Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-30


Navya applied for the ms.patna competition but she did not tell anyone except for harshad,she is not evn giving time to nandu all the time she is busy with harshad only nandu din’t like it navya wasn’t there at home so navya’s mom told nandu to bring some groceries nandu agreed and went while coming back home she saw navya going into a place she followed her after some time navya and harshad came out nd went from nandu went in and asked the receptionist abt it she told that navya is participating in ms.patna compition saying thanks nandu went away from there when she reached home navya did not come back she handed over the groceries to navya’s mom nd went to the room nd she started to pack her bag when navya entered laughing t joke which was sent by harshad,navya was shocked to see nandu packing
Navya : nandu where are u going
Nandu : going back to the place where I belong
Navya : but vacations are not yet over na
Nandu : yes
Navya : then y are u going.?
Nandu : what shuld I do being here ur all time busy with ur new frnd that u forgot me nd aryaman is asking me everyday abt u what shuld I say nd I came here to enjoy my vacation with u not alone at ur home if spending time alone only then I would not come here only na

Navya : it is not like that yaar
Nandu : then like what navy and u started to hide things also
Navya : I did not hide anything from u
Nandu : stop lying navya I knw u are hiding from me
Navya : nandu woh.!
Navya’s dad : sweetheart what is this u r going tmrw only y
Nandu : actually na amms is also missing me nd I have to find applications also na
Navya’s dad : that is not the reason u both had a fight
Nandu : no not all why will we fight we are best friends after all
Navya’s dad : hen plz stay here
Nandu: but
Navya : I need to tell u guys something come down fast
navya nandu nd navya’s dad went to living area where harshad was ralking to navya’s mom navya came to the centre nd told that she was participating in ms.patna competition nd harshad is her boyfriend navya’s dad was abt to slap her when harshad caught his hand nd said no with that nandu got angry nd shouted him to leave the house it is our family matter nd we need to talk personally if u go out we can talk harshad got angry nd said ur not a member of this family too nd in this personal matter I can involve who are to tell me nd said ur an orphan be like that he completed his words navya slapped him hard that he left the house nandu was crying so badly on hearing the orphan word

navya’s dad : so now I understand y she wants to go nd how does he knw u told him
Navya : no dad I did not tell him I never said anything abt her only
Nandu : it is ok uncle he spoke the truth I am not ur family na
Navya’s mom : just shut up who said ur not our daughter we treat u like a princess u are more than navya for us nd never say like that
Navya : I am sry nandu
Nandu : it is ok navya
Navya’s dad : navya u r not participating in the competiton
Navya : but y dad
Navya’s dad : what will ppl think that navya industries only hier navya naveli is participating in the ms.patna competition
Nandu : sweet heart ppl will think like that only if navya wins the competiton then ppl will say she is the daughter of mr.anil naveli the owner of navya industries has won the ms.patna competiton
Navya’s mom : she is right
Navya’s dad : I am agreeing only for u sweet heart if anything happens ur the only responsible for it
Navya : thanks dad
Nandu : thanks best frnd
the peagent rounds were going good navya did not contact harshad after that incident took place abhi nd rish came to visit navya to cheer for her everything was going good before the d-day navya got kidnapped nandu thought she went to competiton as for her final performance she went there she did got get navya she searched in all the possible ways she can be but she did not get navya she was tensed then she got a call

Nandu : hello
Harshad : hello nandini so searching for ur best frnd she is with me
Nandu : where is she
Harshad : so worried abt ur best frnd huh
Nandu : tell me where she..! hello..helloooo
he hanged up the call she went to navya industries head office as everyone knew her they did not tell anything she starightly went into the meeting room where there was serious meeting going on
Nandu : best frnd we nned to talk
Navya’s dad : nandu wait outside for 5 mins I am in a meeting
Nandu : best frnd it is important plzz
Navya’s dad : ok

he took leave from the meeting nd went to his cabin nandu followed him nd she told everything to navya’s dad he got an attck after listening to it nandu called the staff they admitted him in the hospital abhi took permission to operate nd they gave he operated him after few hours he came out nd said he is out of danger navya’s mom was crying as nandu told her everything abhi rish nd nandu started to search for her but they could not find her they din’t evn inform to the police the day passed like nandu did not take rest she was searching for her it was time for finals nandu informed the hosts abt navya they said ok nd nandu started to seach again while searching she felt thirsty nd went to near by café to drink a cup of coffee when she she heard few boys talk abt a girl she heard it carefully she got to knw that they were talking abt navya she followed those boys nd messaged abhi to come with police they went to an isolated place where navya was tied to a chair she was shouting nd no one was there whe she heard haarshad talking to someone she could hear only few words “she got kidnapped a day befor her finals nd her dad got an attack now u can take over the business” she was shocked to see the person he is non other than navya industries 50% share holder without anyone’s notice she went nd freed navya while they were moving harshad came nd caught he was abt to tie her up when police came nd arrested everyone abhi treated navya she was in depression nd was evn molested she locked up herself for 2 years khanna’s took care of navya industry
Flaskback ends
after saying this she started to cry mukti hugged her nd consoled her everyone were taken back for few mins navya consoled herself
Navya : guys plz do not show any sympathy
Manik : we wont le
nandu’s phone started to ring it was near navya’s bed where manic was standing he saw the caller id it was return as sweet heart he handed over the phone with a pale face she picked it up

On Phone
Nandu : hello sweet heart how are u
Navya’s dad : I am fine sweet heart anyways tmrw I am coming to Mumbai to meet u all
Nandu : but sweetheart we are all going to mangalore
Navya’s dad : ok then I will meet u in mangalore bye
Nandu : bye sweetheart
she hanged up the call nd told navya aryaman abt his arrival to mangalore manik did not like it abhi told navy and aryaman to come to their house nd they can go together ani they agreed..!

Precap : fab5 with aki also come to mangalore as they were invited by singhania’s

guys I wont update till I get good response from u guys y shuld I waste my time when u guys don’t we care abt my ff I shuld sit nd write for u guys. only few comment no wait only they comment like lisa,priya,vrushika,hayati,kavya,nestle joseph,knight angel,roma nd tanushree guys i forgot anyone’s name i am sry but the truth only they comment guys i’m sry but i am really pissed off with u guys..! like serioulsy sometimes i feel like y shuld i evn write when no one comments nd that’s y u guys get late updates..! what can u u guys do fact is that i am worst writer nd u guys are bearing me :'(

Credit to: sindhu varma

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