Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-16


Recap:Manik and nandu at the pool side

Manik and nandini are still in starring at each other.just thn they got into senses and manik was abt keep nandini down but indeed she hugged him back..! he was taken back for her sudden reaction.

Nandini:manik i don’t knw swimming..! i’m scared of water too..

Manik (smiled):ok so shuld carry u lyk this.

Nandini(blushed don’t knw y):umm.. no but plz dont keep me down

Manik: ok wait..
he walked till the pool side and put nandini on the land ..! and smiled,nandu also smile back.
Manik: yes
Nandini: can i ask u one thing..

Manik: what do u want to ask.?
Nandini: why aki hates her dad.?
Manik: no it is nt he is so busy in his work that he can’t take time for us..! aki is small to understand all this na so she thinks dad hates her..

Nandini: u sure that is the reason no problem u can share it with me
Manik: yes nandini that the only reason.nothing more than that.. (nd gave a smile)

Nandini: ok i’ll leave

Manik: u change into aki’s clothes.’coz u are wet and u can’t leave lyk dat

Nandini: no i’m nt going home.i’m going to aryaman’s house nd over there i have an extra dress for me so it is ok..!
Manik: u change after going there.before look at yourself, go nd change into aki’s clothes or else u will get cold nd u wont be performing in musicana.

Nandini: ok..!

just thn her phne rings it is cabir

On phne.
Nandu: hey cabir how is navya is she fyn did she take her tablets

Cabir: what tablets nandu.?

Nandu: oh danm. she din’t take her tablets.

Cabir:nandu come fast navya is fainted..!

Nandu: what. i’ll reach there within 5 mins..!

she cuts the call nd rushes to aki’s room manik also follows her.

Nandu: aryaman we shuld leave.

Aryaman: what happened nandu is evrything fyn

Nandu: navya she din’t take her tablets nd she fainted..!

Aryaman: this girl.!

Aki: what happened to her i’ll also come with u

Manik: no aki u stay here i’m going na.! i’ll msg u what happened to her.!

Nandu: u will come with us.?

Manik: don’t waste tym nd come fast.!u call abhi nd tell him to come to navya’s place.
Aryaman: i’ll msg him.manik can u plz drive the car.

Manik: ok..
Within 10 mins they reach navya’s place.all the three enter the house nd are shocked to see the house is totally messed up.nandu directly goes in to the navya room. where cabir is sitting beside her.!

Cabir: guys u are here. i don’t knw what happened to her. suddenly she fainted

Aryaman: search for her medicines. i’ll bring water.

Nandu: ok
she searched for her medinces nd found the box which empty.aryaman came with abhi.abhi checked her nd said

Abhi: she is fyn.but hw many times shuld i tell u guys that she shuld take her tablets at any cost.

Aryaman: sry abhi.i’ll take care of her
Nandu:bhai her medicines are completed we shuld bring new medicines
Abhi: i’ll bring them. nd nandu tonight u stay here with her

Nandu: ok bhai.

saying this abhi leaves frm there

Cabir: what happened to her
Aryaman: i came to mumbai to take care of her nd i din’t evn take care of her..

Nandu: cabir she is getting this type of attacks when she totally panics or cries. it is happening for since her break-up. aryaman plz don’t say lyk that. we both are here na
Cabir: u came frm US just to take care of navya
aryaman: yes.’coz navya is nt only my best frnd but also a sister to me..
Manik: that’s so nyc of u

Nandu: i’ll clear that mess in the living area u call me if she is fyn
Manik: i’ll help u out
Nandu: it’s ok manik. u can’t do this
Manik : i said i’ll help u nd that’s it.!

Nandu: ok as u wish.!

the both went down towards the living area and started to clean the mess. while manik nd nandini were cleaning manik found a grp photo of them. it was just awesome..! it was collage from childhood till now nd in the center three of them standing and smiling..! manik was just starring at that pic when nandini came nd asked him

Nandu: what happened
Manik:this pic is awesome.

Nandu: I gifted her for her b’day.! 😀

Manik: u guys look awesome together. i hope that ur frndship will never break

Nandu: it will nt break manik. ‘coz our frndship is so strng no one can come nd break it.

