Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-19


Recap: Manik sneaks into nandu’s room
Nandini sits on the bed,Manik comes out of the washroom nd starts to shout on Nandu abt that proposal
Manik:Nandini what is wrong with ur Amms
Nandu: what do u mean.
After saying she realises her state nd her bottom nd runs into washroom, Manik waits for her, she came out of the washroom.
Nandu: u still dint go
Manik: no I will talk to ur Amms or whatever u call her
Nandu: ok go nd talk to her what will u say to her that Nandu don’t want to marry nd all the shit
Manik: ok i won’t talk to ur Amms
Nandu: nw go from here i will manage
Manik: I am nt going from here until u tell me y is ur Amms back of ur marriage look at u. Your still 20.
Nandu: so what Manik.i will go nd meet that guy tmrw
Manik: but y.u go nd tell ur Amms that u don’t to do this nd that is it
Nandu:i will go nd meet him. I can’t go against my Amms decision. After all she took care of me after my parents death so she has all rights on me
Manik: u r seriously out of ur senses. U r a major and can take ur decisions nd are u returning a favour to ur Amms by marrying a some random guy. U knw what abhi was ryt u can go to any extent for ur Amms happiness, that is sick
Nandu: Manik plz go I want to sleep. Nd yea I am doing any favour to my Amms ok
Manik: i am
He was intrreputed by was abhi.
Abhi: choti open the door i want to talk to u
Nandu: bhai I don’t wanna talk abt it
Abhi: choti at least have ur dinner
Nandu: bhai I will have it later
Abhi:once open the door
Nandu: bhai I will not open the door plz leave me alone we will talk abt it in the morning if u stay here I won’t eat anything
Abhi: ok. Bye princess
Abhi left from there. Nandu said to ayyiappa I am not ready for this marriage. Manik shouted I got an idea
Nandu: what
Manik: u go nd meet him nd tell him u have a boyfriend nd u want to marry him only
Nandu: what if he says he wants to meet my boyfriend
Manik: u just give a call nd I will come there
Nandu: u nd my boy frnd no way
Manik: ok then as u wish go nd marry that stupid looser. Bye
Nandu: bye
Manik left from there.he reached malhotra mansion.! aki was waiting for him.

Aki: bhai where were u i called up fab4 also but they said u were not with them
manik: choti u had ur dinner

aki: no bhai

manik: thn go have it

aki: nd u bhai

manik:i don’t want to have i’m not angry u have it

aki: bhai.

manik: choti i said na i don’t want dinner u go nd eat otherwise u don’t eat (he shouted at and went to his room)
aki started to cry as he never shouted on her just cabir came in nd saw her crying nd rushed towards her nd hugged her tightly

Cabir: choti what happened
Aki:bhai. woh

cabir: kya hua choti tell na
aki:(wiped her tears) manik bhai has scolded me

cabir: what but he never scolds u na

aki: yes cabir but don’t knw he sclded me.

cabir: ok wait i will go nd talk to him

aki: no bhai. he is really angry he might tell u anything

cabir: but choti

aki: no bhai.

cabir: ok i will go but i will talk to him in morning.!

aki: bye bhai.!

cabir: bye choti and take care of urself..!

cabir left frm there nd aki went towards the dining area while she was eating her food she heard loud music from manik’s room,just thn ramu kaka enters nd tells her

Kaka: aki beta manik he is plzying music harshly
aki: but y kaka

kaka: don’t knw beta

aki: ok kaka i will go nd see

aki rushed to manik’s room, nd she us shocked to see whole room messed up nd playing the guitar harshly she tried to stop him but it went in vein.!

Aki: bhai stop it u will urself

Manik:aki go frm here

aki: i wont go
manik: aki (he shouted nd raised his hand)

aki closed her eyes and was shocked that his bhai who never told her anything raised his hand because he was angry.

aki: c’mon bhai slap me. i taught u love me the most but knw u knw also hate me lyk dad, u just show u r care nd love towards which is not true it is all fake

manik(tears formed in his eyes after hearing aki’s words): aki it is not lyk that i love to the core nd no one evr replace my towards u it is just i’m distrubed don’t u never say lyk dat my love towards u is fake.plz aki never evr tell lyk that
aki:(she hugged him tightly nd cries evn more harder) bhai..!

