themselves and sat down order was like abhi, Karan , Nandu, rish on the bed Navya ,muku,alya,Manik on the couch nd Cabir , Dhruv on the bean bags
Nandu : so my Karan the monkey is upset Coz he wanted to have a bachelor’s party nd bhabhi did not allow but bhabhi’s is having hen’s part ? ok I will call bhabhi nd ask her permission what say Karan monkey
Karan : u will ask her permission nd she will give u ? No way
Nandu : she will give
Karan : she won’t
Nandu : bet
Karan : what will I get if I win
Nandu : what will I get if u loose
Karan : my credit card
Nandu : I don’t need ur credit card
Karan : we will decide first u win this bet
Nandu : I will win for sure
Karan : let’s see
Nandu : rish go nd get my phone
Rish : ok di
He went nd brought Nandu’s phone nd handed over to her nd she called Akshitha nd put the phone on speaker
On phone
Nandu : hello bhabhi
Aksh: hey darling I was calling u since mrng but u weren’t picking up
Nandu : woh i was out
Aksh : anyways u r coming to my hen’s party with all ur girl friends
Nandu : I called u for that only actually I wanted a bachelor’s party for Karan first I thought to discuss with u nd then ask Karan that idiot is getting married nd does not want a bachelor’s party so I thought of arranging it on his behalf what u say bhabhi
Aksh: Karan don’t want a bachelor’s party ?
Nandu : Nahi tho abhi bhai asked him but he said no…
Aksh : he said no because of me
Nandu : u?
Aksh: Han woh he said that he wanted to fun have with his friends as it is last day as a bachelor before becoming Bali ka bakra
Evryone suppressed their laugh
Nandu : did Karan say that Bali ka bakra
Aksh : Han but u don’t tell him that I told u nd yea i think he is bit upset that is not having bachelor’s party nd I am having hen’s party plz do arrange a bachelor’s party
Nandu : u r ok with this bachelor’s party
Aksh : yes doll
Nandu : ok bhabhi I will talk to u tnrw now I have arrange the party
Aksh: ok bye
She hanged the call nd started to jump in happiness she was jumping like a small kid u won a trophy nd one person is just enjoying her childishness nd he is our very own Manik he was just lost in her as she was jumping on the bed he come out of his Lala land when he heard abhi’s voice
Abhi : Nandu down now(shouts)
Nandu : bhai
Abhi :(pulled her down) Nandu u are no more a kid nd here ur friends are here so behave
Nandu : sry bhai
Abhi: it is ok
Nandu : I won the bet so what will I get
Karan : Acha ok what ever u ask I will do it for u for now let’s arrange party
Nandu : party at the beach
Muku : perfecto
Evryone left the room except for Manik nd Nandu, she was busy writing the things needed for the party nd Manik just sat beside actually admiring her
Nandu( still writing in the notepad): Manik can u just stop starring nd go get some drinks
Manik : wh..what i was not starring
Nandu : oh really
Manik : Nandu drinks r u sure ?
Nandu : bachelor party is incomplete without drinks ? ryt
Manik : yea anyways I will arrange them but what abt Amms
Nandu : she won’t say anything she is ok with beach party so chillax
Manik : with drinks also
Nandu : we won’t say that ?
Manik : oho nd why were u jumping on the bed what if u fall down
Nandu : but what to do when I am super happy I jump like that
Manik : u r my cute little kid
Saying this he went away smiling nd Nandu was blushing.. ☺️
Evryone decorated the beach into perfect beach party with lights, drinks nd evrything all got ready into their casuals nd came into the party

Precap : I love u Manik….

How was the precap…
Happy Ramazan month to all the Muslim readers.Nd knight_angel I am Katti with u.. Guys as u say I will give updates nd not end this but once I get fed up with myself I will end this ff with informing ? one more doubt y do u ppl fast ? When I asked my guy best friend who is a Muslim he said to knw the importance of food nd the need of hunger.. I never did fasting Coz I can’t live without food nd u guys fast for one whole month ? good going guys

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. sindhu manam kuda chestham kada karthika masam lo fasting………ipudu inthaku mundu la cheyadm ledu kani but still Mondays and pournami roju chestam kada………reason aythe telidu but all religions have this custom of fasting……….Christians Christmas mundu chestaru fasting………. coming to update its good and v girls mostly r like nandu nly na …….if we won the bet we will dance and shout like that nly……………its so good so next update is full of bang and party………I love parties…….. and am good party organizer………….love u sindhu………keep updating……….

    1. ohh just read the precap………….finally nandus proposal ah……….superb superb…………….

      1. Nenu appudu fast cheyaledu andukae adiga ? Same pinch I also love parties but I am not that good at arranging them ? Anyways thanks for reading

  2. Awsome…..

    1. Thanks for reading

  3. Mind blowing precap Sindhu…….
    Eagerly waiting for next part…..
    Plz update as soon as possible……

    1. I will updating as soon as possible thanks for reading

  4. Y katti with me .. what did I do madam.. and ya i loved the child in nandini… keep updating …

    1. I don’t knw the reason but also I am Katti with u..Btw thanks for reading ?

    2. Actually ty for writing . And ya I get the reason of ur katti sorry…

  5. This part was nice sindhu. N ur friend is correct. We fast for 1 month for allah. Its fue to understanding the importance of food and hunger of poor people. We believe by this we can better understand their plea and more willing to help them. Thats why this custom of ramadan 🙂

  6. The update is superb nd I’m unable to find any suitable word for precap. It’s just too good. Lisa apu is right. We fast for 1 month for Allah. It’s not only for understanding the sufferings of poor. When we r fasting we can’t do any wrong thing such as lieing or abusing someone. We’ve to keep ourselves away from committing any kind of sin. Yeah it’s true that fasting for 1 month is very difficult but still it makes us happy bcoz we can achieve the satisfaction of Allah. In
    Bangladesh we celebrate it like a festival . So it becomes quiet enjoyable . I’ve really done a lot of bak bak. Sorry for that. Waiting eagerly for ur next update nd again sorry.

  7. Woooh!!! What was that?? The update was sooooo good.. Loved it. The child in Nandu was soooo good… But what happened in the last? The precap? Did se
    He really? I don’t believe it.. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon… Yeh update ke precap ke bad ton I can’t wait anymore…. Want next update asap… LOVED THE PRECAP

  8. Superb update……….???????
    Nandu l loved that scene………. I too will jump like that when I am happy………

    Eagerly waiting for your next update…………

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