Manik : can i ask u something

Nandu: manik if u want to ask abt navya thn i can’t tell. nd plz hang that photo over (showing the direction towards the wall)

Manik: hw u knw that i will ask that question.?

Nandu: some kind of wild guess

Manik hangs that pic on the wall. mukthi nd abhi come toghether, abhi gives navya’s tablets to nandu just thn cabir comes down nd says navya is getting her senses. nandini nd abhi rushes towards her room. navya gets her senses.

Abhi: navya have u gone mad

Navya: bhai

Abhi: what bhai, navya i already told to u if ur medicines are over thn tell me.but u din’t nd top of that since two days u din’t ur medicines.!
Navya: sry bhai.nandu plz tell na

Nandu: this tym i’m also with bhai.atleast u shuld hv informed na..

Navya:i promise i’ll inform frm next tym.
Aryaman: ok but have this tablets.
Navya(making a wired face): now only

Abhi: yes
Navya: ok i will have it
she takes those tablets nd makes a weird face, drinks alot of water just thn her phne rings it her mom.before navya could take her phne aryaman takes the phne from her.!

Navya: oy give me the phne

Aryaman: i’m nt giving it nd ur mom is calling i’ll tell her evrything

Navya: no. ur nt doing that.plz if u tell her evrything nd she will come here nd take me back to patna i don’t want to go there. (on verge of crying)
Nandu: i’ll take the call nd no one is telling anything to ur mom.

Navya: thanks nandu.

Nandu takes the phne

On Phne

Nandu: hi choti ma
(she calls navya’s mom lyk that)

Navya’s mom: hi nandu.where is navya

Nandu: choti ma navya is seeing tv nd i’m in her room.

Navya’s mom: acha ok. i’ll call u back later. tell her that i called,bye.

Nandu: bye choti ma..!
she cuts the call nd gives the phne back to navya.

Nandu: nw i manged nxt tym i won’t help u.

Navya: sry guys.!

Aryaman: what sry.

Nandu: leave it.
Navya; sees manik,cabir nd mukthi standing there at the door
Navya:if u are here then who is there with aki.

Manik: alya nd dhruv are there with her. hw r u nw

Navya: umm..i’m fyn

Mukthi: navya what happened actually.

Navya: actually..

Cabir(interprets in the middle): navya if u don’t wanna tell don’t tell no is forcing u..! 🙂
Manik: ya navya cabir is ryt tell it to us when u r ready to tell..!
Navya: thanks.. i’ll surely tell u ppl when i’m ready to accept it.!

manik searches for his phne thn he remembers that he left his phne in aki’s room and asks nandini to give his phne.nandu doesn’t give ‘coz she saved his name as monster if he get to knw that he will bang her.. cabir gives his phne to manik nd dials his number aki picks up the call. manik tells that navya is fyn nd they are comming..!

Manik: bye navya for nw i’ll leave.i have to be with aki to..

Muku: yea i’ll come tmrw morning..

Manik: cabir u are comming na..

Cabir: no bro. i’m nt comming i’ll stay here tonight.
Muku: ok bye evryone
nandu stays with navya.aryaman,abhi,manik,cabir,muku go down cabir nd aryaman say bye to them.they leave frm there..! nandu goes nd changes her dress nd comes back to the room..!

Navya: monster is changed to manik..
Nandu: what do u mean

Navya: i meant that he is being nyc to us.!
Nandu: he is nt that bad..
Navya: look who is saying. what going on baby..
Nandu: i shuld ask this what going on between u nd cabir..

Navya: me nd cabir. we r just gud frnds,that’s it nt more than that i hate relationships. they just suck.
Nandu: chill babes i was just joking.come let’s go down nd watch tv.

Navya: ok.

they both went down when cabir nd aryaman are talking..!

Navya: hello what’s going on

Cabir: nothing just causal talks!

Aryaman: nandu i’m hungry can u make something for me plz..(avoiding navya)

Nandu: ok.
Navya: i’ll also help u.
Aryaman: nandu plz tell her not to do ‘coz she is nt well

Navya: aryaman u can’t tell it to me na..!

