When kartik applyed sindoor on her she was shocked because she never expected he would do some this so romantic she knew he was kadus but she didn’t know this side of him after applying sindoor on her he hugged her from behind and said you are looking very beautiful thank you for coming in my life as my wife I LOVE YOU.
Then Survi said I LOVE YOU TOO but for no go get freshed don’t you have to go to office today then kartik said you are very unromantic people go to honeymoon after marrige but my wife is sendingvto to office the first day after my marriage.
Survi:stop your emotional blackmail I am not falling for that.
Kartik:fineeeeee.before he went to bathroom he kissed her cheek and went.
Survi was in shock after what he had done.
After some time Kartik came downstairs and saw his wife in front of aniket and tai
Then he said good morning everyone trying to act normal as possible then lata and shanti came and said breakfast is ready today is survi’s first day in this house said lata and Survi cooked all the food today so Kartik you have to gift something yo Survi then and let said she is living in this house that is already a big gift for her. Kartik punched the table but no one saw it except Survi then they all had breakfast but Kartik couldn’t eat properly because he had got injured during punching the table then Survi came yo his side and feed him seeing this aniket and tai we’re fulming in anger so everyone is done with breakfast then kartik leaved for office and everyone got back to work.

Aniket and tai was thinking what has happened between Kartik and Survi that they got so close to each other then tai said ani did you saw how Kartik was staring at Survi in the breakfast table I think they moved on to their relationship then Aniket said in anger mom will you just shut up and if you can’t say something good then don’t even say anything OK then leaved from there Survi who was hearing all this and smriked and went yo her room.


Survi was thinking about Kartik and when he had done this morning and smiling at what happened between them then her phone ringed and say the name Kartik on it she picked it up and asked why are you calling me right now aren’t you supposed to go to a meeting today then he said calm down my baby the meeting is at 11:00am so I still have half an hour left so I thought I would talk to you so what are you doing
Then Survi playfully said just thinking how big a mistake I made of merrying you.
Kartik:Survi you know what bye.
Befour he cutted the call she said sorry I was just joking OK I didn’t ment it OK fine mom had too me to hive you a gift so wait for my gift oh my sappa queen
Then Survi said I am not a sappa queen I am just queen
Then Kartik said my queen only my queen OK bye and remember I LOVE YOU.

hey guys because of many of your comment I decided to continue so thanks for commenting sorry if you didn’t like the sappa queen part it’s because I lord that part from tashen-e-ishq so sorry if you didn’t like it please don’t forget to comment and keep watching YEH VAAADA RAHA.

PRECAP: KARTIK’S GIFT FOR SURVI AND TAI AND Aniket ‘S plan yo destroy KARVI’S relationship .

Sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes love you all and keep commenting

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