Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-3

nandini meets manik. aki and nandini become frnds..

nandini gets a calls and she goes from canteen
Aki gets a msg frm manik
on phne
Manik bhai: so got a new frnd.? happy musicana is coming be prepared it is obivo that fab 5 will win if u come as runners up i have no objection… wink
manik gets a text frm aki
Aki: haan bhai i got a new frnd. i knw u win evrytime but not this time let me also wi. who cares who wins u win or i win we both are same only but we have to registration as band only na i don’t have band it is not possible.. 🙂 bhai as today’s classes are cancelled i want to go home and i have little work in the office i will complete that and go home.!

Aki goes out frm the canteen

Nandini on phne
Nandu: haan amms i haved reached here safely..
Amms: ok kanna. come home quickly.
Nandu: ok amms bye.
she cuts the phne and was abt to go but someone called her frm back with sudden jerk she turned around to it is no other than navvya
navya hugged nandu.navya is nandini’s childhood frnd but shifted to patna
Navya: hey nandini. surprise. you knw what actually amms knws that i’m going to join but i told her not to tell
Nandu: oh that is the reason she was hiding frm me okk..! lets go to canteen

Fab5 teasing the new ppl manik thinks abt her sister’s question nd is sad abt that

then cabir notices navya and calls her
Navya:haan ji boliya
Cabir:oh madubala ji app ka nam kya hain

Navya : my name is navya naveli.
Cabir: oh but madubala suits u
frm back mukti pours egg yolk on navya head she shouts chi yuckss.!
Nandini comes in middle and says hw can u do that to her
Alya: oh my sweety don’t worry .
cabir was abt pour egg yolk nandini ducks and it felt on manik’s lap
Manik gets out of his thoughts gets irked and shouts who did this cabir shows his hand towards nandini and he yells at her
Manik: how dare u are to pour it on me
Nandini in anger she punches manik so hard that he starts to bleed..! (poor manik)
nandini takes navya frm there
Manik and nandini stare a glance at each other with fuming anger..!


Aki gets to knw abt nyonika as manik talks to her in her cabin.! she runs away frm there.
manik is tensed for aki as she did not come home yet..

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. It’s going too fast yar… nandini doesn’t have any reason to punch manik if so she need to punch mukti or cabir na…..just think like that then v vll be happy to read and feel it…..

    1. thanks priya..!
      this is the first time i wrote an ff so i don’t knw hw to write so i wrote this way..!!

      1. ur story line is good and story is good but v r giving suggestions because v feel if our frnd add more then we will be happy…….. its not like we wont like it………. we like this ff…….. not only this I will read all ffs when it comes to manan and I feel it too…….. Be positive and take our comments in a positive way………. Keep smiling and updating……….

  2. Just a suggestion…
    Seems like u r trying to rush up d story…
    Toooo fast…
    Like nandu didn’t have any reaction as she was meeting her childhood frnd after a looong tym..
    Sometimes u r failing to elaborate n explain a few scenes..
    As too all of a sudden…nandu punches Manik she didn’t have any reason to do so..
    As of Manik what was he dng when all of d bullying was gng on wid nandu n Navya..
    I know u r new at it..that’s y thought…u should that u can excel in d next ff of urs..
    Bt d story is gng gr8!!!

  3. I am sure nandhu will support aki

  4. Ur story is prefect dr…..
    But going little fast…..
    Thoda show chalo yar……
    But still I enjoying ur story….
    Keep going….

  5. Sindhu varma

    Hey thanks everyone for ur suggestions and actually I’m sorry for my story but as I already mentioned I’m bad at writing. Sorry guys if u dint like the ff…??

  6. Awesome episode, loved manan fight…one punch n manik’s mouth bleed…nandini so powerful. you loads

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