Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-20


Recap: manik,abhi r discussing their plan, aki din’t like their plan..!

Manik’s POV:

what the hell was that y did i scold aki, that to because of that random girl nandu, oh god no her ayyiapa y u want her get her married like she is still 20 nd she is cute let her live her happily i don’t that how that random guy is. she deserves the best.! but. wait what r u thinking manik,chuck them off
Nandu’s POV:

i don’t want to marry anyone or meet anyone. i think manik is right i shuld agree with his plan.! no but woh. he might be sleeping. i will give him one ring nd cut the call. i called him nd to my bad luck he picked at the the first ring only.!

On Phne

Manik: hey nandu u r fyn na. y u called me at this hour

Nandu: i’m fyn woh.woh. actually by mistake i called u. i taught it was navya’s number..!

Manik: stop lying nandu. Navya’s name starts with “N” nd Monster with “M” so nw tell me y u called me

Nandu: haww manik. hw u knw i saved ur number as monster u checked my phne such a shamelss creature u are
Manik: it was just a wild guess
Nandu: bye i’m going to sleep

Manik: u did not tell me y did u call

Nandu: woh. actually normally i called
Manik: wait let me guess u r stressed what will happen tmrw so u r not getting sleep

Nandu:hey hw do u knw

Manik: i knw evrything. anyways listen evrything will be fine

Nandu: wait u r not coming there

Manik: nandu i’m coming there

Nandu: but i said no na

Manik: i will listen to my heart na

Nandu: ok. but promise that u wont do anything that will hurt my feelings

Manik: i promise nandu i wont do anything that will hurt u. but if that guy does anything na u wont evn imagine what will i do with him

Nandu: umm.ok bye gud nyt

Manik: gud nyt.!

they hanged up the call nd smile crept on their face, they drifted into peaceful sleep..!!
At Nandu’s house:

Nandu came down nd sat beside rish, whereas chacha was busy reading newspaper, chachi nd amms are in kitchen preparing breakfast.! abhi came down nd wished good mrng to chacha,chachi,nandu and rish ignoring amms.!

Amms: abhi i think u forgot i came here frm mangalore yesterday.!

Abhi: haan i remember u came frm mangalore to mumbai yesterday.y u want nandu to get married soon she is just 20 yrs

Amms: i am not telling her to marry nw i asked her to go nd meet him that’s it
Abhi: u din’t tell her u ordered her to.nd y shuld she marry anyone, she is not a burden for us.!

Amms: abhi

Abhi: if u think she is a burden for u then tell me we three will leave from this house nd stay somewhere else i’m a successful doctor nd i have good earning to i can take care of them

Amms: abhi u guys are not burden to me

Abhi: thn what

Amms: abhi just shut u talk to me lyk that i’m ur grandmother

Abhi: when u can do anything than y can’t i talk to u lyk that

Nandu: bhai stop it

Amms: now u tell ur bhai how to behave with me

Nandu: amms plz stop it. bhai i will just go nd meet him if i din’t like him i will tell, when nd where shuld i meet him.?

Amms: 10 o clock at homemade cafe

Nandu: ok amms.!
nandu goes upstairs.abhi messages to manik.! manik’s peaceful sleep is disturbed by abhi’s message he checks it then he gets a call frm nandu a small smile appeared on his face

On Phne

Manik: gud mrng nandini

Nandu: gud mrng manik.i am going to meet him

manik: when nd where
Nandu: 10 O’clock at homemade cafe.!

Manik: ok i will come there

Nandu: bye manik nd sry

Manik: y sry.?

Nandu: woh actually i disturbed ur sleep na

Manik: it’s ok

Nandu: bye i have to get ready

Manik: u have to go nd meet him at 10 nt now na

Nandu: manik it is 9:30 i shuld go nd get ready.!
Manik: oh ok bye

they hanged up the call. she evn messaged navya,navya forwarded the message to cabir. nandini went to the washroom nd had a shower she came out wore a black chudiar with gold work.! she left her hair nd curled the hair at the ends she applied little maskara nd gave a little touch up.! she went down.

Chachi: u are looking awesome beta

Nandu: thanks chachi.!

Abhi: looking hot choti

Nandu: thanks bhai.!

Amms: looking beautiful kanna

Nandu: thanks amms

Abhi: if u guys completed can we leave now

Nandu: where bhai

Abhi: i will drop u

nandu: no bhai i will go on my scooty.!

Abhi: u will drive with this heavy dress. i’m going that side only i will drop nd go

Amms: abhi is ryt u go with him kana

nandu: ok amms, chalo bhai.!

they left.! within 10 mins they homemade cafe.! nandu bid bye to abhi nd went inside.! nd was searching for the person she has to meet then she spotted a person sitting alone went near him nd tapped on his shoulder.!

The Guy: nandini ryt

Nandu: yes

The Guy: hey come nd sit

Nandini: u siad u will come by 10

The guy: yea but came early

Nandu: ur name
The guy: maddy

nandu: maddy.?

Maddy: yes madhyam but in short maddy

Nandu: ok madhyam

Maddy: u call me maddy only i don’t like madhyam
Nandu: umm.ok maddy

Maddy: what would like to order.?

Nandu: filter coffee

Maddy: ok.!

he ordered two filter coffee.

Maddy: hey u look beautiful
Nandu: thanks

Maddy: why u want to marry at early age

Nandu: i don’t want to marry but amms forced me to meet u

Maddy: ok same here my grandpa forced me to meet u.

Nandu: so u don’t want to marry me

Maddy: no i dont want to marry. it is not lyk that ur nt beautiful.!

