Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-21


Recap: rish came home crying.!
Manik: i’m trustee of that school

Nandu:(wiped her tears): what.?

Manik: i mean my dad is a trustee and i can help u with that

Chachi: nandu rish locked up his room nd not opening plz come nd tell na

Nandu ran to rish’s room followed by others. nandu started to bang the door but rish is nt opening it.!

Chachi: nandu u have rish’s spare key na.

nandu: spare key. haan yes i have i’ll bring it

Chachi: call abhi also he will listen to u nd abhi only

Nandu: guys plz call abhi bhai i will go nd bring the spare keys.!

Navya: i will call.!

nandu went to her room nd started to search. after searching for few minutes she got the keys nd went nd opened the door, rish was scared nd crying badly before nandu went in manik went nd hugged rish nd patted his back to ensure him that he is safe after breaking the hug

Manik: champ u tell who r those i’ll will make sure they will get restricated..!
Rish: manik bhai woh..! they are my seniors

Manik: ok champ show me their photos nd tell their names

Rish: i don’t have their photos manik bhai. they are 10th class nd they are grp of 3

Manik: ok champ u just come with me to school

Rish: no bhai i want come

Manik: champ listen to me my dad is the trustee over there if i file complaint they will be out of the school

Rish: promise

Manik: yes manik promise.!

Rish: ok i will come

Manik: nandini u r also coming with me

after saying this his phne started to ring.! it is manik’s dad.!

On phne

Vivek : hello manik u have to attend a meeting

Manik: but dad i have work

Vivek: this important manik

Manik: ok dad where is it

Vivek he tells the school name which rish also studies
(i don’t any schools in mumbai. as i’m not a mumbaikar)

Manik: ok dad

Vivek: ur important work

Manik: dad don’t worry

Vivek: ok bye

Manik: dad

before he could say anything man’s dad hanged up the call.!

Nandu: manik u have work

Manik: yes nandu i have to attend board meeting in the same school where champ is studying before the meeting starts we shuld go there i guess dad has informed the principal that i will be cming so let’s go

Nandu: but manik u don’t need do this

Manik:i’m not doing for u,i’m doing for rish.!

Navya: i called abhi bhai he well directly come to the school

Manik: ok navya. champ come fast we will go

rish,nandu,manik left for school.after few minutes they reached school abhi also met them over there they directly went into princi’s room.!

Manik: what the hell is this

Princi: hello manik malhotra it is glad to meet u. u came so fast for board meeting wow

Manik: i taught this school doesn’t accept ragging ,bullying ppl

Princi: yes u are ryt

Manik: my foot. my frnd’s brother is studying in this school nd is being bullied evryday by his seniors.
Princi: no the one who told u might be lied. ‘coz we don’t encourage any sort of things

Manik: shut up. no one he is not lieing nd don’t dare to speak anything abt him

Princi: manik abt whom u r saying

Manik: wait i’ll call them

thn he called all the three of them

Princi: what happened my child

Manik: i told u already ryt. i want those three guys to be restricted

Prinici: but manik we can’t do lyk that they are 10th students nd it’s abt their careers

Manik: i don’t give a damn abt that

Nandu: manik u can’t do lyk that
Manik: nandu u just shut up

Abhi: manik don’t rusticate them.
Manik: ok but suspend them

Prinici: ok i will

Manik: but before that i want to meet them

Rish: no bhai

Manik: no champ i wont to meet me their class

Rish: i knw where there will be

manik followed rish nd went to the ground which is behind school premises those 3 ppl are standing there when rish pointed towards them indicating manik went followed by abhi.nandu nd rish
Boy1: so u brought ur di nd bhai with u

Manik: yes

Boy2: oh wow rishab u r brother is so.

before he could tell anything manik slapped him hard and his face became red,nandu was shocked abhi nd rish were happy

Boy2: oy how dare u to beat me u knw who am i
Manik: who r u

Boy2: i’m the manik malhotra’s own brother if he will get to knw that u slapped me he will kill
manik,nandu,rish,abhi laughed
Boy2: y are u laughing

Manik(controlling his laugh): u knw whom i am
Boy2: no

Manik: ok i will tell i’m the manik malhotra u r so called brother. so my lil brother i never saw u in my house nor i played with u nd nandini,abhi did u see him in my house

nandu&abhi noded in a no

Manik: see my frnds also telling that they never saw u
Boy2: no i don’t believe

Manik: so ppl use my name like this.

Boy3: what is proof that ur manik malhotra anyone can tell na

Manik: i don’t care if u don’t believe nd yea within five minutes u will be called for board meeting nd ur parents they are on the way to school all the best see u in board meeting

all of them left from there nd reached the meeting hall

Nandu: manik u sure u will do is abt their career

Manik: yes nandini i will do this after this atleast ppl will not bully anyone

Rish:(hugged manik): thanks bhai

Manik:cahmp mention not

Abhi: thanks manik for evrything.!

Manik: mention not abhi

just then parents arrived with their kids.

Parent1: Manik sir sry for my students behaviour plz don’t complaint

Manik: i already did it nw i wont take it back

Parent1:it’s abt their career

Manik: i don’t care

Parent1: sir i work in ur dad’s company plz listen

Manik: see i don’t care if u work under my company

manik nd other trustee’s went in nd had their board meeting nd after few minutes peon called the parents nd nandu,abhi also went in their was discussion going but at the end the three boys got suspended for 2 months.! rish was happy seeing rish nandu nd abhi were also happy nd small smile crept on manik’s face seeing nandu happy he couldn’t handle when nandu was crying .!

Rish: manik bhai bye i’m going home

Manik: bye

Abhi: bye manik
Nandu: i’ll give u party

Manik: u r not going with them

Nandu: nopes i have to give u party

Manik: party but y

Nandu: actually i taught yesterday if our i mean ur plan got succeeded then i wil give u party

Manik: ok where will we go

Nandu: beach
Manik: ok then let’s go

they both went to beach nd stopped near a pani puri stall.manik gave irritated look

Manik: don’t say that we will eat this
nandu: yes we are eating this

Manik: no

Nandu: ok u don’t eat this i will eat

hello evryone this is not sindhu.i’m her frnd she ill so she told me to upload her ff.sry guys if u find this part crap but i’m not into writing that much much nd don’t knw what i wrote also. foe few days i will upload until she is fyn for nw she is really disturbed nd not taking her meals properly nd i stuck between the my bff’s wedding nd sindhu’s health no one is working properly over there evryone are missing sindhu badly nd evn the boy’s side will also come in a two days by that she shuld be fyn ‘coz our soon to be jiju’s favorite is sindhu nd she shuld only welcme him.!

anyways guys sindhu has msg for u..!
Hello evryone.! i miss u guys but bear my frnd for few days,as i can’t write ff if i write she will screw me


Credit to: sindhu varma

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