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Hello everyone…today is my Roma di’s marriage anniversary…di many many happy returns of the day…this little sister of urs can’t present u anything other than this OS,which m trying to write for the first time…a big confession di I got u at a proper time…the way u love ,care for m,console,pacify I forgot the need of a big sister…u called me as sunshine but actually its u who shines…accept this little treat n say how is it…if it’s bad also u v to say its gud…that’s only option for


Winter chill breeze shivered the spine of human beings…but two persons move ahead to search for something precious without caring that snowfall of winter…New York city is another biggest city of the world which always seems like running…a place filled with materialistic luxuries…but heartfelt luxury,the platonic love n care who knows…suddenly a lady at 28 halted seeing something inside the store through glass wall…another lady before bumped into her stopped n looked at the direction where she stare…she asked:” Radhika do u want to buy that,lets go inside..btw u r leaving tomorrow “…

Radhika answered:” Yes Suzy,I even can’t tell u how much happy I’ content m feeling…after a long gap of two years I’ll see him..i don’t know how much he changed but it feels like he is the same one for me…i missed him a lot,his care,affection n love …there is no question of any kind of doubt also there..he was also excited to see me..i can sense it from his voice…”… Radhika closed her eyes to feel their beautiful moments,only filled with care n affection…her eyes filled with tears…

Suzy asked radhika:” U become lost n emotional whenever I asked about him..but truely if u ask me I’ll suggest u jai was better option for u than Arjun..think jai was the handsome hunk of here with unlimited bank balance etc…but what ‘s with Arjun that u clearly said no to jai..even Arjun income was half of u..look u r a software professional at higher post n he’s a bank manager in India..i really don’t understand the funda..”…

Radhika anyhow controlled her anger n said :” I told u before I don’t want to listen a single word against my Arjun..u people always think money n status is everything but for me it’s a mere thing..if m here in this position today that’s only because of Arjun..he doesn’t even has a male ego that his would be wife income more than him..and importantly our relationship is not today’s fantasy,its a strong pure bond of 10-11 years..this bond is something which u’ll never understand..

Suzy cursed herself for making her angry…she said :” Sorry dear,the thing is u never told me about ur life,so how can I know.. Now lets go n buy ur items”…

……………..radhika had a rowdy type of family,they were kind of landlords at their area..they never thought girls can do anything..radhika wanted to study more,her father denied strictly by saying he can’t waste his money behind a girl..finally after so much arguments dadaji convinced everyone that radhika will study engineering by paying for her own..she was a brilliant student who got scholarship n made tuitions to higher secondary students for her other payments…she was a frightened girl at that was one day after attending one work shop at college she was too late..night approached slowly on her way..she knew the long route was not her bad luck her fuel finished in midway..she was stood there with a horror stricken face by thinking what will happen with her there n then at her home..suddenly she noticed somebody coming to her with his bike..he stopped near her scooty but she hid herself behind the scooty with fear..after some time she came out hearing a calm voice saying ” I can help u,what’s the problem??”…

She said with bit scared:” My fuel was empty..if u have extra bottle I can pay u back”…

He removed his helmet.. Radhika looked at him..she thought he was handsome but don’t look like pervert..she sighed in relief…he connected a thin pipe from his bike tank to her scooty tank…

He asked:” Where are u living? Its not good for a girl to wander around such an hour…no need to repay for this..its just for humanity”..

Radhika told him, her reason for late n gave address also..he went with her till a crowd place seen n told her to be careful in future…radhika was looking at the direction till he disappear..she thanked god n thanked him in her heart…

After three months everybody busy with their life..radhika saved some money from her part time jobs..she went to bank,her college branch to deposit the money..she noticed at one counter the queue was very long n specially girls were busy in staring n whispering game..she went forward to swipe the card for deposit..she stopped seeing the person..she thought :” I saw him somewhere but where”..she couldn’t remember..right then he looked up n saw her..he was also thinking same when his manager called up him ‘Arjun come here’…just the moment he got up both realized he was helped her that night…Arjun smiled a little before went,rads returned smile…

Arjun was just 21 years recently joined as bank clerk after his graduation only..his family means he n his mother nandini only..their financial situation was very bad so Arjun had to leave study after graduation.. He was reserved but not rude, humble,gentle n caring in nature..

