Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-12

Recap: Aki is admitted in the hospital

Outside the hospital
Navya is waiting for aryaman. as he already he left,just fab 4 comes there.cabir is in his jeep,alya,mukti in alya’s car and dhruv on his bike
Mukti: navya u dint go home.?
Navya: mukti i’m waiting for aryaman. don’t knw where is he is not evn lifting my phne..

Mukti: he left before only..
Navya: what..? ok i’ll take a taxi then

Mukti:navya listen u go with cabir. it’s nyt and it’s not safe for girls roaming lyk that

Navya: but

Cabir: (intreupts) no but.see we payed a prank on u which is for fun. u are all alone and it is job to drop u home safely..! and come sit ms.madhubala

Navya: ok..!

They leave from there.on their way home navya get a call it’s aryaman’s mom.

On Phne
Navya: hai ma. hw are’s been so long. u forgot to call us only..
Aryaman’s mom: i’m fyn navya. how are u..! where are u all

Navya:i’m on my way to home.

Aryaman’s mom: ok put the phne on speaker i want to talk to aryaman
Navya: ma he is not me. he left already.. i’m going with my new friend (looking at cabir)
Aryaman’s mom: ohhh :O new frnd ok once u reach home call k na

Navya: k ma.!

She hangs up the call..

Cabir: ur mom.?

Navya: not my mom

Cabir: then whom are u calling mom
Navya: it’s aryaman’s mom. we call her that as she treats us like her children..

Cabir: so u all are childhood frnds

Navya: yea

they reach home.navya gets down and rings the doorbell but no response cabir tells navya that the door is locked.navya is shocked as he only has house she forgot her keys..! and she msgs to nandini abt aryaman..!
Cabir’s mom: navya beta come to our house na

Navya: it’s ok aunty i’ll wait here

Cabir’s mom: beta it’s not ok come here..!

Navya:ok aunty…
navya and cabir’s mom went in.! they are having some talk cabir came as if he left his earphones in jeep.! just then a phne started to ring.he checked his phone but it’s not his phone it was navya phne she left in the jeep. he picked up the call..

On phne

Unknown: hello sona.! kaise ho.?
Cabir: app kaun

Unknown: yeh meri beti navya ka phn hein na. tum kaun ho.?

Cabir: namastey aunty mein cabir hoon navya ka dost..!
Navya’s mom: tum wahi cabir ho na jisne meri beti par anda mara tha.?

Cabir: haan aunty sorry for that

Navya’s mom:kyun sorry bol rahae ho. tum toh bikul meri beti jaise ho..! usne bhi anda mara that sir par koi student key upar nahi professor kay upar..!

Cabir: kya.?

Navya’s mom: haan cabir..! tum nahi pata woh kitni sharat karti hein..! par ab kuch nahi karti..!

Cabir: par kyun

Navya’s mom: kyun ki…. (after a long pause) tum pata chal ja ya ga..!! chal bye cabir. sona ko batna dena mein call kiya tha..!

Cabir: ok aunty..!
he went and called navya with her nickname

Cabir: sonaaaaaaaa

Navya: wait how u knw my nickname
Cabir: like this (showing her phne)
Navya: did my mom call

Cabir: yes

Navya:did she tell abt anything

Cabir: abt what

Navya: nthng leave it.aunty can i stay here for tonight i guess aryaman will not come..!

Cabir’s mom: ok beta.!

and she shows the way to guest room..!
At the hospital.!
manik and nandini were talking abt some random topics.. just then nandini’s phne rings..! she picks up the phne.!
On phne

Nandini: hello chachi..!

Rish: chachi nahi rishab.!

Nandini: haan rish bol.!

Rish:di u r not comming home
Nandini: no rish…

Rish: y di
Nandini: rish actually mein aur abhi bhai hospital mein hein kuch kaam hein na..

Rish:abhi bhai aa gaya. tik hein. but promise me e will have breakfast together

Nandini: promise.rish gud nyt..

Rish: gud nyt di
she hangs up the call

manik: u can go home na. ur brother might be missing u.?
nandini: nah it’s ok.
while they were talking they slept beside aki.nandini was on the left side of bed and manik was on the right side of the bed.! it’s morning aki got her senses and saw manik and nandini sleeping and their hands are together..! just nandini started to move. and aki acted like she is sleeping..! she took her phne and saw her hand is in manik’s hand and wanted to take it but grip is tighter..! and she saw navya’s msg..! and dialed to aryaman. he picked up

On Phne

Nandini: aryaman where the hell are u..!

Aryaman: i’m at home

Nandini: don’t lie. i knw u are not at home. tell me where are u.!
Aryaman: i’m at the juhu beach.!

Nandini: what are u doing there..! when navya called u din’t pick. ur mom also called..
Aryaman: i just wanted to be alone that’s it. ‘coz i couldn’t bear whatever happened with aki that’s nd how is she.. don’t worry i’m going back home..
Nandini:she is fyn but waiting her to get her senses. anyways go home now. nd take some rest..! bye

she hangs up the call. and removes her hand from manik’s grip with that manik gets up and sees aki.

manik: choti see i got up early. now u get plzz
Aki: no bhai i got up early..!
both are shocked
Aki: ok don’t see me lyk that i got my senses few minutes back..

Nandini: ok.!

just then abhi entres and checks aki.. and informs that she is fyn and u can discharge her in the afternoon.!
Abhi: nandu chalo ghar ab..
Nandu: haan bhai i promised rish that we will have breakfast together..!
Abhi: ok then.hey manik u also go home and fresh up..!
Manik: abhi but..!

Dr.mukherjee: no but manik i’m here to stay with aki..!

Aki: haan bhai go na and get fresh up..!
Manik: ok meri ma..!
All the three go back to their respective homes.!

Recap: musican preparations..!

i’m back.! missed me… i missed u guys.!
i will update my ff regularly..!! i promise..!

Credit to: sindhu varma

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