Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-10

Recap: Aki gets to knw abt musicana.!

aki is on her way to jamming room. she sees some girls approaching towards her they greet her
Girl1: hello akansha
Aki: hi
Girl 2: actually i want to ask u ur brother will be participating in musicana
Aki: yea. so.?
Girl 1: so u will also participate
Aki: it depends
Girl 2: if u also participate it would be awesome to see u two. as u will be competitors
Aki: i don’t abt who wins ‘coz i don’t give a damn to it..!!
Girl 1: oh poor u
Aki: i should say that. be ready for ur defeat..!
those girls leave her. aki goes to jam room
At jam room
Aki: bhai i need to talk to u
Mukti: akansha (shouts) can u come afterwards we are practicing.!
Aki: actually mukti di it is important
Mukti: i said to leave akansha
Aki: but di
Mukti (shouts) i said leave
Manik: (Shouts) mukti. what’s wrong with u huh.
Aki: bhai it is ok i will come afterwards.!
she leaves from there.! aki had tears in her eyes.! nandini heard their convo.. she was abt to talk with aki just nyo interrupts her
Nyo: oh lil baby
Aki: i’m not ur lil baby
Nyo: ur bhai’s friends are so harsh towards u
Aki: they are not like. don’t tell a word against them
Nyo: what will u do if i will tell
Aki: i don’t words also to scold u. i’m not in a mood to talk to u
Nyo: whatever i came here to say that u can join in classical music again.
aki leaves from there. nandini goes behind her just she gets a call
On Phne
Nandu: hello bhai. kaise ho.?
Nandu’s bhai: hi choti i’m fyn.!
Nandu: to app kab a rahe ho
Nandu’s bhai: soon.!
Nandu: ok then i will infor chaha and chachi..!
Nandu’s bhai: ok choti bye..!

Nandini cuts her phne and searches for aki. she messages aryaman to help her find nandini.!
Aryaman hears a someone playing music he follows that music it is same tune aki played that he tries open that door but it is locked from inside.aryaman is banging the door but aki doesn’t open it.! he messages nandu and aki is in third floor and he tells her to call manik..

Jamming room fab 5 is busy practicing just then nandu smashed the door open
Mukti: now what are u doing here
Nandu: i need to talk manik. it is important
Manik: i will talk to u later now just leave
Mukti: u heard na or shuld i repeat it again
Nandu: it is abt akansha( shouts out loud) manik…
Manik (comming towards her): what did u say
Nandini: akansha..
Manik: what happened to her nandini
Nandini: she locked up herself in a room
Manik: where
Nandini: third floor(before she could complete her sentence manik left from)
all went to the third floor where aryaman was continuously banging the door
Manik: what happened
Aryaman: she is not opening door. i think we should break it
Manik :ok
aryaman manik and cabir broke the door and rushed inside. where aki is playing veena and is sobbing.she was playing veena so harsh that her hand started to bleed. manik told her to stop but she dint listen..! manik took the veena and threw to the other corner of the class. manik hugged aki..! nandini brought a hankie and tied it to her fingers..!
Manik: aki stop crying plzz
Mukti: aki i’m sry plz stop crying
Manik: it all because of u. i said not to shout at her but u don’t listen.what if she goes through the same shock she went some years back..! the doctors warned us to take care.but mukti u don’t listen na see what happened.!
Mukti: sorry manik.. :'(
Nandini: manik
Manik: what
Nandini: aki
Manik saw aki who had fainted in his arms.. aryaman took aki’s wrist and told manik that her body is getting cold it is better if we join her to the hospital..! aryaman said manik i will take the car u bring aki. manik carried aki and rushed down to the parking lot and rushed towards aryaman’s car he sat at back aki in his lap. dhruv on his bike and cabir,mukti,alya,navya in cabir’s jeep..!
In Aryman’s car
Manik took the phne called a doc
On phne
Manik: hello Dr.mukherjee
Dr.Mukherjee: hello. manik what happened
Manik: Doctor it is an emergency and we are comming
Dr.Mukherjee: ok come fast. i have a meeting to attend also.
Manik cuts the phne and tells aryaman to drive fast. after few minutes they reach hospital.
Dr.mukherjee was waiting was manik. as he aki in his arms he called a some one and he took her to a ward and started to see. after a while he came out and shouted on manik
Dr.Mukherjee: how careless u are manik.
Manik: sorry doctor
Dr.Mukherjee: what sorry. u brought her on ryt time. if u dint bring her by ryt time. u knw what would had happened. I already warned u abt it.
Manik: is she fine.?
Dr.Mukherjee: yea she is fyn. but she should be in observation for next 24 hours until then i can’t tell u anything abt her condition.!
Manik: ok doctor..!
Dr.Mukherjee: here are some medicines go and bring them
Manik: ok doctor
Nandini: manik. u be here i’ll go and bring
nandini goes to bring medicines. just then dr.mukherjee comes and tells manik that aki’s case would be handled by a new doctor. manik asks who.dr.mukherjee is abt to say but he was interrupted by a voice “i will handling ur sister’s case. i’m doctor abhimanyu murthy..” manik and abhi shake their hands and nandini comes there and gives the medicines to manik and is shocked to see abhimanyu there. she beats him up but he hugs her and says choti sry.
Nandu: it is ok bhai.!manik this is my brother abhi
Abhi: we already met each other.! anyways leave that call chachi and tell her that i will not come today as i have work in hospital.
Nandu: ok bhai. i will also be here today
Manik: y
Nandu: to stay with aki
Manik: i’m there na
Nandu: so.?
Abhi: stop fighting..!
Manik & Nandu: ok
mukti: dr. how is aki
Abhi: who is aki
Mukti: ur patient
Abhi: oh her name is aki
Mukti: are u doctor.? u don’t ur patient’s name
Abhi: see it is not important that i should my patient’s name. ‘coz i treat so ppl a day so it is difficut for to remember each and evryone’s name got it miss akkadu
Mukti: whatever..
Nandu: stop it bhai
Mukti: he is ur brother
Abhi: yea u have any problem. if u have also i don’t care..!
Navya: abhi bhaiya app yaha
Abhi: navya.. tu kaise hein
Navya: mein tik hun.
Abhi: woh kaha hein
Navya: kaun
Abhi: woh jo us chala gaya tha
Aryaman: mein yaha hun abhi
Abhi: it is been so many years.!
Aryaman: ya
Mukti: if u have completed ur meetings then u can go and check her
Abhi: whtaevr

Precap: Aki past to be revealed..

Guys what do u think her past will..!! guess karo.!

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Credit to: sindhu varma

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