After some days radz felt that someone followed her constantly..she waited in midway placing her scooty n threw some stones to the persons..he stopped abruptly n removed helmet..radhika was shocked n went near Arjun..she picked her ears n said:” M sorry ,actually I thought some pervert following me”..

Arjun smiled a little n exclaimed:” Miss I m not following u,my home also coming this way..may b one km before urs home outside of colony at silent place”..

Rads smiled n said again sorry..they both shook their hands by introducing themselves n become friends..their friendship started..they come together n back together..Arjun waited for her if she would late for her part time work n accompanied her near her home…life went on like this..he helped her in her mathematics n computers as he was good at that..radhika topped the chart…Arjun demanded a treat n they planned for it..

Dadaji was very happy with her result..they went to temple next day n do prayer..when they returned back they saw a lady got fainted..radhika held her when dadaji sprinkled some water ..they heard some women taunted her about her character..dadaji stop them n retorted back” how can women said such things to another women”..they dispersed coz rads family had reputation..rads shocked seeing Arjun’s running towards them calling maa,maa..nandini looked up n thanked them..Arjun also thanked them..radhika told dadaji about Arjun n Arjun to nandini..nandini invited radhika to their home..dadaji thanked Arjun for helping rads…a pair of lustful eyes saw radhika n thought how to get her..

Nandini called up radhika n waited for her at outside..meantime ardhika reached..nandini was too happy ..she took her inside n fed her with her own hand..n chanted nonstop with her like she was her long lost daughter com friend..Arjun was glad seeing nandini very happy..seeing nandini’s care ,radhika couldn’t take anymore..she had eyes full of tears..nandini thought may be she did something wrong but rads told her everything how her family neglect daughters,how her mother never looked toward them,she had to do part time job for her study etc..nandini hugged her n pacified her..Arjun was stunned..he thought before ,she was from rich family why she did many works..after some chitchat radhika left for her home..some one informed the other end about it..

She entered home with a ease mind n heart after many years..but to her shock her father called nicely..she went toward his father expecting something good but got shock..his father said he fixed her marriage with village head son saral..within a second she got the idea why this marriage..her father n brother wanted to enter into village dirty politics n saral family was via media..she was in a rage now,she was just 18 , how could her father thought like to slaughter her..she became strong inside n said:” I’ll not marry this soon ,I have to complete my study..i want to do job..” Before she complete her sentence a hard slap placed on her cheek..she was crying vigorously..her father continued” u sl*t what u think,u were destroying my image n I won’t know..what r u doing with that pr*stitute’s son..u r going to marry saral tomorrow or leave this house immediately”..

Radhika couldn’t take anymore..she also retorted back :” When u urself destroyed many family by spreading rumours, how dare u to point toward them..i never see such a monstrous person who exchanged her daughter for his own benefit..shame on u”…

Her father’s anger crossed his limit n he ordered to threw her out of their home..immediately servants was raining outside,she begged them not to get her out..where she would go?? but they didn’t listened to her..she was crying infront of her house feel somebody’s hand on her shoulder..she turned to see saral stood there with his evil smile..saral tried to force himself on her..he dragged her with him stopped midway by a punch from Arjun..after gave warning Arjun took radhika with him..she was crying n sobbing constantly..nandini consoled her n asked her what happened?? She told everything n started crying again for her homeless..nandini told her :” Like Arjun u r also important for me,why u feel homeless when ur friend is here ,ur mother is here”.. Radhika broke down seeing her concern toward her..

