Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-13


Recap: Aki gets her senses..!

At cabir’s house…!
Navya was sleeping. cabir came to her room with a cup of coffee in his hand he kept that cup on the side table and tried to wake her up.. but she was mummering something..!
Cabir: navya get up.. we have to go to hospital to check on aki..!
Navya: arey yaar i will sleep for sometime plzzzz..!
Cabir: navya
Navya: aryaman u go and sleep don’t wake me up..!
just then her phne starts to ring..! cabir goes to pick them the call but he is intruppted by navya.!
Navya: stop there not a step forward..! it’s my mom as u knw she calls me evry morning to wake me up so don’t pick the call..!
Cabir: ok.
just then he gets an idea and shouts in navya’s ear..! as yesterday he saw her craving for that..!
Cabir: Navyaaaaaaa ur aloo ke paratae with extra butter are over i ate them all sorry.!
with that navya gets up rubbing her eyes and shouts…
Navya: cabir.. tum yaha kya kar rahe ho mera room mein..!
Cabir: ms.madubala FYKI this is my house.. and this room also belongs to me..!
Navya: oh yea. i forgot abt that.. sry.!
Cabir: it’s ok take ur’s over there
Navya: i din’t brush yet..!
Cabir: thn go and brush u dumbo madhubala
Cabir’s mom: is this the way u talk to ur guests cabir.!!
Cabir: sry mom.
Cabir’s mom: it’s ok.. navya beta someone came for u.
Navya: me.?
Cabir’s mom: ya u.? u can come in..
Aryaman comes in. seeing him navya hugs himm.! and scolds him.
Navya: before going u should give the keys and go na..!!
Aryaman: oh meri ma. listen i’m sry..! for nt informing u nw chill i came home na
Navya: i’m nt going to talk to u..
Aryaman: ok don’t talk. i’ll see for hw much time u will shut ur mouth
Navya: ok we’ll see..
taking keys from aryaman’s hand she leaves from there.after she left cabir and aryaman brust out laughing..!
Aryaman: she is not changed she is same old navya.! but hiding her herself..!
Cabir: what do u mean..
Aryaman: ummm.nothing..! i’ll also take leave bye..!
Cabir: bye…!

At nandini’s house
both of them enter the house and see chacha and chachi wait for them and starts questioning nandini
Chachi: what is this nandu.. tum abhi ke saath hospital mein kya kar rahi thi.!
Nandu:chachi aki is in hospital so i was with her..!
Chachi: ok ab chalo go and get freshen up both of u..!!!!
Abhi: ok choti ma as u say
(ps:guys abhi calls chachi as choti ma..!)
they both go and fresh up..! the join everyine for the breakfast..!
At the dining table.
Chachi: kya hua that aki ko.!
Nandu: usko fevr hain.!
Chachi:bas fevr aur hospital mein admit kar diya tum logo nein.sach bolo kya hua usko varna mein manik se puch lungi..!
Abhi: nahi choti ma. don’t i’ll tell u what happened.!
he narrates evrything to chachi..!
Chachi:i want to see aki.
Nandu: but chachi
Chacha: kanna i’ll also come
Rish: di i’ll also come.!
Abhi: ok evryone will come. nandu tu aur rish scooty me ao mein chacha aur choti ma kei sath car a jaungi tik hein
Nandu: haan tik hein..!
all of them complete their breakfast.. nandini calls manik.

On phne
Manik: haan nandini kya hua.
Nandu:i called u to ask did u eat anything. u din’t evn eat in nyt na
Manik: nah i din’t eat anything i’ll eat afterwards when aki comes home
Nandu: then u’ll be sick.if aki asks u anything u’ll lie to her
Manik:okkk i’m eating. now chill. u come to hospital thn i’ll tell u.
Nandu : ok le we will see..
Manik: ok bye..!
they both hang up the call.a small smile appear on their face.! they din’t realize that they were smiling.!
they go to hospital.!
manik came in his car and was parking the car just then nandini comes on her scooty.! she removes her helmet. manik was just starring her.! he comes back to senses when rish clicked his fingers infront of his eyes.
Manik:hi champ u here..
Rish:hi i’m here to see aki di she is not well na that’s y.
Manik: ohh champ. thn let’s go.
Nandini: haan rish come with me let’s go
Rish: ok di..!
they all go to aki’s room..!!

Precap: musicana preparations..!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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