Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-29


Manik: navya u sure u will tell abt ur past.?
Navya: han yes
it was 2 years back all happened in 2013-summer when nandu came to visit me as it was her vacation that time aryaman couldn’t come due to his visa problem.!
At airport
navya was in hurry when she bumped into a person due to her heels she triped the person caught her for few minutes they had an eye-lock but it was broken by her her phone as it was constantly ringing she straighten her herself nd picked up her phne
On phone
Navya: sry baby I’m coming
Nandu: u coming or shuld I go on my owm I knw ur address
Navya: babe I’m coming wait there only
Nandu: han ok
she hanged up the call.!
Navya: hey mr. I’m sry
Person: my name is harshad
Navya: ok mr.harsha nice meeting u
saying that she left from there nd went to receive nandu. She went from back nd hugged her after their hugging session they went to navya’s place in navya’s car she was driving
In car
Nandu: navu what made u late huh
Navya: nandu while I was coming na then I bumped into harshad due to my heels I slipped nd he saved me from falling down so I became late of u give me permission I can concentrate on my driving
Nandu: oho love at first sight
Navya: (she gave a sudden break to car) what love at first I don’t belive in that now just be statue till we go home
Nandu: han ok
remaining journey was silent within 20 mis they reached a big mansion.they both got down of the car nd entered the house navya’s mom came nd hugged nandu
Navya: ma I am also here
Navya’s mom: sona u are always here but my bacha came from mangalore to meet me hein na.?
Nandu: han choti ma I came to meet u only why will I meet this stupid
Navya: haw how mean
Navya’s dad: nandu beti u here
Nandu: best friend yes I am here I was missing u guys so much nd yea why shuld I talk to u
saying this she tunred her face to the other side
Navya’s dad: kya hua nandu did anyone say anything tell me na
Nandu : best frnd am I upset with u
Navya’s dad : what happened sweet heart
Nandu : best frnd u did not come to pick me up so katti
navya’s dad : so my sweet heart is upset with me ok then I wont give her the gift I brought for her
nandu : gift what is that
navya’s dad : u said u won’t talk to me
nandu : but u did cheating u din’t say u brought gift
navya’s dad : so my sweet heart does not want a gift
nandu : btw what is the gift
navya’s dad : a golden chain with ‘n’ locket
nandu : golden chain but best frnd u can gift anything else na
navya : if u don’t want then I will take it
nandu : y u will take it my best frnd brought it for me
navya’s dad : no one will take it ok na but u go nd get fresh n up u travelled na and come fast I will be waiting for u at dining table we will have break fast
navya’s mom : now ur sweet heart came na y will u care for others
navya’s dad : sweet heart looks like someone is jealous
nandu : han best frnd anways u wait for us we will come back
they went to navya’s room nandu got fresh n’ up nd went down towards the dining area all of them had breakfast after completing their breakfast nd went to navya’s room nd called aryaman through skype he was sleeping but she couldn’t deny that call as he knew it was from his besties he picked up the call
arya : nandu u reached safely n and navu came to pick u up
nandu : yea I came home safely nd
arya : nd.?
nandu : our navu is in love
arya : who is that unlucky fellow
navya : both of u just shut up
arya : nandu u tell
nandu : han ok woh na she was as usual late to pick me up so when she was coming in a hurry she bumped into a harshad nd due to her heels she tripped nd fell into his they were in that state till I called navu now u tell me arya what is this
Arya : ohhhhh :O
Navya : u both just shut up if u again talk abt this love thing na I will screw u guys
Arya : accha baba we are sry anyways I am getting sleep I’ll call u guys later
they hanged up the call nd looked at each others face like now what to do they outing came into their brain so they went nd took permission from navya’s mom nd went in navya’s car first they did shopping nd they stopped at a restaurant for lunch
At restaurant
Navya : nandu what u want
Nandu : order anything I feeling hungry
navya ordered food for both nd they were talking on random topics when harshad came and sat in their table
Nandu : excuse me who r u
Navu: he is harshad I told u na
Harshad : actually I am sry to come like this but no other table is free nd I knw u na so I came here btw what is ur name
Navya : um.. I’m navya and she is my best frnd nandini
Harshad : glad to meet u guys I’m new here nd I don’t anyone here so? Friends

