Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-28

evryone give standing ovation to manan, they go inside the green room when fab 4 nd navya,arya nd aki bumped into nd had a group hug .!

Aki: bhai nd nandu u guys are awesome together

Cabir: choti what r u saying nandu nd manik together it is impossible nd btw did u mean they shuld be into relationship

nandu blushed on cabir’s statement nd manik hit him.! back at the stage the host came

Host: ok so guys that was an amazing performance by manik nd nandini.! moving on to the results whom u think are the winners it was tough competition for fab 5 this tym..!
Crowd: fab 5 winners

Host: ok the runner ups are…..!!! FAB 5

green room

Muku: wtf we are runners nd judges don’t knw how to judge nd i think some one paid them

Cabir: lady bheem stop nd let’s see who are the winners then we can decide

Manik: but how can we loose

Host: shocked ryt i am also shocked anyways moving on to the winners it is…. NA2

Green room

Aki is jumping high nd shouting on top of her voice we won guys we won she so happy seeing her happy manik also felt happy not only manik but evryone felt happy

Aki: bhai i won can u belive it nd u guys lost. 🙁

Cabir: choti we won na

Aki: how.?
Cabir: see the trophy is with us only look u won or we won finally trophy is our hands only nd muku no one paid

Muku: yes nd aki for this we need party

Nandu: guys

Alya: don’t say that u r not comming to the party u won after all

Nandu: woh actually na

just then host comes back to stage to tell the winners of duo round.!

Host: so guys i’m back with results of duo round but they are only winners no runner ups..! whom u think as winners

Crowd: Manik nd Nandini

Host: for the first time u r ryt guys i would like to welcome mank nd nandini to come nd take there award nd NA2 also

manik nd nandini went on to the stage first nd took their award one of judges was giving nd he kept his on nandini’s waist she felt little uncomfortable was noticed by manik so he grabbed that judge’s hand nd removed it from her waist.! nandu smiled at this then NA2 came nd took the award nandu gave that award to aki they all lifted together and clicked some selfies.! they went back to the green to bring their belongings

Alya: so party at my house.!

Nandu: guys i cant come as i have flight tmrw mrng

Navya: what u din’t tell us
Nandu: karan called me today mrng
Arya: acha ok

Aki: nandu plz come only for few minutes plz

Nandu: aki but

Manik: when some one is pleading u lyk that u can’t refuse nd she saying na only for few mins

Nandu: ok i’ll tell chachi to pack my bags

she went away frm there nd called chachi

On phone
Nandu: chachi we won
Chachi: arey wah congrats nandu so come home fast
Nandu: actually chachi woh

manik took the phone

Manik: namastey chachi mein manik

Chachi: namestey beta
Manik: chachi nandu will come home late as there is a party for her band as she won na so if u don’t mind can u pack her bag i’ll drop her home safely u don’t worry chachi

Chachi: ok i will pack her bag nd let her enjoy nd i knw that she is safe with u nd we don’t to worry abt her u are there to protect her

Manik: ok chachi..

Chachi: sry beta what ever i said but i felt like that

Manik: it is ok chachi nandu is my responsibility

Chachi: ok bye

Manik: bye

he hanged up the call nandu was looking at him angrily

Nandu: why did u snacth my phne monster

Manik: nandini u were talking so slowly that u would evn miss ur flight
Nandu: what nd btw i am not ur responsibility
Manik: ur my responsibility i promised chachi that i will drop u safely home

Nandu: no need i have my scooty nd i am not a kid

Cabir: aki u r telling that they shuld be in a relationship,but look at them they are fighting like small kids

Navya: nandu u told to chachi na

Nandu: han
Arya: ok then first we three will go to my house get ready nd come to ur hosue

Nandu: okay

Aki: i’ll also join u

Nandu: u sure i don’t manik will send u ‘coz he thinks ur his responsibility

Aki: no bhai will allow me

Manik: han yes y won’t i allow her nd she is not a kid
Nandu: that’s great u realized that she is not a kid

Arya: what is going on between u to
Manik & Nandu: nothing is going on

Cabir: woh

Alya: if u have done with ur discussion come to my house nd i’ll message u my address nd muku ur coming with me

Muku: han ok
Manik: i’ll join u guys at the party..

Dhruv:i’ll come with u buddy

Cabir: i’ll also come with u

Manik: ok then,bye guys meet u at the party

all left from their.! navya got ready into simple blue knee length frock,nandu wore jeans nd yellow top with a black over coat , aki wore a red knee length frock arya wore simple jeans nd white t-shirt all got ready nd went to alya’s house fab5 was already there when they nandu,navya,aki nd arya entered
Muku: u guys looking fab nd navya aha change in dress

Navya: after all this fab 5’s party i shuld match up to them na

Alya: yea u right nd navya this dress is from rohit verma 2013 collection na how u got it u don’t wear this type of dresses na
Nandu: woh na i gifted her

Alya: oh
Aki: arey aloo di u will talk to us like this only u want let us come in

Muku: come in na

all went inside the house when cabir pulled navya towards a corner

Navya: what is this cabir y u pulled me here

Cabir: u are going to tell abt ur past na

Navya: how u knw

Cabir: look at ur face any one easily tell nd

Navya: oh nd what

Manik: what are u both doing here

Navya: ask cabir he dragged me here

Manik: arey cabiruu y did u drag her

Cabir: wait a min i did not drag her nd i was asking her will she tell abt her past today nd she said yes

