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Tai heard karvi’s phone conversation and thought something and smiled.
Survi:(to her self) this Kartik is being to romantic now but i love him alot more than myself.
In office
Kartik:(in mind)survi i love you and i will make sure you get everything you ever wished for i love you baby.but i hqve to figure out a ways to keep tai and Aniket away from survi .
So after that survi got a call she went rushing out her bedroom to Terrece.

When she got there the whole terrece was decroted with flowers and candles and there was a table specially decorated with lights and roses then came a man (Kartik) mom had told me to gift you something.
Kartik:did you liked it.
Survi:like???????I LOVE IT thank you and went running and hugging him at same rltime in tai’s room.

Aniket:mom what are you saying this can’t happen survi Kartik can’t move on their lives we have to stop them before they give a heir of this property.
Tai:but how did you see them in breakfast how they were looking at each other.
Aniket:mom you go and act all innocent and act to love and accept survi as your bahu so Kartik bhai will trust you then make bhqi sign the property paper so everything will be ours.
Survi:Kartik what is all this i thought
Kartik:shhhh you take too much too many questions at same time ask one by one.
Survi:ok when did you did all this decoration.
Kartik:when everyone was busy on their own ok baby now shhhh no more questions only you and me nothing more i want to give all the happiness you dreamed of .
Survi:kartik trust me i don’t have any dreams my dreams came true by you coming in my life.
Kartik:oh really but i have a dream not only me mom was asking me for something.

Kartik:a child she wants to be a grandma.
Survi:Kartik i have to go bye.
Before she could leave he held her hand and twirl her around in his arms she felt his hand moving behind her back befour they could move on tai came there busting she stayed still until she came back to her sense.
Tai:survi i am sorry for what my son did to you and your father i am sorry PLEASE forgive me and and son.

Survi(in mind)something is totally cooking in her brain i must find out.

Precap:survi and kartik’s argument

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