Nandu: hey i understand so friends

Maddy: friends.( they shake their hands)

Nandu: what are u doing nw

Maddy: i’m will join space academy soon

Nandu: i’m student over there

maddy: oh that’s gud so we will meet evryday

Nandu: yes

Maddy: can i ask u question

Nandu: yes

Maddy: do u have bf.? actually girls usually reject when they have a boyfrnd

nandu was abt to say no when manik came nd said yes. nandu was shocked to see him as well as maddy

Manik: hi i’m manik malhotra nandu’s boyfrnd

Maddy: hi i’m madhyam nandini’s new frnd

Manik: y u want to marry my gf

Maddy: no i’m nt marrying her.i already told her.!

Manik:ok that’s gud

Maddy: hey y are u standing go nd sit beside nandini na

Manik: yes sure(he went and sat beside nandu)

Maddy: u both look cute together.!

nandu: um. thanks

Maddy: i’ll give some reason to my GD u also give some reason to ur amms

Nandu: ok

Maddy: so see u in space i will leave for now i have work..!

Nandu: bye

Manik: bye

Maddy: bye guys it was glad to meet u

manik and nandini smiled. maddy left frm there nd manik went to maddy place and sat there he was starring her when his trance got broken by nandu’s voice

Nandu: y did u come here

Manik: u only told me to come na

nandu: haan. but y did u tell him that u r my bf.

Manik:u r not getting married to him na

nandu: he is joinig space soon

Manik: so what.?

nandu: he will get to knw that u r not my bf

Manik: ok chill le we will tell him when he joins space ok na.!
Nandu: umm..ok i’ll call navya nd tell her to come here

Manik: u told nav..

he was abt to say something when two arms surrounded him nd said how dare u to bring marriage propsal to nandu he turned around and saw cabir,aryaman nd navya over there. all the three were shocked to see manik over there.

Cabir: bhai u will marry nandu

Manik: no the one who has to marry nandini went

Cabir: what r u doing here

Manik: actually abhi called me nd told to spoil this proposal so i came here nd spoiled it

navya: how

Manik: i told him that i’m nandini’s boy frnd

all the three shouted “WHAT”

Manik: yes, but before that only he rejected her as he was not ready to marry anyone now.! nd the worst part is he is joining space soon!

cabir laughed.manik gave him a death glare.!
navya: nandu u r looking awesome

nandu: thanks. but i want to go home

Navya: ok come we will drop u

Cabir: hey madhubala u forgot nandu’s boyfrnd manik is there na to drop her

Nandu: cabirrrr. ok i will call abhi bhai he will come here nd pick me up

Manik: y to disturb him. he is not free lyk u. i’ll drop u

Navya: hey we will also come with u i have to meet amms also

Aryaman: yea i have an idea u nd manik go in one cabir,navya nd me we will come in other one

manik: ok

all of them left from.! manik nd nandu’s journey till home was silent.! he remembered when last tym hw aki went missing nd nandu’s helped nd how she was talking.! he on the radio and bolna song was playing which was perfectly suited their situation.!

nandu: um. thanks


Nandu: for on the radio i was bored that’s y

Manik: it’s ok

Nandu: did abhi bhai told u to do that

Manik: yes nd he explained everything.!

Nandu: but when i called u did not tell anything abt abhi bhai’s plan

Manik: i taught to tell u after the paln worked out

they reached nandu’s home cabir,aryaman,navya joined them navya went in and rand the door bell amms opened nd welcomed them in aryaman nd navya touched amms feet,cabir and manik did the same.! amms hugged nandu and asked how was he.!

Nandu: amms he rejected me

Amms: but y kanna

Nandu: he is not ready for this marriage that’s y

Amms: it’s ok kanna nd tell this to ur bhai he will happy

nandu: ok amms but meet my frnds

Amms: i knw them kanna navya nd aryaman na
Nandu: no not them

nandu introduced manik nd cabir.! she smiled at them and went from there.! chachi came there nd said hi to evryone. nandu said guys be here i’ll change my dress nd come. she went up changed her dress nd came in blue jean nd white top nd tied her hair into pony.! manik was just starring her when cabir noticed it and told ” bhai stop starring nandu her amms is her she will see u” with that he came out of his trance nd gave a irritated look to cabir.!

Nandu: so guys what’s the plan
Navya:no paln

Nandu: let’s practice for musicana then

Cabir: no we will give it a break na.!

Aryaman: yes

Nandu: what to do?

Cabir: we will go manik’s house nd we will decide what to do

Navya: yea good idea.!

Aryaman: ok

Nandu: ok

Amms: kana where are u going

nandu: amms to manik’s house

Amms: y

Nandu: normally

Amms: ok come fast in the evng.!

rish entered the house crying.! nandu went nd hugged him

Rish: di i will go to mangalore

Nandu: y rish

Rish: i don’t want to stay here

Manik: champ what happened

Rish: manik bhai evryone in school are teasing me

Manik: y champ

Rish: they are saying that i’m not a good boy that’s y my parents left me ani they are saying i’m an orphan

Nandu: who r they rish i’ll go nd talk to princi abt them

Manik: champ tell me who r they i will look after it

Rish: no i will go to mangalore with amms that’s it

Amms: what is rish stop crying

Rish: i’m coming with u to mangalore nd that’s it

after saying this he went to his room nd locked it.nandu also started crying.! manik asked which school rishab is studying she told him.!

lisa nd ollie i’m sry for not updating my ff regularly.! but i can’t help it guys i’m stuck between my best frnds wedding nd this ff i am not getting tym to upload it.! thanks sunisha for the idea i taught to keep someone else in maddy place.! nd guys i will make sure i will udate my ff from monday-friday saturday nd sunday i try but i’m not sure nd hayati where r u ur not commenting on ff.!
guys i also miss u.! but sry if u ppl are hurt because of me.. 🙁

Credit to: sindhu varma

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