Although it was very hard for Arjun to tackle everything with his clerk salary but he never broke down..he had a oath to let his mother n friend be happy..rads also continued her part time job..nandini was happy seeing them..she had other ideas but she didn’t want to force her decision on them..more to that she wanted to wait Arjun more capable n radhika to get her least she have to wait till rads will be 25 minimum..

On third year of rads study she get to know Aryan,a studious student..both mixed up rads spend maximum time at library by reading with aryan..this was the first time Arjun didn’t feel good seeing aryan around her..but he couldn’t figure out what feeling is that?? When radhika was talking about aryan he felt irked..nandini noticed all this..she was happy that her son was falling for her but she wanted more confirmation and Arjun was just 23..she wanted to know rads she invited her friend with her daughter sayani…her plan was successful..Arjun itself very irritated with sayani’s glued nature from childhood..but he doesn’t show it as per nandini’s warning..Arjun was ready to went to somewhere ,waiting for rads outside when sayani sit back side of him plastering herself with Arjun,he was too much irritated now going to say her something stopped seeing rads fumed in anger..he smiled a little..rads sit last as they drove to the place of natural beauty..sayani didn’t like the place but rads inhaled scent of nature n feel it..Arjun got lost in her…sayani asked what makes him lost ??

He replied ” beauty of..sayani cut him off..said Arjun really annoyed..

They roamed here n there inside the serene ,scenic beautiful places…rads stood near water fall looking at sky…stretched hands like wings..Arjun just forget everything n shoot her pics..both were busy in each other views a loud scream of sayani break all of their trance..they ran toward her n saw few goons tried to force on her..saral was also there..Arjun told them to stop n leave matter but saral smirked seeing ardhika n replied he had some old deals..he tried to drag radhika but got beaten by Arjun..but Arjun was not a fighter to fight with everyone..sayani seems nowhere..Arjun got hurt on his leg..seeing Arjun hurt radhika’s anger had no bound..she beaten up saral mercilessly with a wooden stick.. she had many reasons to brust out..first she heard from nandini n her friend’s conversation; how saral’s uncle cheated nandini n left her alone for which she listens tantrums of public,how saral tried to force on herself n finally he hurted Arjun,her Arjun..saral lost his sense while others ran away seeing her kaalimata avatar…somehow Arjun calmed her down..finally sayani came out from bushes..radhika gave a deadly glare to her which means stay away from my Arjun..

on their return to home rads ride bike to hospital first..Arjun already taught her how to ride bike..he had a plaster for which he should took long one month break..nandini was too much worried n shedding tears constantly seeing his son in that state,rads consoled her..Arjun somehow felt happy from inside as rads took care of him..they both knew that they love each other ; they don’t need some mere words to know their feelings ,its their actions told them..nandini was too happy seeing her dream come true…but sometimes other things are also important..

It was last year of rads in college..Arjun aware about her dream very well ..he knew her little bit contributions was also important but she needs to study more..Arjun told radhika to leave all her part time jobs n concentrate only on studies..nandini also supported..radz tried to protest but fails..she knew how hard it will be for Arjun in his clerk’s salary but both mother n son adamant like rock..radhika studies hard with double effort..she wants to give a very very good result as she knew what Arjun n nandini did for her..most of the time she forgot to eat,or slept on table..both mother n son duo took care of her..

finally she cracked to be university topper n grabbed a job with a high package at Bangalore..celebration time at Arjun ‘s house as Arjun also promoted..with all these good news they were sad inside..coz they will have to stay apart from now on..nandini told ajun;” beta I know about ur feelings on each other ,ur love isn’t kind of today’s show off type,I know its purity n strongness..u know what I was scared i didn’t want you to repeat the same mistake I did ..but now its important to confess ur love once at least.. Go n live ur life today..she’ll leave after some days”..Arjun hugged nandini with happiness with tearful eyes..he said:” M thinking how to stay without her,but I know her dream n I want her to be successful even more than me”.. Nandini replied;” even it was difficult for me without her but don’t worry time will manage everything..”..

