Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-32


A/N : so guys I will be using telugu words until nandu goes to mumbai I don’t know kannada as I am from Andhra so don’t worry guys I’ll give English translation also

manik followed nandini he went near her amms nd touched her feet it was bit surprising for nandu
Amms : manik beta u here
Nandu : karan called him here along with his frnds and sister uncle nd malhotra’s are business patners manik’s dad could not come here so he sent them
Amms : ur vivek’s son
Manik : yes amms how u knw
Amms : I read an article abt ur dad
Manik : ohh
Amms : nandu beta go nd bring these items we need it for pooja
Nandu : where is abhi bhai he will go
Amms : he is busy with ria
Nandu : oh god ria is here
Amms : han no go fast or else she will come here I don’t want to talk to her
they went towards the living area where they saw abhi nd other girl wait she is only ria she was climbing on her but abhi was not giving a damn to her.abhi shouted nandu’s name ria came towards her nd hugged her tight nandu got rid of her nd was abt to hug manik when nandu came in the middle
Nandu : ria not him plz
Ria : y is he ur boy frnd
Nandu : han yes he is my boyfrnd
Ria : oh nandu got a boyfrnd
Nandu : if u can let us go we will go
Ria : wait a min I need to confirm from him
Manik : um. Whoever u are nandu is my girlfrnd nd I don’t need to confirm u that fact
(pulled nandu closer nd grabbed her waist )
Ria : woah man it is her house nd u can’t do her brother’s are possessive abt her
Abhi : I knw abt their relationship ria
Ria : what u did not say anything
Abhi : I happy for nandu that she got a boyfrnd like manik who is always there for her
Ria : u guys can lie but not rishab
she called rish he came there
Ria : rishab who is he (pointing towards manik)
nandu was bit tensed ‘coz rishab call manik as bhai if he calls mank bhai na everything will be spoiled
Rish : manik jiju
nandu,manik.abhi sighed in relief
Nandu : shuld I call anyone else
Ria : no need
she got a call nd went away from there the moment ria went cabir started to tease them
Cabir : ok so now rishab is calling manik as jiju then I will call nandu as bhabhi what say bhabhi
Aki : han calling nandini as nandu it better if I call her bhabhi
Abhi : oh that’s great I will also manik as jiju though he is younger to me but also no problem
Manik : arey stop it yaar
Cabir : arey y stop now only fun has started na I will talk to nand’s amms abt ur marriage proposal she wont say no
no one was noticing nandu she was turning red on evry comment of cabir and was giving toughest competition to tomato nd manik’s hand was still on nandu’s waist which were sending shivers to her body nandu was looking down when removed his hand nd pulled nandu outside she did not realise when they came out manik made her show the surroundings
Manik : if u r done with ur blushing session we may go to the market
Nandu : ok we will go in my scooty
Manik : give me the keys
Nandu : it is my scooty so I’ll drive u sit at the back
Manik : ok
nandu brought her scooty manik sat back nandu started to drive manik sencirled his arms around her waist whenever she was applying breaks he was falling on her nd making his grip tighter her was enjoying her long hair flowing on his face due to cold breeze she stopped the bike in a market-cum colony he came out his lala land they both got down dn went towards a store their nandu greeted him a person
Nandu : anna ela unavu
(anna how are u)
Anna : nenu bane unna nuvvu ela unnavu erojae vachava
( I am are u. did u come today )
Nandu : ledu anna e samalu ivvu eroju pooja undhi
(no anna can u give these items we have pooja today)
Anna : ok kani e sir evaru kotta ga unnaru
(han ok who is this sir,he looks new)
Nandu : ithanu na frnd Mumbai niche vachadu karan pelli ki
( he is my frnd came from Mumbai to see karan’s wedding )
Anna : oh avuna nenu anukunna tinu me
(oh I thought he is ur..)
Nandu : ala emi ledu
(there’s nothing like that)
Manik : in which language are u speaking
Nandu : telugu
Manik : for me it is like latin
Anna : namestey sir
Manik : namestey (he joined his hands )
Anna : sir actually I thought of giving u hand shake but u are rich ppl nd we are poor so… L
