Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-18


Recap: abhi tells abt his parents accident..!

Nandu: i’m sry manik i din’t knw what happened
Manik: after whatevr u said to me na i won’t forgive u

Nandu: but manik.

Manik: no but nd ifs ms.nandini.

after hearing that nandini starts cry badly.manik turns around and sees nandu cry nd stands up and tries to console her but she is not listening to him,just thn abhi comes there nd sees nandu crying and calls out her name, nandu goes nd hugs abhi.!

Manik in taught” now i’m dead abhi can’t see nandu crying nd if he gets to knw the reason behind nandini crying nd will ahng me to death i want to live nd yea she was ryt a girl lyk nandu she will surely get tensed when she gets up in morning in a some randam guy’s room oh god..!” he came out of his taught when abhi shouted.!
Abhi: nandu tell something, y r u crying did manik tell u anything

Nandu : no bhai actually woh….woh..woh

Abhi: plz tell nandu i’m scared what happened tell na.!

Nandu: woh amma appa..! i got a dream abt them that car accident wala one

Abhi: stop crying nandu that is our past.! nd wait i will tell this to choti ma that u are still thinking abt that accident nyt.!
Nandu: no bhai don’t tell plz

Abhi: thn stop crying

Nandu: (wipes her tears) see i stoped crying..!

Abhi: that is lyk my girl..!

Manik: hey abhi.!

Abhi: hi. i’m sry i shuld not have not blamed u. i got tensed seeing her cry that’s y i blamed u..!

Manik: ok it’s ok abhi i understand i will also panic lyk dat if aki was nandini’s place.!
Abhi: ok we will leave for now.!

Nandu: bhai.

Abhi: haan
Nandu: navya aur aryaman.?

Manik: nandini they are still here come with me i’ll show the way towards there rooms.
Abhi: yes nandini u go with manik i will sit here
Nandu: ok bhai….

nandu and manik on their way to aryaman’s room
Manik: thanks.

Nandu: y

Manik: for saving me from ur brother

Nandu: the great manik malhotra is scared of my brother
Manik: u r brother is really possessive abt u.!

Nandu: yea i knw

Manik: y did u hide it frm ur brother

Nandu: woh actually it is a small problem na so that’s y i din’t tell him

Manik: oh is it so.? or anything else

Nandu: nothing else. what u taught

Manik: nothing. here is aryaman’s room

when nandu nd manik entered the room. they were shocked to see the boys sleeping lyk (dhruv,cabir nd aryaman in one room,aki,navya,mukti,alya in aki’s room) cabir nd aryaman are shirtless nd dhruv’s one leg was on cabir head nd other was on aryaman’s head..! seeing cabir nd aryaman she shouted nd closed her eyes.!

Manik: what happened.?
Nandu: i am going to aki’s room
Manik: why (he had smirk on his face seeing nandu lyk dat)
Nandu: u r mad they are shirtless hw can i see them lyk that. chi chi

Manik:(bending towards her) ayyio nw what to do u will oly wake them up

Nandu: no

Manik: yes

Nandu: no. manik plz i will go frm here.

Manik: if u go frm here i will tell evryone that u kissed me.

Nandu: no ur not doing that.
Manik: my sweet nandu i’m”MONSTER MANIK” i can do anything and u knw that.!

Nandu: ok whatever i will only go wake them up,but listen i will tell evrything to my bhai

Manik: ok go nd tell him that u kissed me.

Nandu: i hate u monster.
Manik: i hate u too shorty

Nandu: don’t call me that.!

nandu goes towards dhruv first nd tries to wake him but he is not evn moving a bit.! then she go an idea she went inot the was room nd brought a bucket full of water nd set an loud alram. at count of 3.2.1 he poured the cold water on three of them and on the alarm. with that they got up with a jerk and found nandu standing infornt of them crossed her hands and kept it near her chest.!

Aryaman: nandu tu. u woke up so early.?

Nandu: first wear ur shirt. and it is 10 o’clock
Aryaman: u dont have shame u came into guy’s room who is shirtless nd starring at him in an awkward posistion.

Manik: oy don’t evn dare tell her lyk that i forced to wake u all. nd u r taunting ur best frnd
Nandini moved back nd hid behind manik.!!

Cabir: abey yaar let’s us sleep na.!

Manik: u r guy getting up or not. shame on u guys.!

