Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-35


Everyone are at the dining table nd are eating dinner whereas Manik was searching for Nandu as she was missing since evng he thought of asking but they will start their teasing thing so he did not ask but to his happiness Nandu’s sweetheart asked abt Nandu
Anil: Amma where is my bestie
Amms: she is on terrace don’t worry I will send her dinner there
Anil: why is she there
Amms : Anil ur sweetheart is not a kid anymore nd don’t worry she will be fine
Navya: Han dado she is not a kid
Anil: call me dad or papa not this dado it is weird
Navya: it is cool dado
Abhi: yes uncle it is cool
Anil: u will only take her side
Manik: I completed my dinner

With that everyone turned their heads that towards Manik.
Cabir: so fast( he leaned towards Manik nd whispered ” unable to wait to meet bhabhi that u completed ur dinner ?)
Manik gave a death glare nd was abt to leave when Amms stopped him
Manik : ji amms
Amms: Manik beta can u take this meal nd give to Nandu
Manik : ok Amms
Cabir : got a chance to meet ??
Anil : Kya beta did u say anything
Cabir : nothing sir
Anil : u call me uncle not sir
Cabir: ok
Navya: bhaiya did u think anything for sangeet
Abhi: Nahi Navya
Navya: ok bhaiya

Nandu is writing something in her diary when from back Manik came nd said boo she got scared when she saw Manik she immediately closed her diary
Nandu : what r u doing here
Manik : I brought dinner for u y u did not come down for dinner
Nandu : just like that. Anyways thanks
She is eating her dinner Manik sits there nd sees her. He was just lost in her , when rish came
Rish: Nandu di
Nandu : what happened
Rish : I want to say u something abt abhi bhai
Nandu : abt bhai what? ?
Rish : that…
He stopped in middle when he saw Manik
Nandu: tell
Rish: nothing
Manik : y did u stop seeing me
Rish : if I say u will have a fight with abhi bhai then u will leave Nandu di nd me and u will leave
Manik : I won’t leave ur Nandu di or u now tell what
Rish : u won’t leave Nandu di nd me na
Manik : promise now u tell
Rish : abhi bhai likes mukhti di
Nandu & Manik : what
Rish : yes yesterday when he came into our room then he saw me I acted as I slept then he started to talk to himself that he likes mukhti di
Nandu : rish u go nd sleep we will talk abt it tmrw nd yea keep this diary in my room
Rish : ok di
He went from there.
Nandu : manik can u leave this topic here until I tell u plz don’t talk abt this to Muku or bhai
Manik : ok nd Nandu I mean Nandini u don’t talk to abhi abt anything until he says to u
Nandu : my bhai says evrything to me
Manik : ok I need to tell u something
Nandu : abt what
Manik : that I.
Nandu : abt what, anyways bye I got some work to do ? good night
Manik : but listen ok bye good night
She left from there nd Cabir came

Cabir: hi Manik
Manik : Kya hai
Cabir : what were u both talking abt
Manik : nothing. What is going on between u nd bhabhi ?
Cabir : me nd Nandu are friends
Manik : y will I call Nandu as bhabhi u dumbo
Cabir : oh yea then who’s bhabhi u r talking abt
Manik : she is Navya I am talking abt Navya what is going between u nd her
Cabir : nothing is going we r just good frnds
Manik : ohh goooood friends ?
Cabir : yea, ok fine I like her but after her past I don’t think she will love me back
Manik : she will do
Navya : who is that she
Manik : Navya u here
Navya : u were expecting someone else
Manik : Nahi toh anyways what is that in the tray
Navya : this is kheer made by Nandu so I thought u guys would love to eat nd can I join u guys
Cabir : give me that kheer I would love to taste what ever my bhabhi made
Manik : Cabir
Navya : it is an awesome kheer btw
Manik : Navya y u did not meet ur dad for 2 yrs
Navya : woh…
Cabir : Manik leave it she does not trust us like she trusts aryaman nd Nandu
Navya : it is not like that yaar
Manik : then tell
Navya : actually after that incident my dad’s company had a loss so khurrana uncle looked after the company due to the loss nd my kidnapping which his close friend did to get his shares so he got a major heart attack after he had took bed rest for 2 yrs nd I locked myself in that my room only mom used to communicate with me I was in my room without lights for 2 yrs because of me Nandu nd aryaman also effected their studies as both of them shifted to Patna aryaman left his dream clg nd Nandu also left her dream clg nd she looked after my dad for 2 yrs then one day Amms came nd said she got admission form for us in space academy aryaman was interested in it but Nandu nd me were not interested in it as Nandu wanted to be a doctor but she couldn’t be nd me I don’t want to come only but on Amms force I came here nd Nandu came here first then I joined her as aryaman went to USA for to visit his mom he joined us later. I still feel guilty for them as they both left their dream clg for me ??

