Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-1

Hello evry1 this is a small attempt abt manik and nadini’s love story..!

In this all the characters are same except one.

Introducing manik’s younger sister..

Manik has always been a great frnd and protected his frnds but this tym in my ff manik will take care of his younger sister like true brother..!!!


Manik’s younger sister’s name is Akansha Malhotra..!!

The Malhotra mansion..!

it is room filled with full of photos in one of the photos chotu manik is lifitng her choti sister in his arms..!! it is no other akansha’s room.she loves her brother alot even the fab5 she is the only sister for whole fab5 she only knws them she never saw her parents..! (nyo does not live them as she got married to some else) manik knw this bitter truth but never told aki (akansha). a girl came out of her bed. first thing in the morning she does is to go hug her brother without opening her eyes she went into manik’s room our as usual

In Manik’s Room

Aki: bhai get up.

manik: arey aki tu na itni jaldi kaise uth gayi.. thodi der so ja na

Ak:bhai get up plzz it is 8 o’clock

Manik:so what.! let me sleep

aki: bhai it is my first day in space and u will not welcome me..!

slowly getting up

Manik:haan mein bhulgaya..!

she hugged her brother and asked him can i ask u something

Manik: haan pucho

Breaking the hug aki asked a question

bhai maa kaha hein.? i dint see her till nw and even dad he comes very rarely i don’t even remember hw much i spent with himm.. 🙁

Manik controlling his emotions to cheer her said her now who is getting late for her first day in clg..!!!

and started to tikel her..she starts laughing out loud

Aki:now stop i have to get ready..! 😀 😀

manik: ok chalo get ready i will drop u today ok na
Aki:nahi bahi i will go on my own..after few days they get to knw that i’m THE MANIK MALHOTRA’S baby sister so for today i will go on my own..!

Some boys frm space tease akansha and girl cmes and saves her..!

now guess who is the girl.!
hope u guys love my attempt..:D


Credit to: sindhu varma

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  1. Nandhu i think

    1. Maybe..

  2. Super start

    1. Thanks

  3. ha sindu…………nice start yar………..who else its nandu right……..

    1. Thanks

  4. She must be our nandu…..
    Prefect start dr….
    Keep going….

  5. Aww.. Cute bro-sis.. Nice concept..
    The GIRL is surely our nandu..
    Keep going dear..

  6. Nice idea lovely brosis love

  7. Awesome, very cute episode. ..manik n aki very lovelyyyyyy bonding. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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