Arjun took radhika to natural sight again..he prepared food accessories while rads busy admiring natural beauty..Arjun came to her n held her hand for the first time..she looked at him..both sat under the tree enjoying their food..both had pools of emotions inside them,they tried to control hard not to cry..but radhika could not control..

She asked with teary eyes:” Arjun, would you forget me after I go to Bangalore”..

Arjun had also tears:” How can u think that..don’t u know how much u mean to me”..

Arjun continued:”i think u have got idea why i bought u here..u occupied my heart n soul completely..I know m not a match for u,even I don’t have a very good income ..but still I want u to be my life partner,my better half”.. He looked radhika with emotions filled eyes expecting a reaction..

Radhika was now crying vigorously..she went near him n hugged him tightly by buried her head in his chest…Arjun got his answer coz they don’t need any kind of words to express their emotions..after radz calm down Arjun said her:” I want u to be successful in every aspects..i want to see u to fulfil ur dream..i m always with u..go n make me proud…promise”.. Rads promised she will fulfil everything now its not her dream..its their dream..after some pause moments Arjun gathered his confidence to ask:” Can I kiss u,plzzzzz?? ” ..rads rolled her eyes n smiled..Arjun planted a chaste kiss on her forehead n she giggled that Arjun wanted permission to kiss on her forehead..

They shifted Mumbai as Arjun had transferred..they got quarter was an emotional scenes when radz leave for Bangalore..their love increased day by day with supporting each other..rads always felt she was lucky enough to get Arjun n nandini..both Arjun n radhika applied at same university for distance MBA course..although they meet in between, they are happy they are going on same university…after three years of her job radhika got her dream work to as a software professional at biggest software firm of the world, at New York ..before leave for New York she came to Mumbai..Arjun also got his general manager post n expecting another promotion..all were happy as everything was good going..still they are sad that radhika will move to abroad..nandini left them alone to spend sometime together before she left for New York…

This time Arjun broke silence n asked:” Will u not forget me after reaching a big city”??

Radhika threw a pillow to him seeing his mocking mood..she replied ” after all these how can u say that..see m leaving after some hour but be prepare for our marriage once I’ll be back…she winked..

Arjun chuckled n said:” U r turning a shameless kid impatient for me..i never imagined that..he winked..

Radhika come close to him and told :” U r everything for me so I can say everything what I truly felt..she asked” can I kiss u??”

Arjun smiled remembering his same dialogue..he bent down to show his forehead but what shocked him rads kissed him on his lips..he was shocked at first but happily responded her back with all his love,emotions,care n affection..radhika hugged him tight n said” I’ll miss u n this kiss I’ll cherish it as one of my best moments “..Arjun don’t want to make her feel weak so he boosted her by saying:” We will be always in contact..see I’ll pester u so much that u will tell me to stop by urself only ..and fulfil our dream n comeback..n yes don’t forget what u said about our marriage..he winked..they were sitting by hugging each other till rads left for airport..Arjun controlled himself at airport in order to not to make her weak but nandini couldn’t..she said when u’ll back I will make sure u both will be together forever..radhika went with tear filled eyes..time passed..both talk with each other when they got time irrespective of time zone difference..sometime its said that distance make relationship more strong..perfectly suit them…

……………after long two year now radhika is returning..suzy also became emotional after listened rad and Arjun story..she said “sorry rads,I didn’t know Arjun is ur life..he must be a very gentle m more curious than u to see him”..

