Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-11

Recap: aki is admitted in the hospital.

At the hospital

Evryone are waiting for abhi to come out and tell what’s the problem with aki. after few minutes abhi comes out..!!

Mukti: hey is aki fyn..!

Abhi: where is manik i need to talk to him

Mukti: u can tell me i’m his bff.

Abhi: i said i need to talk to manik and that’s i don’t care if u are his bff. now i’m talking as my patient’s doctor and i need to knw something from manik..!

Nandini: bhai is there (showing the direction where manik was standing)

Abhi: manik.

Manik: yea dr.

Abhi: call me abhi. i want to knw abt aki what happened in her past ‘coz dr mukherjee is not here and u are only one left for my questions
Manik: abhi….
Cabir: abhi i will tell u her past. ‘coz if it was for sake of her life then i will tell i can’t bear if anything happens to my choti.

Abhi: ok then tell. what happened in her past..
Cabir:(taking a deep breath) ok..
cabir started to tell..!!

4 years back..

Aki: bhai i want to learn music
Manik: ok choti. i will teach u guitar, alya will teach u piano,cabir will teach drums..!

Aki: nahi bhai. i wanna learn classical like veena
Manik: choti kyun classical

Aki: bhai plzzz..

Manik: ok i will call some teacher for u ok…..
Aki: u r the best bhai.. i love you.
Manik: i love u too choti..
After 1 week

Someone rings the bell. aki opens the door and finds an unknown person.

Aki: app kaun

Unknown: does akansha malhotra stay here. manik has sent me as her musical teacher

Aki: yea i’m akasha..! so bhai has sent u sir come in

Sir: u can call me pandit.!

Aki: ok

she tells him to come. manik comes there

Manik: choti guess what i brought for u..

Aki: let me guess. did u bring a veena

Cabir: choti i hate u. y did u guess that fast we taught to surprise u.. 🙁
Aki: cabir bhai i love u. i knw u guys since childhood so chill

Manik: ok choti take this..
he places veena on the sofa. pandit scolds for placing veena like that.manik din’t utter a word ‘coz he knws well abt veena..!
Manik: i’m sry

Pandit: it is ok u can call me pandit
Manik: pandit plz teach my sister. she loves classical since her childhood…!
Pandit: 🙂

cabir and manik leave from there pandit starts to teach aki. few days pass like that. aki feels uncomfortable with him but she din’t tell manik.manik also felt something wrong as aki is behaving weird with pandit..!

On 24/6/2012

Pandit: hey aki can i stay here today.

Aki: no problem. once i will ask bhai

Pandit:ok call ur bhai and ask..

Aki leaves from there. and pandit has evil smile on his face.aki calls manik

On phone

Aki: bhai pandit wants to stay here for today.

Manik: ok choti. he can stay. i’ll be late today ‘coz i have to

Aki: ‘coz u have to attend a party ryt
Manik: yea ryt choti.

Aki: bye bhai jaldi a jao.
Manik: haan ok meri ma. bye..

Aki hangs up the call..!!she goes into the living area and tells pandit that u can stay here..

Pandit: ok let’s have dinner

Aki: yea ok
they both go to the dining area.they have their dinner. aki notices his weird behavior towards her and messages manik to come home fast.! she completed her dinner and tells pandit i’m getting sleep bye..! and leaves from there.! she goes into her room and messages manik again to come home fast as she was feeling really awkward with pandit.! just then pandit banges the door. aki opens it. pandit is in drunk state. aki tells him to go but he din’t listen a single word comes closer to aki she pushes him all her attempts goes in vain. she rushes to the living area. he tries to catch her to escape from him she rushes and her top tears she goes out and shouts for help but no one is there to help he comes closer just then cabir hits hard on pandit’s head and he faints.manik cover her with his jacket. she hugs him so tight and cries after crying for long time she faints in manik arm. they reach to hospital and the dr.mukherjee says that she is in a shock it will take time for her to be normal.
Flashback ends
it took 2 years to be normal for aki. she left music and i had taught her drums so that will not forget music.
Manik told choti not join space but she joined here and she was being happy.

while cabir was telling this evryone had tears in their eyes..! manik started to cry out loud.
Manik: see this is what happened to my choti. she is not same old akansha..! i should not have called that pandit.

Nandu: where is that pandit now

Manik: in jail.

Nandu: from which place u called that maron cheap he is

Manik: u r place nandini
Nandu: my place.?
Manik: yes ur place. he is frm mangalore..
Nandu: what.?

Manik: don’t be surprised..! he is from u r home town only..

Nandu: that cheapster is frm my hometown. chi..

Cabir: abhi. why u asked abt aki’s past. (still crying)

Abhi: it is like that her case is very delicate i went through previous reports that’s y i asked.! who evr he is he spoiled my home town’s name once i get to knw i him i’ll just hang him death. how can he be so cheap he was her teacher he should have at least respected his position. if not his position he should think abt the girl chi chi.. anyways guys u can leave for now u guys can join tomorrow. and yeah nandu u said u will stay here. will u stay here or go home

Nandu: nahi bhai i’ll stay here.
Abhi: ok then don’t forget to inform chachi.
Nandu: i informed chachi bhai. so just chill.!
Manik: hey it is not a big deal u can go home. it is better if u take rest u were here since morning na..!
Nandu: nah it’s ok. afterall aki is my bestie.
Manik: yea i knw. but u should take care of ur health to knw na..
Nandu: if anything happens to me bhai is there he will take care
Manik: u are really sweet..! thanks for being choti’s frnd i taught i would loose her forevr but nah. after you both became frnds she again being old aki. who was carefree..
Nandu: y thanks…! until i’m there i wont let ur choti go anywhere..!
Manik: 🙂

Precap: Aki gets conscious and sees manik and nandini sleeping on the either side of her bed..!!

Guys this wasn’t part of my story at all i wanted to ryt this ‘coz few weeks back my best frnd got molested by some unknown from her street,i just wanted to express my feeling how it will for girl if she has gone through it.. it is really painful not only for her but to the ppl who are close to her. some things can’t be expressed… :'(

Credit to: sindhu varma

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    I’m feeling sorry for your friend

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