Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-17


Recap: Manan Kiss..!

Manik woke up nd was confused what is he doing on the couch. when he saw nandini on his bed then he realised that he kissed her he smiled while thinking abt that so he taught to wake up her but it went vien when he saw her sleeping like a small baby with a cute pout..! nandini’s phne started to ring manik lifted up the phne..!

On Phne

Chachi: hello nandu where r u.?
Manik: hello chachi. this is manik,nandu is sleeping in my room.!
Chachi: if she is sleeping in ur room thn what are u doing there.?

Manik: i came here to take my charger and u called so i taught to inform u..!

Chachi: ok beta.bye

Manik: bye chachi..!

he kept nandini’s phne aside and went down towards the living area.! where aki was already there
Manik: hey choti..! how did u enjoy ur holi

Aki: hi bhai. it was awesome as always.can i ask u something.!

Manik: from when u r asking me permission to ask something..!
Aki: bhai what’s going between u nd nandini.?
Manik:(was shocked at her direct question don’t knw hw to change it): aki there is nothng between us..!

Aki: bhai when i came into ur room u were sleeping on the couch nd nandini was on ur bed.! u never slept on that couch lyk that y today.!

Manik:oh c’mon choti i shuld ask u what going between u nd aryaman.


Manik: yes choti i’m listening
Aki: there is nothing between us we r frnds..!

Cabir (coming towards them): oh really choti i don’t think so.?

Aki: cabir bhai shut up there nothing between us.
Cabir: ok..
Navya: hey where is nandu did she leave.

Manik: no she din’t leave.

Navya: thn where is she.?

Aki: she is sleeping in bhai’s room.

Cabir: woah bro u din’t evn tell us abt ur story.. 😉

Manik: shut up cabir,don’t cook stupid stories in ur mind. actually she drank bhang nd came nd slept in my room..
Aryaman: who drank bhang.!

Navya: nandu.!

Aryaman: what seriously..! that’s an awesome news..!

Aki: you r happy that is she drank bhang

Navya: yes..! u don’t knw nandu rarely drinks bhang nd when she does..!

Manik: nd when she does.?

Abhi: who does what nd where is nandu. i came here to pick her up but i can’t find her.1

Navya: bhai guess what

Abhi: what.?
Aryaman: nandu drank bhang..
Abhi: seriously..!

Manik: i’m sry for that.!

abhi crushed manik into a tight hug..!!

Abhi: y sry.! i missed it..! she does what her heart when she drinks bhang..!

Manik: oh really.
Manik in his mind
” does she really wanted to kiss me.?” he came out of his thoughts when mukti clicked her fingers..!

Manik: huh, yes

Mukti: kya hua..! what r u thinking..!

Manik: umm.nothing..!
Mukti: ok.!

Abhi: how did u all enjoy holi this year

Navya: awesome. after 2 years i enjoyed holi with besties..!
Aryaman: oh yeah i also enjoyed alot..!

Aki: so u din’t play holi till 2 years .?

Aryaman: no

Manik: can i ask u guys one question.!
Abhi: oh yea..!
Manik: why were u happy that ur lil sissy drank bhang.!

Abhi: actually na nandini she listens to other’s she is happy with other happiness she never does what her heart says..! so on holi if she drinks bhang then she does evrything that her heart says..! aryaman nd navya do u remember that incident when nandu punched that guy who teased her.?

Navya: oh yeah hw can i forget tht.!

Cabir: tell us clearly.!
Abhi: i will tell u.!
what is his name..
Navya: rahul.
Abhi: yea rahul. what happened his when she was coming back to home this guy teased her nd made fun of her nd told her that u are an orphan u don’t mom nd dad. he nd his frnds teased her lyk that she came running to me nd she was crying very badly being an elder brother i can’t see my lil sister cry.! so i asked her what’s the matter she told me evrything.rahul being our neighbor i directly went to his home and beaten him up so badly that he got admitted in the hospital.! rahul’s mom being my amms frnd she told evryhting to my amms. she was really angry on me and started to shout on me when nandini told her evrything. amms came near me nd said “kanna u shuld atleast have informed na u shuld do that” but i told her straight that if any one harms my sister i will kill them.! after that it took few weeks for him to recover. he came to our house on holi, by the tym he came to our house nandu drank 3 glasses of bhang. when she saw him coming towards her she straightly went nd punched on his face that there was big red mark,nd she shouted saying that i’m nt an orphan my amma and appa are with me only in the form of chacha nd chachi.! saying this she went away frm him frm then till nw he is scared of nandini he never comes in fornt of her..!