Dhurv: buddy plz let us sleep

Aryaman: no guys get up.! nd nandu sry i knw u don’t come lyk this is into a boy’s room any ways nandu give me 5 mins i’ll be ready nd we have to go out somewhere
Nandu:(peeping out from manik’s back) : but where

Aryaman: i will tell u ley.
saying this he got up from bed and went towards the washroom to fresh n up. manik turned towards her.

Manik: hey sry for that u got embrassed lyk dat
Nandu: it’s ok i will go to aki’s room and wake up navya.!
Manik: ok..!

nandu leaves from there before going out she turns around and smiles at manik. manik also smiles back at her.!She goes to aki’s room and tries to wake them up but they were acting like sleeping so she intentionally talks to ayyiappa abt her day out with others.! they all wake up and shout at nandu how can shey go out without them.nandu says them that she is going anywhere but she told them intentionally. after that they go down all the boys are waiting for them..!
abhi: so guys chalo
aryaman: abhi i will drop nandini

abhi: y
aryaman: i have a work so i’m taking nandu

abhi: u take navya.

aryaman: abhi but

abhi: not but and ifs amms is coming frm mangalore before she comes home nandu shuld be there nd u knw abt amms na hw stirct she is. she will be angry if she gets to knw that stayed whole in manik’s house.!

nandu: amms is coming yay.! sry aryaman but i will go abhi bhai u just msg me what was the work!

aryaman: ok we will come in the evng to meet amms

navya: oh yes we will surely come.!

aryaman: navya chalo we will go.!

all four of them left from there. abhi nd nandini reached their house, nandu went in nd saw rishab was sitting nd watching tv

Nandu: hi rish

Rish: hi di.! where were u last nyt

nandu: i was in my frnds home.! sry

rish: it is ok. amms is coming

nandu: yea i knw bhai told me.!

rish: after she comes i will ask her that i will also come to amngalore with her i dont want to stay her
nandu: y rish

rish: evryone in my school are teasing me

abhi: what r they teasing
rish: woh.

amms (interrupting rish): hello evryone
nandu: hello amms, i missed u so much

amms: kanna i missed u too

abhi: ok so u missed only nandu nd not us

amms: ayyio i missed u guys to.!
rish, abhi nd nandu hug amms. they sit nd talk lyk that, nandu nd rish are spending tym with amms abhi went out on hospital work. it is evng tym..!
manik sneaked into nandu’s room through the window first he taught it may not be the room but when he entered into the room he saw nandu’s pictures so he taught to himself it is her room! manik starts to search for the diary when he heard the shower sound nd thinks that nandu is taking shower before she comes out i should take her diary.! he closes nandu’s room door nd starts searching for the diary but he did not get it. then he opened the drawer nd founds the diary he was abt to open it. when he heard a knock on the it was an old-age women’s voice he taught it might be her amms but i can’t open the door. amms was cont. knocking the door.”kanna open the door i want to talk to u abt something” nandini came out of the washroom nd he is shocked to see manik. manik opened his mouth when he saw nandu. she was wearing a top and covered a towel around her waist.

Nandu: what the hell are u doing here

manik: woh.woh
nandu: woh.woh kya. don’t have manners u came into my room nd opening my diary chi.
Amms:kanna open the door.

nandu: oh shit amms she is here. manik u go
nandu was pushing manik out but saw chacha over there so she brought him back. nd told him to hide in the washroom he went in.nandu snatched the diary from his hand nd pushed himin and locked the door.! nandu open her room’s door amms came in

amms: kanna what is this kaana i was knocking the door for such a long tym.!

nandu: amms chill i was taking my shower. so that’s y i did not open the door.!
amms: kanna u still have the habit of not wearing ur bottom in ur room i told u to change this habit na

nandu: when u knw i’m stubborn bacha. thn how can u think i will change my habits.!

amms: kanna i came to mumbai ‘coz

nandu: wait don’t say u brought a marriage propsal for me plz no amms
amms: yes kaana u guess is ryt
nandu: but amms abhi bhai is there na

amms: kana in south first the girls get married thn the brothers

nandu: amms i don’t want to get married

amms: kanna u just meet him nd tell

nandu: no amms

amms: yes nandu u r doing it nd that’s final u r not telling any word against it

nandu: but amms

amms: goud nyt kaana. we will talk abt this in morning

nandu: ok amms gud nyt.!

saying this amms went away from there.manik heard their convo.!

manik is becoming restless..!

who is the new entry.?
will nandini say yes to this proposal.?
what abt manik nd nandini’s love story will it start or end.?

Credit to: sindhu varma

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