Manik : Navya they did it for ur happiness nd u shuld be glad that u got friends like them which is hard to find I used to think fab5’s friendship is best but u three came nd proved us wrong we learn from u guys ?
Cabir: Madhubala stop over stressing urself other wise u need to take those pills
Navya : stop calling me Madhubala or else
Cabir : or else what Madhubala
Navya : I will tell to my dad that u r one who hit me with the egg nd u call me Madhubala
Cabir : Madhubala i am scared
Aryaman: u shuld be u don’t knw abt uncle he is very strict when it comes to his daughter nd his sweetheart he can evn kill that person for irritating them if anyone of them just spoke abt it to uncle that is it he will send his ppl nd give them that kind of warning which u can’t evn think of..
Manik : ohh
Cabir: bhai be careful bhabhi’s sweetheart is very strict abt bhabhi
Aryaman: he won’t say anything to u guys Coz Nandu said abt u ppl
Manik : what did she say
Aryaman: that u guys her close friends
Cabir : so whatever Nandu says will he believe
Aryaman: yes he trusts her more than anything else
Cabir : if Nandu asks half of the shares in his company will he give
Aryaman: what u r talking abt half shares she owns a company on her company
Navya : nd she does not evn knw abt it
Manik nd Cabir : what she has company on her name
Aryaman: yes
Cabir : what abt u Navya
Aryaman : she is only heir of Navya industries so y will she need shares
Navya : I wanted to join my dad’s company but it is impossible now anyways leave that I am getting sleep I will go good night
Aryaman : good night guys
Everyone left terrace nd went to their respective rooms Manik was not getting sleep so he sneaked into Nandu’s room nd she was sleeping peacefully he was just starring at her beauty when an idea came into his notorious brain he opened the side drawer of the bed nd found Nandu’s diary he opened it
First page of the diary
Hey before opening are u the spl person if yes then open if no then don’t open if u evn try to open u will have bad luck for 10 yrs nd u won’t get ur love life u will turn into a creature
Second page of the diary
Oh so u the special person before going to the next page do u have these qualities that Nandu wanted
1. U shuld be six feet
2. U shuld look like Prince Charming
3. U shuld not date anyone Nandu shuld be ur first nd last love
4. Before anything else u shuld respect her
5. U shuld care nd love her like a father loves his daughter
6. U shuld knw her inside out before she tells anything her wish shuld be completed
7. U shuld respect her family
8. U shuld love rish like Nandu does
(Guys u want anything else to be added I will surely add sry if u dint like this wish list )
He started to read her diary nd after few pages what he saw made him skip his heart beat she made a beautiful sketch of his
He contd to read what is in that page nd he was smiling all the time he thought asking her abt this diary tmrw mrng so he kept the diary back nd left from there as soon as he went to his room he soon dozed of into sleep

Next day mrng
Loud music was audible which was disturbing Manik’s sleep still he his finding ways to sleep.. Thud some one banged the door but he did not give a damn next moment he was drenched in water he did not understand what happened nd he woke and five faces who were smirking ??
Manik : what the hell ?
Aki : bhai this is not Mumbai that u will sleep till 10 it is Nandu’s place nd I heard that Amms is very strict abt timings
Amms : I am strict to my students not to u ppl nd y did u wake him up
Manik : it is ok Amms no problem I will just fresh up nd join u guys for breakfast
Aki : we completed
Manik : without me
Amms : Nandu did not eat yet nd I will tell her to bring it here as in the hall evryone are practicing for sangeet
Manik : ok Amms
Saying that he rushed inside washroom nd was smiling still thinking abt the diary ? he came out in his boxers.
Nd was starring Nandu who was wearing a black nd white jumpsuit nd waiting for him with the breakfast
When he went near she was awestruck seeing his well built body nd was checking him out
Manik : if u are done checking me out can we eat the breakfast
Nandu ( blushed) : ok
Manik : y u did not had ur breakfast
Nandu : i was with Karan as he was practicing for sangeet
Manik : oh ?
They had their breakfast Nandu was going out before that
Nandu : Manik this is not Mumbai that u will stay like this plz wear some clothes nd come down if Amms sees u like it won’t be good
Nd saying this she left he smiled at her nd changed into his clothes
He went down nd sat on the sofa nd was just starring Nandu who was busy practicing for sangeet
Muku : hey
Manik : hey
Muku : I need to tell u something
Manik : what
Muku was abt to say when her phone buzzed nd she went away from there Manik found it strange nd thought to ask her out when he was abt to go Navya pulled him towards the place where Nandu was dancing nd asked him to dance with Nandu as a couple they did dance on romantic number nd were lost in each other…

Sangeet.. Muku nd abhi confession

Hello guys I am back nd Lisa u asked me na why did Karan beat Manik because umm see if any random guys comes and proposes u infront of ur family any brother’s reaction would be that nd as Karan thinks Nandu as his sister so he beat Manik..

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. Sooo my dear u r back.. i know u don’t want anyone’s sympathy but I m sure ur brother made sure u r all fit and only then allowed u to write… pls next time be careful..
    And poor manik was abt to confess but she ran away without understanding .. and multi and abhi s love story along with nandu and manik .nice..

    1. U said i am real life Nandu but i did not find my Manik. If u find him na tell him to meet me ??. I won’t let Manik confess that easily ?? nd i wrote the half update when I was in the hospital only ? Nd they don’t knw that ?

      1. Ya true u r nandini but as u said u don’t have any manik in ur life to get u out of the trouble… and abt finding ur real life manik i think u will have to look around ur surrounding to him

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    1. I think tellyupdates has removed it due to some problem

  3. nestle joseph

    sindhu what happend?
    nice episode……
    love u….

    1. Just met with an accident ☺

  4. kavipriya venkatraman

    Yaar y they removed that i really loved that ff ..??

    1. I also love that ff but don’t knw why TU deleted it nd u don’t like my story ?

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  9. Hey it was fabulous… What was written in diary??? Oh God curious to knw…sooo exciting…
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