Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-34


Manan were kissing very passionately but they broke apart due to lack of oxygen.nandu nd manik were having an eye-lock when nandu pushed him and was abt to go he pulled her back nd she hit his muscular chest..! he came near her ear lobe nd said in a husky voice “whatever happened today morning was not a dream it was true don’t u dare think it is dream..!” nandu’s eye widened nd blushed little bit nd ran away from there. She went down nd cabir was waiting there
Cabir : bhabhi where were u till now
Nandu : han woh I was with.. wait y did u call me bhabhi I am not ur bhabhi stop calling me that nd I am going to akshita’s house bye..!
Nandu left from there nd manik came he was smiling
Cabir : what were u doing with bhabhi
Manik : woh na we were..! she is not ur bhabhi
Cabir : arey bhai u were what u guys did it chi chi
Manik : just shut up don’t u dare think like she is innocent yaar nd doing anything wrong with her I can’t even imagine nd I do anything wrong her brother abhi nd karan are there to kill me
Aki : bhai u will kill u nd y

Cabir : arey choti
Manik : kuch nahi meri jaan
Aki : bhai u like nandu na
Manik : nahi toh
Aki : bhai don’t lie
Cabir : choti ur bhai does not like her but love her
Aki : sacchi
Manik : umm.. yea
Aki : ok then I will navy and aryaman
Manik : no.. promise me u r not telling anyone anything
Aki : but bhai
manik : promise aki
Aki : ok bhai promise…..
Navya : arey aki where did nandu go
Cabir : she went to akshita’s house
Navya : when did u change ur gender cabir I asked aki not u anyways thanks for the info
Aki : hey is everything ok
Navya : han woh na tmrw nandu’s sweet heart is coming nd I don’t want to meet him
Manik : arey navya who is this sweet heart
Navya : woh..
she got a call frm nandu
Navya : han baby bol
Nandu : come to akshita’s house to pick me up
Navya : u did not take ur car a
Nandu : no plz come na
Navya : han ok wait there I’ll be coming in 2 mins
Nandu : navu don’t drive fast
Navya : I wont nandu baba I will come slowly only ok na
Nandu : han ok bye
Navya hanged up the call
Navya : chalo guys bye if I wont go there in time nandu will kill me
Cabir : arey u did not say abt her sweetheart
Navya : I will come nd tell
she went from nd reached to akshita’s place in 2 mins she goes nd picks up nandu,on their way back home
Navu : nandu can I ask u something
Nandu : han
Navu : manik was asking abt dad
Nandu : u mean my sweetheart
Navu: han
Nandu: but y
Navu : he is jealous
Nandu : what the
Navu : he loves u maddy
Nandu : no he doesn’t
Navu : see I have already fallen in love nd got ditched so I knw how it feels when u are in love nd any idiot can also tell that he loves it can easily seen in his eyes
Nandu : hmm. We will talk abt it later
they reached to nandu’s house but she went karan’s house nd showed some pics to karan nd returned back to home nd the person she saw in the house made her happy without seeing the surroundings she jumped on to him a for a hug he also hugged back nd went in nandu called everyone out. Everyone were happy seeing navya’s dad nd hugged him navya stood there didi not move nd tears formed in her eyes..!

Cabir : navya why are u crying
Navya : arey I am not crying
Cabir : stop lying
Navya : he is my dad cabir
Cabir : what
Navya : yes.. he is my dad
Cabir : go nd meet him then
Navu : I am scared after whatever happened I did not have an eye contact with him
Cabir : but navya
Navu : plz cabir leave it
she was abt to go when navya’s dad called her
Navya’s dad : navu u wont talk to me
Navya: dad
nd she started to cry he came nd hugged her nd consoled her
Nandu : arey sweetheart u got ur one daughter nd forgot ur sweetheart
Navya’s dad : how can I forget my sweet heart come join us for the hug
nd she joined in for hug after their happy hug they settled on the couch navya was talking non-stop nd stopped crying when manik came downstairs nd looked around nd found navy and nandu sitting between a old guy he went there navya saw him

Navya : dado he is manik nd manik he is my dad nd owner of navya industries
Manik : hello sir
Navya’s dad : hello manik.
Navya : dad he also take cares of my like a his own sister
Navya’s dad : oh so my sweetheart forgot u
Nandu : sweetheart I did not forget her she only forgot me
Navya : nahi dado
Arya: uncle plz tell them to stop nd yea here our other friends
nd introduced aki,cabir,muku,dhruv nd alya nd uncle felt happy seeing her daughter happy
Navya’s dad : thank u guys for making my daughter a normal girl
Cabir: it is ok sir
Navya’s dad : navya so u did not start ur pranks nd I heard ur mom say that someone hit u with an egg tell me who is he I will screw him up how dare he is to throw an egg on my daughter nd he shuld knw that ur the daughter of anil naveli
Navu : dad woh.. (looked at cabir ) he is not here he is Mumbai
Nandu : han sweetheart nd our navu also did the same prank with a professor na so take a chill pill
Amms : he will take chill pill let him go nd take rest.anil u go nd take rest nd u can talk to ur sweetheart when evr u want now rest
Anil : han ok

sangeet practice

guys a big twist is going to come so stayed tuned for it until keep loving me nd keep missing me

Credit to: sindhu varma

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