Aryaman: i don’t want to talk to u.

Navya: y
Aryaman: u are asking y navya. that fu*king idiot is still effecting u.
Navya: no aryaman
Aryaman: yes navya

Nandu: aryaman stop

Aryaman: no nandu i won’t. she created a mess here
Navya: but aryaman
Aryaman: what navya plz give some stupid lame excuse of urs.
Navya: listen aryaman. yes he effected me today ‘coz he called me. i moved a bit thn i came to reality that he was just my past. nd u guys were my past,present nd future u guys are there for me evytime i need u. u left THE NEW YORK MUSICAL CAMPUS” and came here just to take care me nd get ur old navya back. nd u think he still effects me no way. yes i din’t take my medicines for two days they have completed i wanted to tell but din’t get tym,yesterday when i wanted to tell u din’t come home whole nyt nd din’t pick my calls..!

Aryaman: sry navya it was my mistake to.
Nandu: so done with ur sorry
Navya: yea
Cabir: u guys are
Navya(interrupting cabir): awesome.
Cabir: not more than fab 5
Aryaman: yes u can say that
Navya: we are also best..

They enjoyed like that whole nyt. next day they all left to aki’s home started practicing for musicana they did practicing lyk dat for two days. aki is fyn now, manik nd nandini are also becoming gud frnds. it was late evng when they were tired of practicing siting in the lounge and suddenly nandini’s phne rang

On Phne
Nandu: ha chachi
Chachi: nandu abhi is comming to pick u up we are going to shopping nd ur comming with me

Nandu: shopping.. no chachi i won’t come u go with abhi bhai

Chachi: u give him company that’s it.
Nandu: ok but y sudden shopping.?

Chachi: nandu u forgot tmrw is holi.
Nandu: what holi is tmrw.oh shit i forgot.ok i’ll come.

she cuts the call. both navya nd aryaman laugh like hell.nandu gives them a death glare.

Nandu: stop laughing like mad ppl
Navya(controlling laugh): so nandu is going to shopping.all the best..!
Aryaman: yea all the best (nd started to laugh again)
Aki: u don’t lyk shopping
Nandu: i just hate shopping.but chachi won’t listen na.tmrw is holi na so what abt holi shopping is it completed.
Aloo: oh shit tmrw is holi nd i did not do shopping yet. muku come with me will go to shopping
Muku:no way nandini is going na u go with her. do u have any problem nandu.
Nandu: no problem mukthi u join us na i’ll call abhi bhai nd tell him not to come ok

Aki: i’ll also come with u bhai can i go.
Manik: yea ok

Navya; ok thn i’ll also come.mukthi u join nd give company to abhi bhai nd nandu.

Muku: abhi nd tell him nt come.

Abhi: y shuld i not come
Nandu: actually all the girls are comming so.?
Abhi: ok. nandu u come in ur scooty nd others will come with me car what say.!
Muku: no i’ll come with nandini
Abhi: as u wish.
they all leave for shopping.aloo,navya,aki nd chachi do shopping,muku,nandu nd abhi get bored over there after two hours of shopping they return back hom.
Manik: choti hw was ur shopping

Aki; bhai i brought evrything see.

Nandu: hw can u love shopping oh god u wasted two long hours on shopping..!
Navya: u can’t understand also..! so guys meet u tmrw at holi party tmrw.
Nandu: yea i have to go nw. nd i have to prepare for holi puja too..!
Aki: holi puja.?

Abhi: yea holi puja nd u guys are invited to..! tmrw at 7 the puja after that u can enjoy whole day..! nd navya aryaman u r comming with us..

Aryaman: ok abhi..

Navya; i’ll come with nandu on her scooty.!
Abhi: i knw y are u telling lyk dat.. come fast after eating ur ice-cream
Nandu: thanks bhai..!
four of them leave from there.
Holi Morning.

nandini is ready and making preparations for the puja just thn fab 5 and aki arrive there.
Aki: happy holi
Nandu: happy holi.

Aki: some one is looking hot.!

Nandu: aki plz..! happy holi evryone plz seat (shows the way)

Chachi: nandu
Nandu: yes chachi
Chachi: did u make the prasad.!

