Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-22


Recap: manik helps rishu
At panipuri stall

Nandu: dada 1 plate panipuri

Manik: nahi 2 plate panipuri

Nandu: u said u wont eat

Manik: now i wanted to eat

Panipuri Dada(PD): nandu extra spicy or normal
Nandu: mera liya extra spicey aur iskliye

Manik: i also want extra spicy
Nandu: u sure u will eat

Manik: Manik Malhotra can do anything

Nandu: ok then dada iskliye bhi extra spicy.! manik y not have a competition

Manik: ok i will win

Nandu: don’t boe over-confident i will win.!

Manik: let’s see.!

they both start the competiton manik had tears while eating it,but he did not say as nandu was enjoying they nearly had 8 plates of panipuri when nandu saw manik who was having tears and is having tough time while so she taught to stop so she gave up nd payed the panipuri dada nd they started to walk frm there when manik spoke

Manik: nandini y did u give up

Nandu: i wass full that’s y

Manik: oh really.but y i’m having feeling that u did this because of me as i was have tough time while eating yes i gave up because u

Manik: y

Nandu:look at urself how u became eating 8 plates of panipuri only
Manik: ok.but how can u like these type of street food

Nandu: are u indian.?
Manik: what the fu*k was that question nandini.obvio i’m indian

Nandu: language manik u r talking to a girl nd if ur indian then all indians love street food.oh wait i forgot u are a rich kid that’s y u don’t anything abt street food u ate all 5 star hotel food,nd i evn heard u ppl eat panipuri wih mineral water like seriously.?

Manik: ok sry for that yes i’m rich kid nd i never had a childhood u had i saw many things at a younger age anyways leave that panipuri was nice so when will we come back here again

Nandu: u liked it

Manik: i loved it

Nandu : manik ice cream

Manik: u ate 8 plates panipuri

Nandu: so.?

Manik: u still want to eat ice cream.?

Nandu: yes manik plz

Manik: no nandu it’s not good for health

Nandu: ok fine

saying she went away walking.she was sitting on a rock nd seeing the waves then suddenly two strong arms came infornt of her with two ice-creams one chocolate ice-cream other black current she looked at person it was manik she smiled looking at him nd hugged him nd whispered thanks in his ear and broke the hug and took chocolate icre-cream nd strted to eat nd maanik was watching her cute-antics .he taught “how can someone be so cute” then he also ate his black-current nandu went to shore adn started to play water nd called manik he came there they both started to play with water when nandu splashed water at manik’s face and he also did the same for few minutes they got settled down the same rock nandu was smiling nd manik starring her loose strands were distrubing her when he took them and tucked behind the ear they share a small eye-lock.nandu broke their eye-lock

Nandu: manik


Nandu: u knw manik abhi bhai,rish nd i used to play like this at beach in mangalore which just behind our house we shuld go over there nd play when ever any of us was we used go there nd sit for sometime nd see the beach i miss those days.!

Manik: y did u shift here.?

Nandu: actually na bhai is working here nd chacha also told amms that he will take care of us so he brought us here.!
Manik: can i ask u something

Nandu: um.yes

Manik: don’t u miss ur mom dad

Nandu: i do miss them but not that much ‘coz chacha nd chachi are there.!

Manik: ok

Nandu: actually u knw manik y i love chacha nd chachi because they did operation not having kids because of us.they taught we they have kids who will give us motherly love especially for rish.he was too young that time.when amms got to knw she was angry at them but later knw she forgive them they are the best


Nandu: yes manik.that’s y my love for them is infinite nd bhai also calls choti ma and choti appa for that reason only

Manik: no words to say

Nandu: manik let’s go na

Manik: ok i will drop u home

Nandu:no i will meet aki

Manik: ok then let’s go

Nandu: after that i’ll call bhai to come over there

Manik: no i will drop

Nandu: but
Manik: no but nd ifs

they left from there to malhotra manison they entered the house laughing manik cracked a joke nd nandu,manik were laughing.the stopped laughing when saw aki giving fake smile and was talkinh to some old aged guy.manik went near him and saw after he hugged that old aged man
Manik: dad u here

Vivek: yes manik

Aki: nandu.!

Vivek : who is aki

Aki: she is my frnd dad

Nandu: namestae uncle

Vivek: namastae aki she is ur frnd.?
Aki: yes if u have a problem then i don’t care

Manik: aki

Aki: bhai. come nandu let’s go to my room and talk if i sit here i will be bored
Nandu: no aki i’ll leave now i came here to meet u but it’s ok we will meet tmrw

Mank: come nandu i’ll drop u

Nandu: no manik i called bhai he will come in 5 minutes

Manik: but

Vivek: she said na she called her bhai that y are u tensed come with me manik i have to talk to u it’s something important

manik and vivek left.nandu and aki sat on the couch

Aki: nandu sry for dad’s behaviour

Nandu: it’s ok aki
Aki: u called abhi bhai na

Nandu: yes he will be coming in some time

Abhi: i’m here nandu

Abhi: hi aki.! where is manik

Aki: (she made a face) hi abhi bhai is with dad

Abhi: so ur dad is here gud

Aki: not so gud.!
Abhi: hmm.ok we will leave

Aki: bye

they were abt to leave when manik stopped them abhi turned towards manik and was shocked to see vivek malhotra over there

Vivek: Dr.murthy u here

Abhi:Mr.malhotra u here
Vivek: they are my kids nd she is

Abhi: my sister

Vivek: what

Abhi: yes

Vivek: so on holiday

Abhi: no. strted to work here in mumbai only i wont come to pune if there is any emergency only i will come there. so u on holiday
Vivek: no i came here for meeting nd taught to stay here will go back tmrw

Manik: how do u knw abhi dad
Vivek: u remeber i felt sick few months ago. abhi was the one who treated we became frnds like that.nd u never told abt ur sister
Abhi: u nevr told me abt ur kids
Nandu:(she was feeling little uncomfortable with vivek’s presence): bhai let’s leave na amms might be worried
Abhi: oh yes i forgot abt that. anyways mr.malhotra will meet u soon. glad to meet u here.! bye

abhi nd nandu bid bye to them nd left to murthy house.!

Precap: nandu to see manik sleeping shirtless nd she will wake him up for clg.?

what will happen over there.?

so guys i’m back not sindhu but her frnd. she is recovering frm her health nd sry for the late update.! nd she was little angry with me ‘coz i told u guys abt her not eating meals but leave it she is happy nd taking hr meals ‘coz i blackmailed her if she does not eat thn i will also not eat she being a sweet heart agreed to it and start eating her meals properly.nd thank u guys for ur comments 🙂 😀
now i get to knw why she is attached to u guys..

Credit to: sindhu varma

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