Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-37

Next day mrng as their was no function all were settled down evryone were having their coffee nd tea Nandu was abt to have her coffee when Manik came nd snatched it frm her hand nd started to drink,Nandu was silent she went into the kitchen nd made another coffee. After completing her coffee she went out nd was walking towards Karan’s house when she bumped into maddy nd was shocked to see him
Maddy nd Nandu: u
Just then Karan comes out nd sees both of them in shocked expression
Karan : madhyam u r coming now
Maddy: sry bhai
Nandu : bhai ?
Karan : u don’t talk to me u just forgot ur bhai’s wedding u r coming day before marriage this is cheating
Maddy : sry bhai actually GD had some work so we couldn’t come sry nd Nandini what r u doing here
Karan : u guys knw each other
Maddy : bhai I said na..
Nandu : we met in Mumbai that’s how we became frnds
Maddy : how is ur Manik
Karan : Nandu’s Manik what is going on
Manik : maddy ?
Maddy : hi Manik I was just asking Nandini abt u anyways I am glad that bhai nd Nandu are neighbours we can meet after his wedding nd u guys said abt ur
Manik : Maddy i need to talk to u
Maddy : Han ok
Manik nd maddy went to the other side
Manik : maddy no one knws abt me nd Nandu they think we r just friends so plz don’t say anyone anything
Maddy : Han ok I won’t say so chill
After their talk they both joined Karan nd Nandu , Karan nd maddy went inside Karan’s house nd Nandu was going when Manik stopped her
Manik : Nandini where r u going
Nandu : to the orphanage
Manik : can I join u
Nandu : umm. ? ok
Manik : how will we go
Nandu : car
Manik : give the keys
Nandu : I’ll drive
Maink : no
Nandu : yes
Manik : plz Nandu I will drive ?
Nandu : ok
Manik takes out the car nd they both go to the orphanage
At the orphanage
Nandu gets emotional after reading the name “Chhoti Si Aashiya” ?
Manik : let’s go in
Nandu : Han
They went in nd all kids came nd hugged her she was happy being with them after few minutes they left from there nd were heading back to Nandu’s house
Nandu : can we go on a long wala ride
Manik : Han ok
They were going nd suddenly Nandu shouted nd Manik applied sudden break
Manik : what happened
Nandu : I am hungry I want to eat pani puri
Manik : for that u shouted
Nandu : yes nd Manik do u remember that pani puri competition
Manik : Han yea
They both went their nd started to eat pani puri this time Nandu ordered normal one they both were enjoying after eating nearly 6 plates nd they went on a walk on the beach side
Nandu : Manik I want to eat ice cream
Manik : u ate 6 plates
Nandu : so if u don’t want then leave me alone this is my city I can come back home safely
Saying this she walks from there nd goes to the ice cream van nd orders one chocolate ice cream when voice from back says two chocolate ice creams Nandu turns nd smiles at Manik they complete their ice cream when Navya calls her
On phone
Navya: Nandu come home na dad
Nandu : what happened
Navya : don’t knw what happened dad fainted nd I can’t hear his heart beat abhi bhai is also not there plz come fast
Nandu ended the call nd ran towards the car nd sat in the driver seat nd Manik on the passenger seat Nandu drove as fast as she can within 10 mins she reached home nd ran inside when she saw her sweetheart lying there nd Navya crying she dint knew what to do when she remembered one thing nd ran towards her nd instructed Manik to open his shirt Manik followed it nd then she said Navya bring knife from the kitchen nd we don’t have spirit in our house right so Manik do u have whisky bottle with u
Manik : yea I think
Nandu : then bring
Cabir went nd brought whisky bottle Navya brought knife, Nandu poured a little bit of whisky nd then made a small hole with knife nd pressed that area for five mins after that uncle came into his senses both Navya nd Nandu hugged him Manik was shocked nd Amms was happy for her..

Precap: bachelor’s party, drunk Nandu

Guys the treatment I wrote in this is real as I am a science student I read it in a book if there is any mistake then plz tell me nd yea i wanted to end this story because my clg will be starting soon nd I won’t be able to give u updates nd u guys will loose interest in my story ? but I will try my best not end this story

Credit to: sindhu varma

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    U need not end.. Ur story is really niCE.. I can wait.. and u telling all this just because U have lost it due to head injury..

  2. Plzzzzz don’t end this story…. U give small n irregular updates.. That’s ok. But plz don’t end it.. Coz u know we all love ur ff a lot… N as always ur today’s episode was really good…

  3. Osmm

  4. hi sindu.. I am a silent reader.. I like ur story. I read ur story on wattpad too. I have a doubt. nandu made a small hole with knife, I didn’t understand where? can u please clear my doubt.

  5. it was very nice …but this treatment is used for what???

  6. Nice update and the treatment was awesome

  7. Pls Don’t end it…it’s awesome….give updates whenever you are free…

  8. The update was nice di. Don’t end ur ff. Irregular updates’ll do. we won’t mind even u give 1 update in a month. But dont end ur ff plz. The story is getting interesting day by day. So plz don’t end ur ff. take care nd how’s ur injury now?

  9. Nice and a amazing update………..

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