Navu : han yes y not what say nandu
Nandu : han
food was served to them they ate while eating harshad was getting to knw navya’s habits nandu din’t like him but she did not tell her when they completed her food navya’s dad called nandu
On Phone
Navya’s dad : sweetheart where r u.?
Nandu : best frnd we are in a restaurant y
Navya’s dad : which one I’ll come there I need to talk to u nd navya
nandu kept her phone aside and told navya she told in signs they will come in 5 mis to home they can talk there
Nandu : best frnd we will be in 5 mins at home so will talk there
Navya’s Dad : ok sweet heart come fast
navya was abt to pay the bill when harshad said he will do it but she denied it and paid the bill nd gave 300/- as a tip to waiter nd left from there within 5 mins they came navya mansion when they entered the house navya’s dad was waiting for them
Nandu : best frnd is everything ok
Navya’s dad : no sweet heart u both listen to me if u guys are going out then take the security guards with u ‘coz I already got information that my rivals are trying to spy on u guys ‘coz they knw u are my weakness so plz be careful nd nandu u here for vacation so I don’t want anything to u happen ok na
Navya : but dado
Nandu : ok uncle nd navu what is this dado
Navya’s dad : sweet heart ur best frnd is mad she calls me with different names
Navya : dado ok I’ll listen to u
both of them went to their room retired of their day they slept in evng they got up navya was seeing her fb notifications suddenly her eyes got widen seeing harshad’s name he sent her friend request she accepted they were talking on fb daily nandu did not like this but she did not tell anything she found something fishy one fine day when navya got form for ms.patna competition she applied to it nd did not inform anybody abt it

Precap :
flashback part 2

ok so guys as u all heard abt megha di’s death everyone are shattered where evr she is I want her to be happy like in her story nandu got back na if megha di also comes back like that it would be awesome coming to the point from now onwards my story is dedicated to megha di..! ‘coz I love her nd I thought of stopping this ff due to some personal reasons but I won’t stop it I will write this story for megha di.!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. nestle joseph

    sindhu di u r doing a gr8 u dear,hmm di tera cover photo aaj ka update ko match nahi hai.

    1. It is original cover pic of this ff I wanted to upload other one but I think I selected this

  2. The update is nice. thank u gor updating. waiting for the next update.

  3. ya feeling depressed knowing abt megh… she was a fantastic writer. pls continue. u ff is great

  4. ? thanks for continuing the ff

  5. I still cant beleive Meghna di is no more,,Rip dii,plzzz continue this ff nt stop yrrr

  6. What?? When?? I mean how??
    Megha di is no more it’s shocking news….we will miss her nd her ff. She was sweet girl.?
    I m a silent reader…i like your ff

    1. Why god do this to her ??

  7. good decision sindhu………its very unfortunate and sad that megh is no more…….but I think her soul vll be here only around happiness of readers…….. I also wish that something might happens and she will be back like in her ff……….. am happy that her sister is taking responsibility of writing ff……. am also happy that u r continuing……. thanku so much…….. my love and support will be with u……… and how r u ………. hows ur life going now……….

  8. sindhu…….. amazing …. finally navya reveals her part
    thx for continuing

  9. Meghna is no more!! Dead?? How is this possible? I mean just before 1 week she replied to my comments n she mention at her almost every updates my name. I coulnt read her story last 1 week due to xm. I mean sindhu u r talking abt meghna adityan? This cant be true. I m crying bt cant digest the fact. She was engaged recently n wad so happy. She even give her email for further contact as i always ferl so close to her although we connected through only by her ff. How this happen? Plz sindhu reply. I m feeling restless

    1. Lisa! Are you not reading my new ff
      Kuch na kaha

    2. lisa her sister said that megh died in a drastic accident on 23rd april. after 3 hours of long struggle she died in the hospital………. its so sad ki she is no more……….. may her soul rest in peace.

      1. Lisa I also got to knw abt it when she posted the story I am also sad abt the news

  10. Megha no more? It’s hard to believe
    May her soul rest in peace
    Her story is amazing

  11. How older was meghna di? What happened guys in which episode sshe mentioned pls tell few months back only some function was going on right but she was in hospital too had fever or something what happened actually can anyone pls tell elaborately…

    1. She died in a car accident her sister told it in the last episode ??

  12. She recently got married?????? This wad a grt tragedy pls anyone tell me what happened

    1. She got engaged her marriage was on May 11th actually she nd Adityan shuld go thiruvanthapuram but Adityan had to attend a meeting so he could not join her after that the accident took place she was admitted in hospital after 3 hours operation she left the world ???

  13. The episode was awesoooooome. …I loved your dedication to MEGHNA …RIP MEGHNA. …I love her ff n her style of writing praha is continuing her ff n u too keep it up dear.. love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

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