Arjun n nandini’s happiness had no bound today..radhika invented many software applications which make many works easier access..she got many awards.. Arjun impatiently pacing at airport ..nandini instead calmed him down she was smiling,humming,dancing by herself..people were looking them perplexed n thinking them as mad..when announcement made arrival of flight nandini literally ran leaving Arjun behind..radhika also ran toward nandini seeing her..both hugged each other for a long time..radhika introduced Suzy to nandini..her eyes tried to find Arjun but no trace of him..suzy also asked about Arjun nonstop..nandini looked here n there to find him..but couldn’t get..tear started to form in her eyes…then a familiar grip held her from back side n lift rads up..she asked “Arjun put me down plz..its airport…see public giving us weird looks “… Arjun just turned her but didn’t leave her.. He hugged her tightly to her heart content..he said :” I miss u like hell my dear,will not let u go further”..rads feel his tears as her shoulder become wet n Arjun can feel her as his shirt become wet..he sat down suddenly bending his knees.. He has a ring with flowers..he said impatiently:” Remember what u told me before u left,are u ready to marry me now”..rads happiness overloaded coz she also has the same intensions..she also sat down n took out her couple ring set n showed Arjun..both were dancing like kids..even nandini participate..suzy thought now I got why radz so possessive about this family…she teased rads ” now I got why u r so protective towards ur family …look at them,they are like models n u easily got them..before rads, Arjun n nandini came forward to protect her..suzy n rads laughed seeing their overprotectiveness…all went to their home..after some days they got married n lead a ever happy life forever…

“I saw many love stories…read many love stories ..but my all time favourite is their story..they linked emotionally..heart to heart..not like today’s generation’s physical proximity is important..maximum time they never speaks out words yet understand each other so well..if this is not platonic type love then what’s??” Suzy said others with excitement…she threw her second anniversary party..she and her husband teji waited for ardhika as they wanted to show others the persons they were talking about nonstop..after some moment ardhika entered as Suzy n teji welcomed them heartfully….

Plz plz plz no rotten eggs or tomatoes..this is very first time I write something like this ,an OS…and Roma di its mandatory for u to like it????…else ur little sister will devastate u by ranting n broom stick also…later at chat section….byeee

Credit to: rossy

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    Happy Anniversary Dear Roma..’s fab.. wow.. this is cho sweet
    .. thanks for bringing a different shade on Ardhika.. n I loved was like I was waiting when will they marry lol.. honestly a blessing for a girl 2 hav such a better half.. wooo.. ????TC n bear hugs

    1. Thank you soooooooo muchhhhhh Jessie….love you…..muaaaaahhhhhh ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Thanks Jessie dear..yes honestly its only lucky one have this kind of true

  2. RituM

    lol…what do u think….you deserve rotten eggs for this????

    1. Lol…really I thought..but I love my characters..

      1. RituM


  3. Rg2015

    Rossy its awesome. I loved it

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  4. Myra

    its was amazing rossy….loved it…superbbb ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Shubhadha

    Nice…loved it..

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  7. Nice Rossy
    Happy Anniversary to Mrs.Roma ??

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    Romaaaaa di congratulationsss. Wish u and jeeju all the hapinesssss in the world. Loveeee u so much.

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      1. Sammy

        Haha Rosie di how could you forget arjun proposed me last week arjun is mine ..u keep Neil with u ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. Sammy

        Haww Rosie di ..u will snatch my arjun from me ..oh god iam crying now ….like a good elder sister u should return arjun to your ladoo ..pls ..and Neil u can keep him but he will also come to his Sammy …hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Suga

      Roma darling happy anniversary ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ god ll bless with all happiness in ur life ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ love u Roma darling ๐Ÿ˜€

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        I too wanted to grab my pen and enter into ardhika world………….but I’m a bit busy………I’ll try to start writing from tmrw after I have finished my pending studies………….bye…………lub u………….do update all ur stories…………….

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    1. Thanks heroine…even I love those simple lovely pure characters without any mansion n billionaire..I believe that distance make relationship it poped of love heroine

    2. Dipika

      Hey rosie i want to dedicate lovely song to this it pop up in my mind whn i read it…bt due to haste i could nt write it…

      Ho sake to rahena tun sath mere…hi bure ya acche halat mere… starring tapasi pannu….recently released album…

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  19. Sweetie

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