Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-31


Next day early morning all got up nd got ready they went to airport when saw aki waiting for them nandu thought manic also came but to her dismay he did not come he felt bit sad after the announcement they went into the flight after good bye session nandu was feeling sad they good few hours they reached mangalore nd they directly went to nandu’s house nandu kept their luggage nd went directly into her neighbours house without evn knocking she went to someone’s room
there was a guy sleeping on the bed nandu poured a jar full of water that person got up nd started to chase nandu but she was super fast finally he caught her
Nandu : so karan I am here where is surprise
Karan : u go to ur house nd freshnup I will got ready nd I will give u the surprise..!
Back to Mumbai
At malhotra mansion
manic got up nd was getting ready when aki came to his room nd asked
Aki : bhai where r u going
Manik : arey u forgot ur frnds are going to mangalore na so I am going to give send off to them
Aki : by this time they evn have reached their bhai u r late I went nd gave send off also
Manik : u shud wake me up
Aki : bhai I tried but u being the boss of sleep u did not get so I went nd came back had my breakfast also
Manik : han ok did nandini call u
Aki: no I think she went to her place nd she evn told she is going to meet karan after ages so will call in the evng
Manik : karan who
Aki : don’t knw bhai
Manik : ok
Manik POV
who the hell is this karan now ugh I will find out nd who is this sweet heart oh god..!
Pov ends
Back to mangalore
Nandu’s house
everyone are sitting in the living area when karan came with a girl nandu went near the girl nd was seeing her nd abhi went near karan
Abhi : who is she
Karan : my wife
Nandu : (started her drama) then what abt me karan u left me
Girl: what is she saying karan
Karan: nandu stop ur drama nd baby she is best frnd nd my only sister nd nandu she is ur bhabhi we are getting married after five days in mangalore this ur surprise nd u r abt break my marriage
Abhi : bhabhi ji how did u fall for this idiot
Girl : don’t call me bhabhi u call me akishtha
Nandu : oh wow karan ur choice super ‘coz u got a girl her but akshita ur choice is so bad that u got person like karan chi chi
Amms : nandu it is bad manners to tell like that karan I am happy for u nd tmrw there is shanti pooja in the house tell ur mom to come nd help me
Karan : ok amms
Akishita: it was nice meeting u guys especially u nandu
Nandu : it was nice meeting u bhabhi I knw u don’t like it but I wont to call
Akishita : han ok no problem
Karan : anyways I have to call some important guests they will be coming here tmrw
Nandu : han ok
all the day went like that only all rested in their rooms
in karan’s house
karan called the malhotra’s to come but he said he cannot come but he will send his son nd daughter along with his son’s friends karan noded to it
back at Mumbai
all were at manik’s house sitting in the living area and were feeling bored
cabir : arey yaar fab 5 never bored but today it is too boring
aki : han bhai
manic : guys be quite dad is calling
on Phone
Vivek : hello manic tmrw u shuld go to my frnd’s son’s wedding
Manik : dad no
Vivek : plz go manic if u want u go wih fab 5 I said them u will be coming with ur frnds
Manik : where is that
Vivek : mangalore
Manik (on hearing mangalore his face glowed like a 1000W bulb): ok dad we will go but can u plz give me mr.singania’s number I will talk to them
Vivek : han ok
vivek gave the number to manik he was abt to dial that number but his phone has no battery so he called from his landline,
nandu went to karan’s room when his mobile started to ring she lifted the phone
On Phone
Manik : hello
Nandu : hello
both were silent nandu checked the phone it was a landline number,manik also was shocked to hear nandu’s voice
Manik : mr.singhania is there
Nandu : umm wait I will call him
she kept the phone aside nd called karan as mr.singhania he came nd took the phone
Manik : mr.singhania.?
Karan : yes
Manik : actually I wanted to tell that I will be coming with my frnds tmrw u don’t have any problem na
Karan : no not all u wont evn feel bored ‘coz they are ppl of ur age too u guys can be good frnds
Manik : ok then we will come tmrw I will message u the flight timings nd call u once we reach there
Karan : han ok bye
Manik : ok bye
he hanged up the call
back to Mumbai
Manik : guys pack ur bags we are going to mangalore
Aki : mangalore y
Manik : dad said that he cannot attend his frnd son’s wedding so he told us to come I called mr.singahnai nd he said to come along with u guys so come there we can meet nandini arya nd navya also

Cabir : great idea I will call madhubala nd tell her that
Manik : no ur not telling it we will surprise them
Cabir : how
Manik : we will do it le
Cabir : ok then see u tmrw
all left
next day mrng all left to the airport nd boarded into flight manik was too happy after few hours they landed in mangalore karan sent a car to the airport it was 15 mins journey the car stopped at a big mansion they all got down
Aki : bhai look at these two houses they look awesome na
Manik : ok let’s go in
all went in karan was there in his white kurta pajama manik asked him if he is mr.singahania or not he nodded in a yes

Karan : yaar plz don’t be formal u can call me karan
Manik : karan.?
Karan : u knw me before
manik: no u can call me manik
Karan : ok manik come in no wait I will call my sister she will help u guys
cabir : u have a sister
Karan : y I shuld not have a sister
Manik : no he did not mean that
Karan : shorty once come here
in no time karan was drenched in water
nandu : (came there still holding the pipe ) again u call me shorty na I will push from the terrace nd u will go near amma nd appa
Karan : before u speak see the surroundings
Nandu : I am not scared of anyone
she turned to see who they are karan was talking the moment she saw fab 5 nd aki she dropped the pipe nd she stood there still navya nd aryaman came they also stood their shocked looking at fab 5 nd aki
Karan : guys u ppl ok y u guys are starring like that
nandu : these are u important guests
Karan : han y
Abhi : they all r friends
Karan : oh that’s great then u guys can stay in ur house only
Abhi : han that’s a good idea nd u go nd change ur dress
abhi broke their trance nd he took them to his house, all entered nandini’s mansion aki liked the décor of the house ramlal came their to welcome them
Nandu : lala show them their rooms
Ramlal : chinnaami it ramlal not lala
Nandu : it is nandini not chinnaami
Ramlal: for me ur chinnami
Nandu: for me lala only
Abhi : stop it guys ppl are waiting
ramlal showed their rooms to everyone manik is unawre of the fact that nandu and his room are next to each other he came out of the room nd started to shout because a dog is licking his feet nandu came out nd started to laugh out loud manik was busy admiring her they way she is laughing nandu called ramlal nd told to take this dog from him
Nandu : so monster is scared of a puppy
Manik: I hate dogs
Nandu : oh
amms called nandu she left from there manik is thinking abt her only nd a smile occurred on his face
Manik’s POV
for next five days I am here only nandu.! I will see how u will run away from me..!!

Precap : nandu nd manik alone time at the beach

guys this last update for now my sister is going out nd taking the laptop with her so i can’t write it until she comes back sry for being rude to u guys i was angry yesterday

Credit to: sindhu varma

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