Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-24


Recap: aki nd vivek have a fight.

Nandu went to manik’s original room nd called out aki.she was in the wahroom taking her shower nd she told nandu to wake up manik as she will take some more time to come out.nd she said and yes nd bit her lower lip

Nandu’s POV

why the hell did u say yes anyways now go nd wake him up as u knw she has a habbit of hugging manik before going out ayyiappa y me.!

I went into aki/manik’ room. I entered without seeing him I went nd woke him up but he was mumurring under his breath i shook him again he said arey choti let me sleep na

damn nam he is making me crazy i shook him once again nd said i’m nandini not aki after i completed my sentenece he woke up nd saw me he got from his bed but i think he still sleepy nd lost his balance i tried to catch but i failed nd landed under him.! we shared an intense eye when we heard a sound it was manik’s dad he was heading towards us he got up frm me but alas he fell on me again but before i could register anything on my mind a duvet is covered on me nd i can feel his breathe on my face,i gave him questioning look but he kept his fingers on mine to be quite for sometime, i thought how does he knw that i was abt to speak.! i got scared when manik’s dad entered the room.!

End Of POV

Vivek: manik get up

Manik: dad 5 minutes plz

Vivek: no 5 mins

Manik: dad plz
Vivek: ok i have my tricks i remove this duvet u will wake by ur own

Manik: dad no

Vivek: y manik any one is there

Manik: no dad it is just that every day aki has to come nd wake me up

Vivek: anyways that girl came

Manik: which girl dad

Vivek: that girl umm Dr.murthy’s sister

Manik: ok tell her wait aki will come

Vivek: i don’t knw where is she. she might be in aki’s room

Manik: ok dad i will come in 5 mins
Vivek: i will be waiting for u in the living area
saying that vivek left aki/manik’s room.manik turned around nandu nd she was busy starring him their lips where millimeters apart. manik remembers their holi kiss nd nandu remeberes after holi kiss nd she blushes a little

Nandini: manik


Nandini: if u don’t mind can u just get up

Manik:huh what

Nandini: look at us we are in a awkward wala position

Manik: oh yea sry

Nandini: what the manik malhotra said sry wow

Manik: whatever

manik got up nd gave a hand to nandini to get up she also got up and starighted herseld nd was abt to leave when manik grabbed her hand nd pulled her back he hit his chest.manik came hear her whispered sry for yesterday’s behaviour after hearing that a smile appeared on her face he left her and she ran away frm she went to aki’s room nd found aki

Aki: sry bhai shows more tantrums when omeone comes to wake him up

Nandu: it’s nothing like that if u r ready we will leave
Aki: yea 5 mins

Nandu: ok

she sat on the bed nd seeing the whole he got mesmerized it was nyc. as it has king size bed with so many photos around nd there was room connecting to the bedroom it was small room compared to bedroom it has small table urrounded by 6 coffee chair.three guitars,one keyboard nd drums were present nd that room is connected with a balcony it has small swing.! after going round the room aki called nandu,she came out nd saw aki ready they both went down,aki greeted manik but din’t wish vivek.nandu wished both of them manik greeted her but vivek din’t greet her.! aki dragged nandu out nd they went to navya’s house. cabir also came out nd greeted them he had smrik on his face which was an evil one..!

Cabir: hi choti nd hi nandini manik’s gf

Aki: bhai’s gf what

Cabir: arey u don’t knw they are in a relationship with each other

Aki: no

Cabir: yes. i have a proof does manik eat panipuri

Aki: he hates street food

Cabir: he ate 8 plates with nandu

Nandu: what is the proof

Cabir: i have it

nd shows a photo where both were eating panipuri,aki was shocked nd nandu gave a death glare to him.! aki said i need an answer for this i’m waiting inside the house saying this she went in

Nandu: how do u knw,manik told u

Cabir: no

Nandu: then

Cabir: actually i was passing by beach side when i saw u nd manik u were going on eating panipuri non-stop u stopped it after a while nd u payed the bill nd strted to move then u guys had a fight and u parted ur ways before i can reach upto u both u went away. so now say what are u guys

Nandu: nothing like that it is just that i gave him party

Cabir; oh i see.!
Nandu: oh shit

Cabir: what happened

Nandu: woh na navya wears short dresses when she is at home and i din’t inform abt aki coming to navya’s house.

Cabir: oh i see

at navya’s house
aki rang the doorbell.navya opened the door aki was shocked to see in a short nd navya was also shocked.! aki shouted nd nandu nd cabir reached over there and saw..!

Precap: surprise.!

ok so there is a surprise for u nd i can’t reveal it nd yea i want to reveal it but no no..! nd sindhu has big fan following here anyways sindhu is recovering because u guys prayed for her nd roma u will also blackmail her a she is a too stubborn bearing her tantrums is not easy difficult task..! 😀 😉

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. Hey sweety…..good job dear…..
    I know …..story Sindhu ki h…..but still u do a lot for ur frd nd for us also… .a big wala thanx too u…..for everything……
    Nd keep going…..
    I m waiting for next part…..EAGERLY…..

  2. Wowww manik u r awesome

  3. May be from next episode sindhu will update the episodes herself as she is recovering ?? Is that so … Ooh man cabir spying on manik nandini s secret date .. Lovely yar. And their sllipery incidents on the bed awesome yaar.

  4. Nice sweety …good going yar…good that sindhu is recovering….she is lucky to have a friend like u who take good care of her…manik covered it awesomely…whats that surprise…say me i won’t say to anyone…

  5. Omg!maman are falling for each other

  6. Wowwww awesome episode,…manik said sorry to nandini. …cute…loved the episode very much. …cabir is so funny, never leave anyone pulling their legs….manik’s room n music room’s description was very lovelyyyyyy. …what’s the surprise???…. wowwww sindhu recovering fast…glad to know that….thx for mentioning my name I’m honored to be you guys friend. …don’t worry we will both show her more tantrums that she will forget her own…n make her listen to us n she will take care not only her own health but ours too….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh, take care sweetheartssss…

  7. Sindhu update was nice .excited about the surprise. Pls update soon. Love manan

  8. I mean sindhu’s friend

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