Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-15


Recap:Aki is back home

At Malhotra Mansion

Evryone are in aki’s room..cabir comes there with two forms and gives one to aki nd the other form he fills it.! aki doesn’t fill but gives it to nandu to fill she fill the form nd gives to cabir..!
Cabir: nandini

Nandini: yea cabir

Cabir: name of the band.?
Nandini: name…umm.. NA square..! what say
Aki: nyc..!

Aryaman: u started using ur brain

Nandu: oh shut up.!

Aryaman: gud one

Cabir: shuld i ryt that
Nandu: wait i shuld ask navya. just give me 5 mins.i’ll call her

nandu calls navya but she isn’t picking up. nandu is getting tensed

Cabir: nandini what happened did she pick up

Nandu: no. but write this name only.i think navya will nt have a problem.

Cabir: ok then.!

Muku: hey will leave for now nd come in the evng


Manik: u guys can stay na.!
Alya: no will come in the evng na.
Manik: ok thn ur wish..!

Nandini: cabir if u don’t can u go nd check on navya once.if she is fyn plz call me na
Cabir: i don’t have any problem i’ll go nd see her.
Manik: what happened to her where is she.?

Cabir: she went home.!

Manik: she was sad when i saw here..

Nandini: plz leave it na.. i hope she is fyn..

Manik: u both will stay here.?
Aryaman: yeah.! we will go after a while

Manik:ok thn.
fab4 leaves frm there.manik also goes out of the room.
Aki: why did u not go home aryaman

Aryaman: to stay with u. u r nt well na

Aki: not nw. yesterday nyt.

Aryaman: i was at home only with navya.ask navya

Aki: don’t lie. i heard ur convo with nandini in the mrng

Aryaman: just wanted to stay alone
Aki: but u shuld atleast inform ur mom na

Aryaman: no problem. she is knw that wherever i’m i will be fyn.

Aki: hmm..!

Nandu: don’t be over-confident. she trusts u lyk that ‘coz we are with..!

Aryaman(puts an arm around her): ya ya. she trusts u both so much that she forgot me only.

Nandu: yes. she is the best mom evr.!

just then manik arrives with juice in his hand.nd sees aryaman’s hand on nandini’s shoulder he din’t lyk dat..!
Manik: choti here is ur juice drink it

Aki:no bhai i don’t want.

Manik: choti drink it.

Aki:no bhai it doesn’t taste gud

Manik: ok if i drink this will u drink it

Aki: bhai if u drink it thn what will i drink.

Manik: i knw u will ask this question

Manik calls ramu kaka.nd he brings the same juice which manik brought for aki

Manik:see this is the same juice

Aki: na i don’t believe

Kaka: manik baba is ryt choti..
Aki: ok first u drink it bhai

Manik: ok but one condition. we will both drink together. and let’s see who wins the one win’s can ask anything to the one who looses..

Aki: done deal
both drank that juice together and completed manik completed it first.but he lets aki win..!

Aki: bhai i won..!

Manik: (makes face) i lost.. 🙁

Aki: bhai now i can ask u anything..
Manik: yea so what u want
Aki: i’ll use it as a blank promise bhai.i’ll ask when evr i want. u shuld give me that.

Manik: choti i’ll give whatevr u want in ur lyk nd i don’t think i need this blank promise to fullfill ur wish..!

Aki: yea bhai

Manik: anyways i’ll be out.’coz i hv to make a presentation nd send it to dad’s office..
Aki: yea it’s important. ‘coz dad doesn’t evn hv time to ask abt his daughter’s health.

Manik: choti it’s nt lyk dat

Aki: i understand evrything bhai.

Manik: leave choti. he will call when he is free

Aki: bhai don’t call him nd tell him to call me. if u do that i’ll nt talk to u.
Manik: ok choti i will nt do that. u enjoy with ur frnds
Aki: ok bhai
Manik leaves from there. nandu,aki nd aryaman talk abt random topics.nandu tells her childhood memories with navya nd aryaman.!

At Navya’s house..!

Cabir is banging the door but she isn’t opening it’s been a while he was banging the door. After banging the door cont. navya came nd without opening the she asks who is he.

Cabir: it’s me navya

Navya: cabir wht r u doing here.i’m ok u can go frm here

Cabir:if u are ok thn open the door.

Navya:plz cabir. i want to stay alone
Cabir: no navya i’m nt going to leave u.plz open the door. otherwise..!

Navya: otherwise what cabir..! u are also lyk others who ditch ppl and go

Cabir: what r u saying. open the door..

After so much of requests navya opens the door..the whole house is messed up.cabir called navya
Navya: umm yes cabir

Cabir: what is this..!

Navya: my lyf cabir..! this is hw my lyf is ryt nw. totally messed up

Cabir: navya listen just tell what’s the matter

Navya: u won’t understand cabir..

Cabir: navya plz tell me what’s the matter..

Navya: i wouldn’t hv joined here if that has nt happened. i left patna nd came here. my place..

Cabir: what happened navya..
Navya starts to cry.cabir hugs her nd says don’t worry. evrything will be fyn

Manik at pool side

nandini also comes to the pool side unaware of the fact that manik is also over there. nandini cont. trying navya’s number but she isn’t picking up the call. she sees manik and thinks before he sees me i shuld leave she turns around to leave nd slips from there and closes her eyes two hands protect her from falling. after a while she slowly opens her eyes nd sees manik.. they share an eye-lock for a while..


holi special

Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. Hey its awesome

  2. Very nice….what happened to navya….. loving your ff…. mañan sharing eye contact….canir and navya….waiting for your next episode…the HOLI special….
    Great work…
    Keep going….
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  3. Very nice….what happened to navya….. loving your ff…. mañan sharing eye contact….canir and navya….waiting for your next episode…the HOLI special….
    Great work…
    Keep going….

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