Manik: ssh choti no more crying come let’s go nd eat something i ‘m feeling hungry.

aki: ok bhai..!

they both went down nd had their dinner.manik’s phne started to ring,it was abhi, he got panicked nd picked up the phne

On Phne

abhi: hello manik

manik: yes abhi.
abhi: plz help me

manik: what happened
abhi: nandu is getting married

manik: what

abhi:yes manik,plz stop it yaar

manik: but she wont listen to me
abhi: i have got a plan

manik:what is ur plan

abhi told the same plan which manik has discussed with nandu

manik: u sure abt the plan.

abhi: yes i am. i knw it is kind of stupidity but also plz help me yar i don’t want my sissy to get married

manik: it is ok yaar i’ll help u. but msg me where they r meeting.

abhi:i’ll tell u msg u in the morning

manik: ok bye

abhi: bye

he hanged up the call.aki was starring manik in what is going on here wala look.manik explains her everything but aki din’t like the plan ‘coz she knw nandu will not lyk this kind of lie nd she warned manik but he din’t give damn to it..!

At navya’s house.!
navya was in shorts nd she wore white top nd tied her hair up nd was cooking in kitchen nd aryaman was in his room. door bell rang and navya went to open the door when she opened the door it was cabir standing at the door.

Navya: cabir u here.?
Cabir: yea actually my mom is not at home nd she not evn lifting my phne so taught to come here for a while

Navya: yea it is ok come in.!

cabir was just starring her they went in and he settled himself on the couch aryaman came down in was in his tracks.!

Aryaman: hey cabir
Cabir: hi

Aryaman: cabir just excuse us plz
Cabir: yea sure

aryaman dragged navya aside.!

Navya: u have any manners what would he think of us
Aryaman: navya u r in ur shorts nd u din’t evn change u only wanted na that world shuld not this side of u

Navya: ya, but he knws it when we shifted here i went for jogging nd he saw me.

Aryaman:nd u din’t tell me

Navya: now u knw na.!
Aryaman: ok..
they back to cabir.!

Aryaman: sry cabir for that

Cabir: yea it’s ok i knw y u dragged navya aside

Aryaman: what u knw

Cabir: u asked her na that hw come i knw that girl who wears traditional dress for the world wears short dress with her frnds.!
Aryaman: umm..yes

Cabir: it is ok aryaman. i can understand u guys .!

Navya: cabir take water

Cabir: hey no formalites we r frnds na

Navya: i am not doing any formality it is just that u look stressed

Cabir: it is not lyk dat

Navya: c’mon cabir i also understand u ‘coz we r frnds na

Cabir: ok,manik scolded aki nd she started to cry, i can’t see tears in her eyes, choti told me nt to talk to manik so i came back home
Navya: it is ok cabir manik must be angry at something so he shouted at aki

Cabir: no navya it is not ok ‘coz manik nevr shouts on aki how much angry he has don’t what happened to him i hope he is fyn.!

Aryaman: cabir evrything will be fyn. just wait till tmrw.!

Navya: yea cabir. nd dinner is ready would like to eat it or else u will wait for ur mom to come

Cabir: no.. i will eat it i’m hungry.!

Aryaman & Navya laughed.

navya: all tym bhukkad..! ok u guys come towards the dining area i will serve u guys .!

navya brought dinner. she made chapati’s and daal has she was not in mood to make anything else.! they had their dinner.!

Cabir: it is awesome navya u evn knw cooking. wow i din’t except that frm u

Navya:(slightly blushed for that compliment): thanks
Aryaman: oh u never thanked me when evr i complimented ur food

Navya: i will never thank u also. u never complimented me only.!

Cabir: u fight like this only

Aryaman: yes

Cabir: that’s y nandu. i mean nandini always scolds u guys

Navya: umm.. yes
Cabir: i think mom came back. so i’ll leave, see u guys bye

He bid bye nd was abt to go when navya’s phne rang it was nandu
On Phne
Nandu: navya

Navya: kya hua

nandu: yaar amms want me to get married

Navya: kya

Nandu: yes navya. i have to meet him tmrw.!

Navya: u go nd meet. nd msg me where r u going to meet him, aryaman nd me will come nd next u can imagine

Nandu: but navya

Navya: no But nd if’s.!

Nandu: ok i’ll msg u in the mrng. byr gud nyt

Navya: game on. gud nyt..!

she hanged up the call.!cabir nd aryaman were starring at navya. she explained them everything.!

Cabir: i’m also with u madhubala
Navya: ok i’ll text u in the mrng.!

Cabir left from there, navya nd aryaman went to their respective rooms nd slept. on the other manik nd nandini could not sleep,nandu was lost in manik’s words..!!

nandini went to the cafe.! there was guy waiting for her.!

Megh i love ur story..! nd yeah being a lazy bump i do not comment on ur story but i started to comment.! guys i read all the other ff’s too but i comment that’s it..! 😉 sry guys

Credit to: sindhu varma

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