Hi guys I’m Nisha and I would like to write a little on survi kartik after marrige so I thought of writing a short story on them so let’s get started.

Survi was looking out the terrace thinking what had just happended an a hour ago when Kartik had took her hands when aniket insulted her in the mandup and had leaved her there infront of everyone gossiping about her when she was about to fall a strong arm held her and said I will merry you it was no not her than Kartik the man she had loved the most scince she was a child then he got on his knees and said I love you. I love you alot more than myself I know I have hurted you a lot but I really love you. Then he had married her after bidaai when she entered barve Manson lata kaki had given her the keys of the house and shanti took her to her bedroom where she was waiting for her Kartik but instead of sitong like a bride she changed into white saree with sleeveless blouse with black less choli and was standing with only mungleshutra and sindoor only then she heart a crack on the door her heart skipped a beat then her husband came and his jaw dropped to see her by terrace .
Then he called out her name but no responses came back then he tried again but she was on her own world to even think about something else. But then Kartik lost his pactince and went infront of her then hold her wrist tightly she got her seens back .
Kartik app said Survi
Kartik:yes me Survi you OK I was just worried.
Before he could say anything survi said did u really meant that you said I the mandap or was that just to save me.
The room was in slince then breaking slince Survi said I got my answer.
She was about to go from there Kartik hold her hand Survi was shocked by his changed behivor then he came infront of her and said I love you and will always love you I couldn’t see you in pain so I had yo speak up today by hearing this Survi got teary eyes then she hugged his very tightly and didin’t let go but she knew she had to let go so she did then she widespread in his ear and screamed I LOVE YOU.
Hearing those word he hugged her back then carried her in his arms in a bridal style and put down her to bed then removed bangles from her hand and removed earnings from her ear then whispered good thing you changed so we can get more time hearing this the she blushed and they took another step on their relationship.


When Survi slowly opened her eyed she was spooned on a man’s arms sh beloved the most then the thought came to her mind about how cute he looked when he was sleeping so she decide to kiss his when she was moving forward and was about to kiss Kartik opened his eyes and said why did you stopped Survi was about to get up an run from the bed her wrist was caught by Kartik ‘s one hand Survi tried hard to go couldn’t so Kartik said I will let you go in one condition if you kiss me then I will let you go otherwise forget about going then he pulled her back to bed so she gave his a fast kiss on his cheek and ran from there .
When she came out of bathroom she saw that her husband was missing from the bed she thought he might have gone downstairs then came in front of the mirror and saw herself in simple red saree with bangles and mungleshutra she was about to put sondoor on her for head Kartik came from behind and applyed sindoor on her.

Guys if youbliked it I will continued it was suppose to be a very short and romantic story hope you liked it don’t forget to comment.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Nice episode….?

  3. Hi nisha, amazing story it’s so great even I am writing a short a story 🙂 high five girl

    1. Thanks i love their cemestryy but in the real show it’s going down so I thoght

  4. Nisha its just amazing plz don’t stop it and continue it plz

  5. I really liked it .

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  7. I liked it

  8. very nice plzz continue

  9. Hi nisha it’s me mariyah I’m using my sister’s account that’s why it says marium, I showed this to my sister and she said that your OS was amazing

    1. Really thank you very much I will continue it thanks for all your lovely comments thanks alot

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