Mukti: oh.! so u will kill anyone who harms ur sister.!
Abhi: yes. i have no problem if i go behind the bars
Navya: abhi bhai is really possessive abt nandu.!

Abhi: i’m possessive abt u to. don’t forget that

Navya: yea bhai.!

Cabir: like seriously our choti nandu punched that guy that hard
Aryaman: yes.!
Manik: i’m sad for rahul.!
Aki: like seriously bhai.!

Manik: i knw what he had felt when nandini had punched him!
Cabir: oh yea, first day of clg our choti nandu punched him na u don’t knw

Aryaman & Abhi in unsion: what.?
Navya: yes bhai actually cabir throwed egg on my head. when he was abt to throw it on nandu she bent nd that egg hit manik’s head, with manik showed his anger on nandu,nd nandu being nandu she could take his anger nd without seeing she punched him hard nd i forced her to take her away.!
Abhi: cabirrrr..! how dare u to throw an egg on navya a. (he was really angry on cabir)
Navya: bhai chill na it’s ok
Abhi: nd u don’t talk to me u din’t tell me abt this.!

Navya: bhai i din’t tell u ‘coz i din’t take that seriously.! u don’t remember i did the same with the professor nd got suspeneded for 2 weeks..!
Mukti: navya u did that.?
Aryaman: yes. she is biggest prankster in manglore and pune!

Abhi: oh yea hw did i forget that.wait nd nandu din’t tell u sry.!

Manik: no

Abhi: i think she wrote it in the her diary..!

Aki: diary.?

Abhi: yea diary. after our parents passed away choti ma told nandini that whatever u want to tell to ur amma nd appa ryt in this diary.! they will read it. frm then she started to ryt in her dairy nd till nw i dint open her diary,’coz she nevr wanted me to open her diary though i knw evrything abt her.!
Navya: she says that diary only one shuld open.

Manik: nd who is that one.?
Navya: her someone special.
Cabir: so she has a boyfrnd..

Aryaman: don’t evn think of that.! she is nevr into any relationship till now, she is purest soul.! as she believes in true love nd waits for him.?
Abhi: there r two things that nandu does not let anybody touch one is her diary nd other one is her fireflies.
Dhruv: firefiles.?
Navya: yea fire-flies. she believes that if her true love comes near her then those fire-flies will glow. as they glow only when true love is there..!
Alya: it is so kiddish.

Abhi: yea i knw but i can’t tell my sister that. ‘coz my used to tell her that always fir-flies grow when there is true love only. she brought them from manglore..!

Manik: does true love exist.?
Aki: yes bhai it exists.
Cabir: choti u r saying as if u have evr been into any relationship.
Aki:cabir bhai. i read alot of books so i knw.!
Navya: true love only exists in books aki,not in real lyk.!

Abhi: navya the relation u had with that guy is not love.!
Navya: bhai but i loved him na.

Aryaman: if u forgot for him it was just a bet.!

Cabir: what, hw can anyone bet on a girl
Abhi: he can bet cabir.!

Muku: hey abhi can i ask u something, do u guys miss ur parents

Abhi: i don’t miss that much ‘coz for choti ma nd choti appa are there but nandu misses them alot.

Manik: thn what abt champ.
Abhi: no doesn’t miss them,’coz he was months baby when they passed, so properly does not knw them,nandu miss alot ‘coz they used pamper her alot,before she used to ask anything they ful-fill all her wishes..!
Muku: how did the pass away.
Alya: muku u can’t ask lyk that

Abhi: alya it’s ok,though it was a horrible which changed us all.! we have to shift back to india..!

Amma,appa nd nandu are returning back home from shopping as nandu’s 6th b’day was coming. they were going on a normal speed when a truck came in a wrong way and hit them by god’s grace nandu was alive but amma nd appa they went away living us alone. thank god to ur neighbor who saw nandu nd went near her nd called choti appa nd told them evrything he took the next flight nd took us along with bodies they did the funeral.nandu did not eat or speak anything for two days.! she din’t evn celebrate her b’day that year. one day she got a nightmare nd started to cry badly amms took her made her not to cry but she was crying she made sit on her laps nd told her that”kanna ur amma nd appa are with ayyiappa. ayyippa called them for some work..! they are also with u only in ur heart..!nandu asked amms” but i can’t talk to them na y did ayyiappa called them” amms told her”why can’t u talk u can talk to them no problem before going to sleep evryday u tell them what all happened, they will listen evrything nd be with u evrywhere nw u promise u wont cry again.!”promise amms i wont cry again”.! from she started to say evrything to ayyippa evryday before going sleep nd writes whatevr there is her heart, nd she took care of rish like a mother, they both share a great bond.! she can do anything for him.! but all this while i lost my choti sister nandu..! (he started to cry)

Muku (while giving him tissue): sorry
Abhi: it’s ok i just got carried away.! anyways i’ll leave

Manik: hey what abt nandini. who will drop her.?