Manik: u sure abt it

Nandu: she is sure abt it nd navu what r u doing with this monster u said na u will tell it in front of evryone

Manik: what is wrong with u

Navya : cabir let us go frm here nd nandu sort out ur issues with manik

Cabir: han manik do that

Nandu: there is nothing between us to sort out cabir

cabir nd navya already left manik was only left nd was starring her.manik pinned her towards the wall

Nandu: manik leave me

Manik: i wont nd what is ur problem han

Nandu: u r my problem now leave

Manik: so u r still angry at me for that for small reason

Nandu: han yes ‘coz i hate ppl to think that i am their responsibility

Manik: accha ok sry i will neve say that now don’t be happy

Nandu: so The Manik Malhotra is saying me sry can i knw the reason

Manik: because ( he moved closer)
Nandu: beacause

Manik: I..

he was abt to complete when his phne rang it was cabir
On Phone

Manik: kya hein cabir

Cabir: how much time will u take to sort out the things or u r proposing her or what

Manik: just shut up i am coming

He hanged up the call nd left nandu before leaving he asked nandu
Manik: when will u come back

Nandu: don’t knw

Manik: han ok

they left nd joined others all were partying nd by mistake juice slipped on aryaman’s shirt to wash it off he went to a room nd was shocked to see all the photos over there..! navya went to dining area to drink water she poured water in a glass and was abt to drink when she heard door bell ring she told alya that she will open it when she opened it she drooped the glass nd was shocked to see the person all rushed towards the door nandu was shocked to him the next she went a slapped him hard on his right cheek that the five fingers got printed his instant reaction was he covered his hand on that aryaman came running nd was abt to say something when he saw the guy he went nd started to beat him no one was able register any thing when manik went nd stopped them fighting

Manik : aryaman just stop it why are u beating him like that

Nandu: manik u knw him

Cabir: yes we knw him

Manik: he is harshad alya’s brother
Nandu: oh great

Arya: wow u guys cheated us like seriously

Muku: what did we do

Arya: he is navya’s past he is the one who made fun of her

navya left from there, cabir was shocked he unable to do anything arya,nandu went outside she was abt to start her scooty when aki came nd blocked their way

arya: aki move we need to go

aki: i’ll also come

arya: no

aki: plz

manik: not only aki we r also coming

arya: nandu move to the back i’ll drive

arya drove in full speed nd reached within 5 mins nandu opened the door with the key she had fab 5 also followed them nd cabir was silent all the time they reached navya’s house aryaman nd nandu are searching for her when cabir noticed that light was on in kitchen he told nandu nd she rushed over nd saw navya sitting in corner of the kitchen nd was crying badly was not in a state to listen nandu shouted aryaman’s name he came nd saw navya like tht they both went their nd sat down beside navya they tired to move her but she was not in state to tell anything manik came near navya nd sat down

Manik: navya look at me na we dont knw what that harshad did with u

hearing harshad’s name she start to shiver

Nandu: plz stop ur fake concern nd go frm here plz

Muku: navya listen to us don’t at us but listen harshad was kicked out of the clg due to his behaviour i don’t want to tell u what he did ‘coz u also went through it if u have told us before we could be with but evrything happened all of sudden we din’t knew how to react nd sry nandu nd aryaman if u think we cheated by not telling this

Arya: it is ok
Nandu: navyaaaaa

all turned towards navya she fainted due to over strain cabir picked her up nd all went to her room he made her lay on her bed nd asked nandu abt her medicines she brought them

Nandu: arya call bhai he will only handle her

Arya:han ok

arya tried abhi’s number but unfortunately he did not pick,he said it to nandu then muku said i will call him she called him he picked it up

On Phne
Muku: hello abhi

Abhi: hi mukti y did u call me is evrything ok before ur call aryaman called

Muku: can u come to navya’s place plz

Abhi: is evrything alright

Muku: u just come here

Abhi: ok i’ll be there in 5 mins

muku hanged up the call nd said evryone he will be here in 5 mins..!! navya also started to gain her senses nandu nd arya went near her she did not speak arya shouted on her she got scared but did not tel anything abhi came towards navya’s room nd went near her

Abhi: navya what happened

Nandu: bhai he came here

Abhi: now he is dead in my hands (he was going out but he stopped when he heard alya’s voice)
Alya: abhi he is my brother

Abhi: what

Manik: yes he is alya’s brother
Alya: navya i din’t knew it was u actually bhai told me abt it but i was ashmed nd din’t tell anyone not evn fab 5

Abhi: aryaman pack ur bags we are going to magalore tmrw

Arya: but abhi

Abhi: i said pack ur bags nd nandu pack navya’s bag

nandu: ok bhai

Abhi: navya speak something na

Muku:(kept a hand on abhi shoulder nd gestured him to move she sat there ) navya plz say something na

Navya: cabir u wont say anything, bhai i don’t want to come to mangalore

Cabir: navya u go to mangalore for few days u’ll be happy nd get some rest

Navya: guys i want u guys to knw b my past it is the right i can’t hide it anymore ‘coz how much evr i hide it’s hurting

Recap: navya’s flash back

guys i don’t knw when will i update again so don’t keep hopes on me i’m going through a very bad phase nd one happy thing happened i spoke to parth oh god it was just like i was dreaming can’t evn imagine my dream came true i spoke with parth. happiest person on earth right now..! it happened yesterday 😀 😀

Credit to: sindhu varma

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