Nandu: no chachi i’ll make it now,excuse me guys i’ll just come.
Manik was awestruck seeing nandini she wore white floor length chudidar..! nd she kept her hair loose,nd was busy starring her thn cabir came and whispered”bhai she went inside long back stop starring at her nd plz close ur mouth otherwise flies will go in” after saying that he chuckled nd manik gave him a death glare.!

Navya: happy holi everyone

Cabir: happy holi ms.madhubala
Muku: happy holi
Rish: happy holi evryone.navya di, nandini di is calling u she wants help

Navya: ok i’m comming

Abhi: navya go nd help my behna she is working nd u nt helping
Navya: abhi bhai i’m going there only to help her chil. nd serve ur guests first.!

Abhi: hi guys happy holi..!!

Manik: happy holi
all of them settle down nd talk abt some random topics then nandu nd navya come over there navya is carrying the prasad thal nd nandu is carrying the puja thal evryone stood up for puja.! after 15 mins puja is completed.nandu is serving the prasad to evryone.! chacha and chachi gave shagun to abhi,nandu,aki nd rish.

Aki: chachi y me.

Chachi: ‘coz ur my daughter..

Aki: thanks chachi
Nandu: Abhi bhai my holi gift.!
Abhi: holi gift.?

Nandu: u again forgot.. :'(

Abhi: ok here u go with the gift.!
Nandu: thanks bhai.rish my gift.

Rish: di this is for u.!
Abhi gave nandu 1001 nd rish gave a chocolate.!

Nandu:thanks rish i’ll go nd keep them in my room nd come.!

she went nd caame dowm all of them left to manik’s house for holi party.!
the party was abt to start when evryone shouted fab 5 plz sing a song.aki also asked them to sing manik agreed to them.
Cabir gave the drum beat,alya on piano,muku nd dhruv on guitar manik is also on guitar.!

they started the song

Yar milte hai pyar milte hai
Hamko yarro nasib se
Ek duje ki adate bante dil ko chute karib se
Har hassi be aansu pe de de jo pehra
Ek din kyu chale hain jate chod ke tanha
Yeh dosti….. milti nasib se
Yeh dosti….milti nasib se
Yeh dosti…. milti nasib se
Yeh dosti…. najuk hain narm hain
Yeh dosti…. yaaro ka karm hain


Dosti Ankh se chalak ti hain
Jab Ban ke Paani
Har kisi bund me jalkti hain
Koyi kahaani
Zindgi ke rasto pe hote kitne male
Dosto ke khone ka bhi hota hain phir khel
Yeh dosti….karti hain ankh num
Yeh dosti…. deti hain khub gum
Yeh dosti…. milti hain nasib se
Yeh dosti…. khilti hain nasib se

Hota kya fasla pucha karta hu main khudse
dur hain log jo sach main hain kya dur mujse
Dil ki jebo main hain sikee jiski batton ke
Pass hain wo phir kahi bhi betha hu chupke
Yeh dosti…. tute bhi ruthke
Yeh dosti…. banti bhi tutke
Yeh dosti…. banti nasib se
Yeh dosti…. chalti nasib se

after the song evryone clapped for them..! and started to play holi evryone is enjoying.all drank bhang except for manik nd nandini.evryone are enjoyingto the fullest throwing water ballons. dipping evryone in water tub. it was fun. when nandini also drank bhang she started to go mad and started to dance on raang barse song.manik understood and tried to pull her but she made him dance to..! then he unwantedly he took her to his room.

Nandu: manik u knw what u look cute(pulling his cheeks)

Manik: nandu u r not in ur senses.
Nandu: u r nt sweet manik..!

Manik: nandu.
Manik was abt to say something when nandu kissed his lips he was taken back,he also responded he broke the kiss when they were out of oxygen.he again slammed her lips she was responding but she stopped responding in the middle when he saw her. she slept . he placed her on the bed nd covered her with duvet.! nd he slept on the couch beside the bed..!


manik is smiling while seeing nandu sleep with a pout


completed the update sry for the late update..

Happy Holi..!
Stay colourfull

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Credit to: sindhu varma

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