Abhi: she will wake tmrw morning. so u guys just chill!
Manik: ok.! bye
Abhi: bye everyone..!

Navya: bhai bhai.!

bidding good bye to evryone abhi left from there.
Muku: navya,i think u shuld tell us abt that guy.!

Cabir: yea mukti is ryt
Navya: i want to tell u but.

Manik: but what navya u don’t trust us.?
Navya: no it is nt lyk i turst u guys.but the problem is.. whenever i think abt it na i cry like hell. nd i will hate myself more for trusting a person lyk that
Cabir: but navya u keep it urself nd cry na.
Navya: u guys just give me tym till musicana. after musicana i will tell u evrything.!
Manik: ok as u wish.!
Aryaman: navya let’s go back home

Navya: no yaar we will stay here only na.nandu is also here
Aki: haan yes u guys stay here
Cabir: yes aryaman and navya u guys stay here 😉
Aki: aryaman u go navya will stay here
Aryaman: y shuld i go when my frnds are here, i will stay here
Manik: u stay here only. i will see who will not let u stay here (he said while seeing towards aki)
evryone enjoyed lyk dat.all of them had their dinner while manik was going towards his room aki stopped frm behind
Aki: bhai.
Manik: haan choti
Aki:Bhai where r u going

Manik: to my room y.?
Aki: but bhai nandu is there in ur room where will u sleep
Manik: on the couch

Aki: bhai sleep in my room na
Manik: choti u knw na i can only sleep in my room. it is ok i will adjust only for one day na
Aki: but bahi
Manik: no but,choti i’m going to sleep bye good nyt

manik went to his room after seeing nandu fro few minusted in drifted of into sleep.!

It was 9 in the morning when nandu was getting up frm her sleep, manik came into his room with lime juice in his hand nd he kept it on side table nd sat on the couch.nandu woke up she rubbed her eyes nd prayed for ayyippa manik was just starring at her beauty. nandu checks out the room nd thinks this not my room nd spots manik.!
nandu: hi manik what ru doing here

Manik: this is my room
Nandu: thn what i’m doing here

manik: yesterday u drank bhang nd
Nandu: i drank bhang nd what happened.!

he taught to tease her. manik came towards and sat near her,nd here strands behind the ear.!

Manik: u don’t remember what happened yesterday baby.!

Nandu(getting tensed): what happened yesterday manik nd stop calling me baby
Manik: oh c’mon after what evr happened between us i will u baby only na baby
Nandu: manik. tell me what happened clearly plz

Manik: u & i
Nandu:me & u
Manik: U& I (gets closer to nandu)
Nandu: me & u
Manik was abt to say something but nandu slapped him and pushed him nd started to shout on him

Nandu: u idiot how can u take an advantage of girl who is in dranken state.chi manik i never taught u were lyk this. i taught u respect girls but no u took advantage of me.!all boys are lyk this only but i taught u were different from others..!
Manik: just shut up. don’t u dare tell me that.u knw what happened i will tell u wait.!
Manik pinned her towards the walls kissed her on her she was taken back but did not respond after few minutes he broke the kiss nd said”this is what happened yesterday nandini u kissed me nothing more than that without knwing anything don’t blame because of i ahd to sleep on couch! aki kept ur clothes over go nd fresh n up nd drink that lime juice u wont get headache..!” after saying that he left from there and banged the door so hard.nandini sat down nd cried y did i say him lyk,did i really kiss him y.? i think i shuld tell him sry.but before that i will go nd freshen up.nandu comes out of washroom and drinks te juice which manik brought nd goes down sees manik keeping an ice pack around his neck.!
Nandu: manik
Manik: now what.!
Nandu: i’m. sry
Manik: look who is saying sorry.!
Nandu: sry manik, i din’t what happened actually nd shouted on u(starts crying)..!

manik seanks out into nandu room.! nd opens her diary.!

will he able to read the diary.?
Will manik accept nandu’s sorry .?

guys sry for the late update. i’m a lazy bump, and on top of that my vacations are started so i was not in a mood to ryt it.. sry..!

anyways hope u liked today’s epi. how was it. i knw i suck at writing but bear me guys for 3 months..!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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