Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-33


Manik nd nadu went back home as soon as they entered shannu came to running to her manic stood behind nandu to avoid that dog
Manik : nandu plz take away that dog
Nandu : manic it is not a dog it’s my baby
manik : what u nd abhi were talking abt this dog nd u call a dog baby.?
Nandu : my wish who are u to tell me what I call it is my baby
Manik : oh it is ur baby a
nd he started to laugh out all came there nandu made a face nd took shannu from there.
Abhi : manik u tease her she will not tell anything but if tell anything to shann she will not talk to u she is attached to shannu alot they are more then she treats shannu as her baby.!
Manik : han ok abhi I will talk to her but plz take that shannu out for a while I hate dogs so plz
Abhi : han ok

after few mins abhi brought shannu out manik went in she was doing something on her laptop sitting on her study table she did not notice manik,he jumped on the bed nandu turned around to see manik nd was really angry she told him to go in sighs but he did not listen she went to open the door he came from back nd closed the door when she was going back to study he pulled nd pinned her towards the door he moved closer to her they both can feel their warm breath he went near her ear nd said I am sry in a husky voice that sent shivers down her body she was unable to speak anything he came more closer to her their lips are milimeter away they were in their own world,maink was abt to kiss nandu suddenly manik’s phone started to ring
without evn seeing the number he picked

On Phone
Manik : han cabir bol
Cabir : arey wah manik u knw me so well that u instantly told it is me
Manik : u only always disturb me
Cabir : u r with bhabhi
Manik : who is bhabhi
Cabir : arey u left nandu nd found a new girl in ur life
Manik : oh shut up cabir nandini is not ur bhabhi nd I did not find any new girl I am happy with only girl in my life nd I found her
Cabir : the girl u found is nandu na
Manik : han
Cabir : u did not tell me
Manik : I did not evn tell her
Cabir : after everyone sleeps we need to talk alone
Manik : han now y did u call me
Cabir : amms is coming to nandu’s room to call for dinner
Manik : ok wait amms is coming here..
Cabir : han
Manik : bye
Cabir : bye
he hanged up the call nd look at nandu who was starring at him

Manik : nandini amms is coming
Nandu : what
Manik : ur ammz is coming
Nandu : oh god if she sees us both here then she will surely get a doubt on our relationship
Manik : we r just friends right why to fear
Nandu : han
she pushed him nd opened the door nd saw amms coming they acted to be normal
Amms : kana come nd help me in arranging food
Nandu : han ok
Amms : manic what r u doing here in her room when all ur frnds are out
Manik : woh amms I was
Nandu : he came here to tell me that he want visit that orphanage tmrw will u accompany me
Amms : but tmrw is karan’s haldi how will u go
Nandu : I was saying that only
Amms : ok u both come down fast
amms went
nandu : maink who is that one girl u found
Manik : jealous.?
Nandu : why will I be jealous aki nevr told abt ur girl so that’s y
Manik : u will get to knw one day
Nandu : ok let’s go
they both went from there,girls helped to arrange the table after arranging all had dinner prepared by amms everyone loved the food after completing karan came
Karan : finally I found u choti
Nandu : when did I go missing
Karan : since mrng u did not come to my house so I thought u went missing
Nandu : no I was home only
Karan : accha ok nandu u shuld come first nd help mom with aarrangements nd u will apply haldi first to me then u will go akshita’s house to apply haldi
Nandu : y shuld I go to akshita’s house to apply haldi
Karan : don’t knw mom told that from boy’s side groom’s sister shuld go nd apply haldi
Abhi : arey doll I don’t think it is the reason the actaull reason is u shuld nd take pics of his bride nd show it to him
Karan : I will kick u
Nandu : y u will kick him
Karan : nandu u r going or not
Nandu : who said I wont go I will go
Karan : ok tehn see ya

he left all went to their rooms.after a while manik came out of his room and was going towards terrace when he heard a voice he went near to that room when he saw amms talking to a pic
Amms : anu u knw vanshika’s son is all grown up he is 6 feet I am happy to see him here he resembles like vanshika only after that lady took manik I thought he was killed by that lady for money thank god she did not do that nd I think aki is her daughter but she has same qualities like vanshika, I don’t want manik to tell anything abt us if vivek sees nandu he will start to hate ‘coz she resembles u I knw what happened 20 yrs back it was dread ful evnt after manik got kidnapped vanishka died due to heart problem nd manik does not knw that he thinks that lady is his mother I don’t how he is grown under her but when evr I see manik nd nandu I feel happy nd u knw I saw manik going nandu’s room nd locking the door nd I knw manik loves nandu but he fears saying that when evr he will say that he loves nandu I will be the happiest person
manik was shocked to her all this nd went back to his nd slept..! it was morning time manik was sleeping asusal he got up when he heard noise from the next room he went to the next room nd saw nandu trying to tie her thread she was wearing yellow lengha choli she tied a bun nd was fighting with that thread manic went near her nd tied the thread his touch was making hr shiver he removed her bun nd made her hair open nd told that she looks beautiful with her hair open nd helped her putting earrings she closed her eyes to feel his touch he gave wet kisses on her back as it was backless she clutched her leghna tightly as his touch was making her melt nd she was turning red he kissed her cheek nd went away from there after few mins she opened her eyes nd looked around he was not she thought she was dreaming nd went to karan’s home she was helping with arrangements when manik came wearing yellow kutra nd pajama he was looking super hot nandini dropped flowers plate when she saw manik he came near her nd helped her to pick the flowers she went away from there boys came down with karan,karan sat on a stool his mom did pooja all started to apply haldi after few minsutes everyone played with haldi nandu was escaping from everyone espaecailly manik she went inside a room manik also came into that room nd locked the room he applied some haldi on his face nd went near nandu she was taking steps backwards within a minute she hit a wall manik came near her nd applied haldi on her cheeks by transferring from his cheek to her cheek he transferred all his haldi to nandu she clucted manik’s kurta tightly he started to give wet kisses on her neck, he moved closer to her he slammed his lips onto hers she also responded very passionately manik pulled her closer nd grabbed her waist nd nandu’s hands travelled towards his hair both were not in mood to leave..!!

Precap :
nandu’s sweet heart to come

guys I said I wont upload but I was feeling bored studying those books nd my legs got swollen due to over heat in my body I am unable to move my dad told to rest but u guys said to upload na so I uploaded I was bored so I wrote u guys don’t feel sry for me I am ok

Credit to: sindhu varma

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