Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-14


Recap: manan’s phne convo.!

Chachi: aki hw are u beta.!

Aki:i’m fyn aunty

Chachi: arey tu nah merako chachi bula jaise navya aur aryaman bulatae hein tik hein na..!

Aki:ok chachi..!
Just then nandini,manik nd rishab enter

Rish:hello di hw r u.?
Aki:mein tik hu tu kaise he
Rish:mein mast hu.! di this is for u.!
Aki:chocolate from me.thanks

Rish:it’s ok. 😀

Chacha: toh hum ghar chale..!

Chachi: par kyun..!

Abhi:choti ma tum yaha kya karogi bol

Chachi:kuch nahi.

Abhi:toh tum log ghar chalo.! we will come by evng.

Rish: ok. i want a new psp thn.

Manik: ok champ i’ll give u that i have it

Rish: promise.

Manik: promise..
Chacha: abhi give me the car keys..!
Abhi: here u go..!
Aki: bye..!

Rish: bye di..

all the three leave frm.aryaman,cabir,navya come over there..!

Cabir: hi choti. kaise hein tu

Aki: mein tik hu..! navya kya hua..!

Navya: kuch nahi..!

Aryaman:nandu i need to tell u something abt navya..!

Navya: abt me.? wht did i do
Aryaman: see i said u can’t keep ur mouth shut

Nandu: u guys again started ur fights,grow up yaar.!

Navya: he started the fight nt me..!

Aryaman:oh stop it u started all this

Navya: liar..!

Aki:guys plz stop it.what frnds u are i’m nt well here and ur fighting nw i’m nt talking to u guys

Aryaman:i’m sry.

Navya: sry aki…plz forgive us.. ok i’ll do sit ups

Aki: umm ok then do 100 sit ups

Navya& Aryaman :100 sit ups no way.

Aki: i was just joking chill.!

Navya: thanks for saving otherwise i would also be admitted here..

Nandu: navya stop ur drama

Navya: ok.!
Mukti bumps into abhi..!

Abhi: are u blind

Mukti: u are blind. can’t see a girl coming

Abhi: where is she.?
Mukti: infront of u

Abhi: stop joking frm which angle u look like a girl.

Mukti: what do u mean by that i don’t look lyk girl

Abhi: no..

Mukti: thn how shuld i girl look lyk

Abhi: lyk her (pointing towards alya)
Mukti: no way i can’t be lyk her

Abhi: u can’t also

Alya: what happened

Mukti: aloo come with me.

Alya: ok come.why r u behaving weird.

Mukti: nothing

Abhi: u r frnd is mad alya. anyways bye i have got some work catch u later


Abhi leaves from there

Mukti: i hate him.. he is so annoying urgh

Alya: he is nt that annoying

Mukti: oh shut up.! don’t take his side. come o let’s go.!

they both go to aki’s room

Mukti: hey akii.!

Aki: hi. plz don’t ask abt my health

Mukti: ok le i won’t ask.

Alya: manik. tomorrow is the last day for musicana selections so i’ll go and bring the form

Manik: ok

Alya: aloo di can u bring one more form plz
Manik: y

Aki:i’ll be partcipating ryt

Nandu: musicana is as band no solos ryt

Aki: yea.i’m saying it as band

Navya: band.?

Aki: yea band.u,nandini,aryaman nd me.

Aryaman: that’s a gud idea.

Manik: but aki

Aki: bhai i shuld move on ryt. that one incident can’t take music frm me..!
Cabir: choti as u wish. but where will u practice.?

Aki:bhai i have big house i can practice anywhere ryt

Cabir: chal tik hain. u will nt listen, i’ll go bring the forms we fill it up in ur biiigggg house..!

Abhi: aki u can go home.manik u fill up the formalities..!


navya gets a call.!

On Phn

Unknown: hello navya kaisi ho.?

Navya:(shouts) why the hell didu call me.nw what u want
Unknown: don’t shout baby

Navya: don’t call me that. my name is navya naveli.

Unknown: oho kya hua..

Navya: i’m not in a mood to talk to u.

Unknown: baby what happened
Navya: bye.

she hangs up the call. evryone are shocked to see navya like that.

Nandu:navya kaun tha.
Navya: it’s him.!

Aryaman: why the hell did he call u back
Nandu: aryaman leave it..
Cabir: who
Navya: leave it cabir. aryaman give the keys i’m going home. i’m nt well

Nandu: but navya
Aryaman:i’ll drop u navya
Navya: nah it’s ok

Nandu: ok i’ll give u my scooty keys..

Navya: ok give

Nandu and aryaman give the keys and navya leaves frm there.cabir was confused.!
Aki: what happened to her. who was the one who called her

Aryaman: her ex

Mukti: she had a bf.?

Nandu: the girl u are seeing nw was nt lyk dat.!

Mukti: leave hw did they break-up
Aryaman: it’s a long story, nd i think navya shuld only tell..!

Mukti: ok

Manik: c’mon aki let’s go home..

All leave from there and go malhotra mansion..!

Precap: manik is at the pool side

Credit to: sindhu varma

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