Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-2

Recap:aki asks manik abt her parents

A short bubbly girl is rushing towards the office with files in her and bumps into a tall and handsome guys she falls in her arms..

The girl is none other than nandini murthy.. she falls in our hero’s arms manik.. the both share a eyelock and papers are fallen apart suddenly the break their eyelock as manik gets a call it is none other our sweet cabir..
On phne

Cabir: abey kaha hein tu
Manik:mein college mein a raha hoon

Cabir: jaldi a teri behen ati hogi college ko..
manik: hhan tik hain

he cuts the phone

nandini is picking all the papers which fell down.. manik is busy in starring her cuteness.she gets up and says sorry actually i was in a hurry.. 🙁
Manik: umm it is okk.. saying this he went away..
And nandini rushed towards the office room..!

Aki entered the college.. she was just starring at the college and smiles
she used to have a dream to enter into THE SPACE ACADEMY and get famous into the music world like her brother’s band fab5 she knws no one can defeat them but also..

Just then some boys surround her and say
Boy1: looks like you are a new admission

Aki: yes

Boy2: what is your name

Aki: who are u to ask my name
Boy1: oho arrogance and towards us.. hmm
both the boys come closer to aki and were abt to touch then nandini comes and slaps both the boys
and tells them how dare they are to tease a girl

one of the boys pushes nandini aside and she falls on the ground just aki see her brother and her friends

Aki says to the boys u knw fab5
Boys nod in a yes
one of the boys say that they can’t do anything they are biggest loosers in our college
aki: really

boy1: yes
just she shouts bhai and runs towards manik
the boys are shocked to see fab5 at their back

mukti: so we cannot defeat u
manik face turned into red as he was fuming in anger he shouted at the boys how dare u to touch my sister Akansha Malhotra and he starts to beat even mukti cabir also get into fight with manik and beat them up alya and dhruv are with aki
Alya: aks are u alright
Aki: yes alya i’m alright when i have a brother like manik no one can harm me but before bhai a girl came a saved me but those boys pushed her she fell down a got hurt..:( i don’t kw where is she
Alya: chill she will here when ever u meet her tell thanks ok na
manik comes and hugs her sister and tells that’s why i said we will go together to college see u dint listen
Aki: sry bhai
Fab5 and aki go to the canteen
there aki sees the girl

Aki: hello thankq for saving me

Nandini: i dint save u but ur brother did
Aki: i knw. I’m Akansha u can call me aki
Nandini: I’m Nandini murthy..
Aki: so friends..
Nandini: friends
Aki: first day at college.?
Nandini: yea i have joined 2nd year
Aki: now.?
Nandini: yea i have shifted frm mangalore to mumbai so joined in the mid-year..
then nandini gets a call she leaves frm the canteen..

fab5 plays a prank with nandini. nandini is angry on manik..!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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