Nandu : anna stop it ok ur not poor u said u are poor u are all working in my colony nd u ppl are learning English so that u can talk to others nd u r not poor ur rich by heart poor ppl don’t how to live u ppl knw how to live
Manik : he knws English a
Nandu : all ppl who live here knw English
Manik : ho that’s great
nandu : manik we shuld leave or else amms will kick me out for being late anna malli vasta repu (anna I will come tmrw again)
they reached home everyone are helping in arrangements of pooja nandu went in and gave the pooja items nd came back nd started to help after helping out with arrangements they all went to get freshnup they all got down to living area manik was dumbstruck to see nandini she was wearing white chudidar with a braid loose strands nd longs white earrings after pandit’s arrival abhi,nandu nd rishab sat in fron for pooja others sat back nandu was in the middle holding abhi’s hand tightly manik saw the nandu’s parents pic nd started to think where he saw them
Manik’s POV
I saw nandu’s parents I was starring their photo like that as I saw them before nandu never showed me their pic as she was emotional abt her so I nevr asked I saw their pic it is not the first time where did I saw the pic use ur manik while I was thinking harder my phone buzzed I looked at the phone nd saw it was dad so went out nd started to talk to him
End Of POV
as soon as pooja completed nandu got up and ran away frm navy and aryaman did move as they knw she needs some time but cabir,muku,dhruv,alya got up but abhi stopped them.!
Manik’s POV
after I finished talking to my dad I heard someone crying I went to find out who it was the moment I saw the gilr I stood there still for few minutes I was in shock nandu was crying nd I felt like some is pinching my heart I went nd hugged her tightly I was scared
End Of POV
nandu was crying since past 25 mins manik hugged her nd did not ask her anything she stopped crying nd looked at manik
Nandu : manik.
Manik : nandu u fine y were u crying
Nandu : woh na every year when evr this pooja happens na that accident night flashed in mind until the pooja is over u can’t move na so I control my tears after that I come here nd I cry my heart out L
Manik : anyways nice place u hangout at night times here like beach parties
Nandu : we do beach parties here it is amazing
manik : oh can I ask u one thing
Nandu : han
Manik : what is that colony
Nandu : amma started that colony for ppl nd after accident on their 5th deathanniversary amms opened an orphanage on my amma’s name
Manik : oh
Nandu : yea
nandu’s phone started to ring
Nandu : bhai
Abhi : u r fine na
Nandu : han
Abhi : ok come fast that place is not good to be alone
Nandu : y bhai this is usal hangout na no one will come
Abhi : no nandu I said na it is not safe so it is not safe
Nandu : han ok
Abhi : and tmrw navya’s parents are coming
Nandu : sweet heart is coming tmrw
Abhi : han nd to remind u tmrw is his b’day
Nandu : oh shit how did I forget u there to help me na with decorations
Abhi : don’t u dare to think I am gonna help u I have a lot of work to do
Nandu : my baby will do it for me
Abhi : what our dog shannu will do it for u a.?
Nandu : han my baby will do it for me
Abhi : ok then u nd ur baby do it
Nandu : my baby is there for me
Abhi : is manik with u
Nandu : han y
Abhi : othing le come fast with jiju ok
Nandu : shut up abhi he is not ur jiju stop calling him that
Abhi : ok nandini
he hanged up the call,manik was feeling jealous but when he heard jiju word he started to smile nd blushed a liltle bit nadu saw him smiling nd she also smiled they both went back to house

Precap :
karan’s haldi

guys sry who all thought that there will be a romantic scenes at the beach I could not write as I am not feeling well
good news is that my sister did not take the laptop,bad news is that I can’t update until may 28th or may 29th ‘coz after 12th u need to write all sort of entrance exams so I have an exam on may 28th so I need to prepare for that sry guys if I wont prepare my dad will not let me use laptop nd I wont give u updates..!
Sry everyone.. L

Credit to: sindhu varma

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