Hey guys i am nisha and i an back with my another ff of YEH VAADA RAHA OS so i gope u guys so far like it and i am trying MY BEST to be a better writer so i hope you guys like it and didn’t forget to comment.

After tai’s drama on asking forgiveness from survi everyone went back to their own room .
SURVI:kartik i don’t think tai’s being genuine.
KARTIK:survi you are just thinking too much so just chill ok she has changed .
SURVI:but Kartik this sudden change is freaking me out .
KARTIK:you know survi tai has never said sorry to anyone in life but today i really think you should forgive tai.
SURVI:kartik i don’t keep if she has changed or not but.i can’t forgive tai because of her my dad had to be ashmed in front of everyone.
KARTIK:survi don’t you think you are being to harsh with tai.
SURVI:harsh.really because of her plan on taking revenge on me and my dad the drama she did on my marrige because of that my dad is in coma and you are telling me forgive her really.kartik you have a big heart not me ok goodnight.
That night was the first time survi had rise her voice he was shocked by her behavior that night they slept on different sides of bed .
SURVI(IN MIND):because of tai i had to talk to kartik like that but i can’t forgive tai in any conditions.
KARTIK (IN MIND):survi have to understand tai has changed. I have to fix everything soon very soon.
when Kartik woke up he didn’t find survi in bed so he thought she is in the shower but she wasn’t in there also he went downstairs thinking she was in kitchen but she was not there also. When he came back to his bedroom he found a letter in a flower pot .
Kartik sorry without telling you i came to hospital to see dad see yoivsoon i will be back in about 1-2 hours again sorry for not telling you.
(Tai and Aniket had written this)just then Kartik’s phone range and it was a doctor from hospital.
DOCTOR:kartik brave
KARTIK:Yes speaking .
DOCTOR:your father’s health is improved if you want to see him you can come .
KARTIK:my wife has came to see his .
DOCTOR:your wife she’s not here .all well mr.barva.
KARTIK:YES everything is fine thank you doctor.
DOCTOR:not to worry.
Kartik:if survi has not gone to see baba then where is she i hope she is fine god please wherever she is make her fine.
Then goes to washroom to get ready for office.survi had not came he left for office without meeting her he was sad that she went somewhere without informing him seeing this Aniket and tai smirked.

So guys tell me how it was in comment below.
PRECAP:find out where is survi and what happened to her how will kartik react on her km issing all day .
So guys please comment and keep watching YEH VAADA RAHA.

Credit to: Nisha

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